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25 Mar To be completely honest, I always struggled to make friends in the gay community. Many gay men prefer to congregate at night clubs to drink, dance and fl. 26 Oct Alley. 14 Pi Alley @ Washington St. Boston MA www. A casual place to meet old and new friends, tucked away in Boston's Financial District. It can be cruisy, but is a popular stop for the afternoon cocktail crowd. 25 Oct Y'all have some problems meeting gay people. We know this because for as long as we've had homogay 'internet presences' you've been asking us how to make queer friends/meet girls. We've answered you, periodically. But apparently not periodically enough: Although Laneia is convinced she's the.

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A monthly volunteer group in Boston. Anywho, my friend cannot go anymore and I would like to still go to the concert, so anyone here want to go? Once in May of this year Melbourne library had me and my sister in it, so you are probably right about the weirdos thing. We are in St.

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Making Gay Friends in the Boston Area self. Any gays out there have advice for making friends in the Boston area?

She loves her gay friend

Any particular groups, clubs, etc.? I've found that as an adult, the second you get out of college, making new friends is harder than dating. My more info and I have run into the same problem as it's even harder to find gay friends in the area. There are a few clubs in Boston, Machine, Paradise, and Saturday nights at the House of Blues, but still going to the club scene to make friends is much easier said than done.

Personally I think meet-ups through Gaybro's etc might be your our best bet as everyones coming together for the same reason. Hope that was slightly helpful, or at least empathetic to your situation.

I've been looking into meet-ups through Gaybros to make friends actually! I've found it easier to make straight friends in these parts, so I'm always looking for spaces, environments where I can feel comfortable going to places to meet and make friends with like-minded specifically gay individuals by myself.

Check out Gay For Good! A monthly volunteer group in Boston. I know it's a bit judged and takes some work weeding out the bad ones, but Grindr actually works for friends. I met my bf on there, and most of his How To Make Gay Friends In Boston and my non-college friends we met on Grindr either directly or indirectly.

Yeah, I've had some hesitations about using Grindr, but I've heard it "can" be a good place to make friends. The Welcoming Committee has some pretty fun takeovers and a group of people specifically picked to be social and good at meeting people called their "Corps". I went to quite a few of their events a couple years ago when it was just getting started Perhaps its different for me, but I don't go out looking to make gay friends. I go out and meet people like I normally would, and it seems like I meet plenty of straight and gay people alike.

Boston isn't really lacking gay people, but it is lacking the gay culture, at least in comparison to San Fran. I guess we do have p-town. But really there isn't a gay district, there don't seem to be gay only or even predominantly gay activities.

Gays and straights seem to mix and mingle in all aspects of Boston culture and activities.

How To Make Gay Friends In Boston

I had no idea until I worked there and all of my customers were gay. If a business over there isn't outright gay, they're definitely gay friendly. The Trophy Room comes to mind. I made gay friends by going to the gay club Machine, but not on a friday - it's way too busy to meet people on a friday, esp as friends. Granted, I had to put myself out there and talk to people, but I have a solid net of friends now. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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How to meet quality gay guys

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Holee Christ, there are of us. I live on campus at UCI and was just last week complaining to my gaggle of gay boys that I had no ladygay friends. So this post basically is perfect.

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How To Make Gay Friends In Boston

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