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खुद को busy कैसे रखें - How to Keep Yourself Busy - खुश कैसे रहें - How to be Happy in Life

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14 Aug If you're recently single after a difficult breakup, you know that it can be hard to think about anything else. You may stare at your phone waiting for a text, have trouble sleeping as you try to figure out what went wrong or change your routine to avoid an awkward encounter with your ex. If this sounds familiar. 10 Jun "People say, 'I've been so busy I had no time to eat today,'" Schwartz says. "That's a very unloving thing to do. Grab something, even if it's just a salad." Neuroscience tells us that letting your blood sugar sink sends stress signals to your brain. So if you truly can't stop and grab a meal, make sure you have. How to Keep Busy when You're Stuck at Home. Whether you're stuck at home because of the weather, lack of transportation, or simply have nothing else to do, you may quickly get bored or run out of activities to occupy yourself. Learn how to .

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Happiness is not something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present. We all want to be happy at all times, but some trying times make it a daunting task. Keep your chin up and help yourself. If you know you did something good, treat yourself to a chocolate or a book or anything else that you like.

Make sure you are surrounded by bright and beautiful things. Going to a new place for a few hours, days or weeks will allow you to stay busy and constantly interact with new people. Put a positive spin on this breakup by using it to create great new memories with your girls that you may not have been able to make before. We make it easier!

For example, if you have failed an exam, look at it like you have more time to do even better than you could have, the next time or you may find closure to pursue another interest. How Do I Keep Myself Busy matter how small a thing, but always appreciate them for it. Even if someone read article mean to you, think of something that is positive about that person.

Hatred and negative feelings will only affect your well being. Having a zen attitude will make you look and feel calm. Nobody knows you better than yourself. Take note of things that makes you happy and things that you find negative.

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Avoid the negative things, be it a situation or a person. Psychology says having dull colours or a dull environment can make you feel dull too.

Make sure you are surrounded by bright and beautiful things. You can get flowers, beautiful painting or pictures from your happy time to decorate your surroundings.

So keep a smile on and give your best. People who are cheerful and full of life will always make you feel good about yourself too.

If you are having instant unavoidable anxious thoughts, distract yourself by deep breathing, counting backwards, forcing other pleasant memories. Practice inner calming techniques like yoga or martial arts. Avoid bad habits like alcohol and smoking.

How Do I Keep Myself Busy

Alcohol is actually a depressant. Consuming alcohol in sad times will actually depress you more. And it's a well known fact that dependence on substance is detrimental to your mental as well as physical health.

Practice some effective de-stressing techniques on a regular basis like soothing music and chamomile tea before going to sleep. Take a warm shower, play a video game or get a spa done. Boost confidence occasionally by making How Do I Keep Myself Busy list of things you love about yourself.

Understanding the things that you appreciate about yourself and your achievements you are proud of will do wonders for your motivation. If you know something you feel is wrong and inevitable, accept it and prepare yourself. Be realistic in your approach towards life.

Try keeping a daily journal. Call on the phone, video chat online, or send a text message to a friend or family member who is available to chat. Do a home workout or yoga.

Monotony can be quite depressing. Make sure you are on the go. Join an art or a zumba class. Doing offbeat things will always keep you upbeat.

Fighting for something will give you the satisfaction that you did everything you could have, and then you will be able to move on to the next thing.

Everybody gets those constant negative voices that tends to pull you back. Keep an upright posture, maintain eye contact, speak slowly, smile and keep yourself well dressed and well groomed.

You will feel confident instantly and others will feel that surge of confidence inside you too.

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Drawing motivation from others is a good idea. Write a nice quote or thought for the day everyday. Watch motivational and inspiring videos of how people made it through at their worst, there are plenty on the web.

How Do I Keep Myself Busy

You can keep a journal of real life heroes you know and their struggles and go through it to draw inspiration every time you are down. Catching up with your best friend or a friend from school is rejuvenating. Spending quality time with family and close friend is great way to de-stress. If you are away, a phone call helps too.

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