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Setting Up An Affiliate Program for your Shopify Store - Crushing E-Commerce - Lesson 34

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Setting up a Custom Domain name. Feel free to check out their tutorial and browse around. Where do you actually get the links and code for your landing pages?

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Can you see how much more powerful that is than a headline like this: Go into your affiliate network, and click on the offer. Most networks these days are using CAKE, but the upcoming steps will be different if your network uses a different technology such as HasOffers, Linktrust, or Hitpath. I will write guides for those in the future.

We exchanged some pics — nothing naked, but dressed down. That relationship becomes stronger as customers consume more of your free marketing resources, purchase front end products and learn to trust and appreciate what you do. These are fake background checking websites created by cyber criminals. After all, if there is one thing that can make or break source affiliate marketing efforts is commissions — pay too little and no one will want to partner with you, pay too much and you eat into your profit margin.

For that ad, we can use the URL. You should receive this confirmation. Click the Affiliate Network tab. Click the New Affiliate Network tab. Add a few more affiliate networks if you wish, repeating the same steps. Click the Traffic Sources tab. Enter the name of the traffic source.

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Enter custom variables and parameters In this case, I want to track the age and gender. I will update this soon with mobile tracking variables. Click the Offer link.

Double Your Hookup Affiliate Sign Up

Click the Creatives tab. Copy and paste your unique link. Enter the name of the offer. Copy and paste the offer URL. Choose the affiliate network. Enter the name of your landing page.

How Affiliate Sales Have Grown In Recent Years

I like to name my landing pages after split-tests. You can put the date and the description of the test there. That shows the date I started the test, and it shows what I am split-testing.

Signing Up for the Walmart Affiliate Program (ROUGH)

Enter your landing page URL. Enter the number of offers. Most people will be promoting one offer.

Double Your Hookup Affiliate Sign Up

Notice that the numbers change at the end of the URL. Take the URL, and put it where you want the user to click on your landing page.

Voluum allows you to pull in user data to your pages and you can use it in your headlines. For example, your headline could be: The best course on affiliate marketing ever released