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happn is a DATING app with more than 40 million users which allows you to easily find the people you've crossed paths with IN REAL LIFE (yes, those who caught your eye, but you didn't dare to approach)! With happn, we give you the opportunity to create your own luck⚡ ! 🤷♂️HOW DOES IT WORK ♀ ? It's simple: 1. Blendr is a free hookup app for socially introverted people. If you're an introvert then Blender will come to your rescue. Launched in , Blendr is a flirt and date app that helps you connect with potential hook-able people. Blendr houses a total million users (including the inactive ones.) Initially, it might seem to be a. Find nearby dates with Blendr, the free, socially flirtatious chat-to-meet app. Blendr uses your Android's location services to connect you with the fun singles closest to you who share your interests and want to chat it up! With more than million users around the world, Blendr is the best way to break the ice with more.


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Best Mobile Hookup Apps For Android

How many dating apps do that? Just swipe, match, and chat online with your matches, then step away from your phone, meet up in the real world and spark something new. And remember, when in doubt, Swipe Right.

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Trust us, the more options you have, the better-looking life becomes. Welcome to Tinder—the largest, hottest community of singles in the world. But wait, it gets better. Save time and aimless swiping with our Likes You feature, which lets you see who likes you before you swipe. Now you can sit back, enjoy a fine cocktail, and browse through profiles at your leisure. I'm starting to think this app is useless.

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When I like someone, is it actually reaching them or is it not because I'm not paying? I've heard great things about this app a while ago but now it's like all that was lies. Most recent update crashes upon launch. Glitch in the app, can no longer see messages.

But now my account has been deleted with no reason why!!! I liked more profiles than the hair i have on my head still didnt get a single match Happn is a new site which can be used for local hookups.

New update broke it. I can't log in to tindar. Not only is it discriminatory see article on cost differences I'm beginning to think it hides information on matches from non paying users.

If someone matches with me, it won't load to show me who. If I restart the app, no new match shows up. Did I actually match with someone like it claims? So it's just hiding that info?

Or is there match the lie? User reviews Wesley Roberts February 14, Taylore Catherman February 14, Glitch in the app, can no longer see messages Full Review. Andy ABQ February 14, Samsung galaxy s7 Full Review. Meraz Khan February 14, Please help Full Review. Michelle Degnin February 14, Larry Martin February Best Mobile Hookup Apps For Android, Pretty soon we will have to pay to swipe.

You can barely do anything now. Dean February 13, App doesn't work, crashes all the time. Paul Bennet February 12, Richy garcia February 10, This app sucks, you need to pay to see who liked you. Tinder changed and isn't really free anymore.

Danyal Khan February 11, Too many useless notifications. It's a nice app to talk to people Full Best Mobile Hookup Apps For Android.

Niloy Deb February 11, I am not getting match.

Jackson February 13, I wrote the message below days ago, and Best Mobile Hookup Apps For Android still haven't received an explanation as to why I can no longer log into my account. Zir0h February 13, So apparently go here account was banned and removed die to violating the terms of service.

Now I know for a fact that I've never done anything malicious or malcontent that would violate Tinder's terms of service, at least not knowingly. I've replied to their email asking why I was banned and how I violated T. S, but so far, no reply. I'll change my review back to 5 stars as soon as they explain why. Denae Babii February 10, I'm actually really annoyed.

I had this app for 4 years. With no issues or problems. Except the occasionally weirdos I wondered across. But now my account has been deleted with no reason why!!!

Best Mobile Hookup Apps For Android

I never had a nude picture. Nothing gross on my profile to be found! This is the dumbest thing ever. At least give see more a proper explanation. Stealing money from people isn't cool.

This app had numerous issues, but now it reached the rock bottom. I will swipe right a number of people and never get a match. But the I will close the app and get back on it and I will see congratz on matching with someone.

And then I see all the same people in the here queue that I already swiped left or right. Like what on the hell? Duke Dirge February 12, If you don't score high with there algorithm then your wasting your time and money. Its seem that if you're a guy you must pay to see your matches now and if your a girl they just throw knuckle dragging players at you.

Hosting a hookup party right at your home is super easy on Nearify. Sending messages is the second most important feature of this app, it being link like it is is really disappointing and in a way makes this app useless. And I've had a hell of a time then trying to cancel those subscriptions, which are way too costly.

Seems seems that this app is a working formula for desperate suckers with money to waste. Jay Allen February 13, Even though i can see the match, and swipe them. Waste of money and time. I swiped the same match 5 times before it was a successful match! My friend is sitting right beside me right now, i swiped her and she swiped me, still no match!!

Michael Wyatt February 14, Deleted and remade account. Stuck on loading matches. Get it together -- it's embarrassing. Once another app becomes as widely used, I'm jumping ship immediately. Think what happened to Friendster and MySpace. Stability matters or you're going to become old news. I was charged without receiving an email notification or a warning trough the app. Alex Washington February 11, This app is good depending on what area you live in, where I live in Dorset, I might get 5 to 10, girls in my local area to swipe left or right with.

However I was in Bristol one time and it felt like a never ending amount go here people. I am still single and Best Mobile Hookup Apps For Android looking! Please try later" you get this message when trying to log in.

Notifications coming in about received messages but you can't read them as you can't log in or message is not shown. Can't even think about possibility of getting a membership. Peter Rowe February 14, This app seems ok for those a lot younger than me. But frustrating to see girls wanting you to message then, but no easy way to do it.

And be really careful around the offers to upgrade. They subscribe you with a single click, even if you thought you were just going to a page to see options.