Ian Somerhalder Hookup Nina Dobrev Again. Hook Ups!

Again Dobrev Nina Somerhalder Ian Hookup

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev (Nian)

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev's Relationship Timeline: From Co-Stars to Couple

2 May Now, new reports are claiming that the close pal of Ian Somerhalder has finally asked the permission of former girlfriend Phoebe Tonkin to date "The Vampire Diaries" lead actress. Us Magazine has shared that Paul Wesley and ex-ladylove Phoebe Tonkin have decided to meet each other again since their. 27 Apr Some rumors state that Nina Dobrev hooked up with Derek Hough again after his breakup with Nikki Reed, and fueled with jealousy, Nikki Reed allegedly went Nikki and Ian were friends before they started dating, but Ian's hookup with Nikki was said to devastate Nina, and she reportedly almost quit the. On November 12, , a report surfaced that they're hooking up again, fresh on the heels of them hugging and looking at each other lovingly on the red carpet of their show's th episode celebration. To give you the full spectrum of Nian's relationship, we've put together a timeline starting from the first sign of their.

You probably have heard that lovebirds Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder got married over the weekend. Given their interesting romantic history and brief courtship, it got us wondering: After some reflection and a little inspiration from this vampire-themed love triangle, we concluded that a revenge hookup can actually be the makings of something more.

Every couple gets asked at some point in their relationship: Can a relationship based on complicated love triangles and revenge blossom into something beautiful?

According to Nikki and Ian. Vampire Diaries fans heads almost exploded when the vampire duo officially became a couple and made Elena Gilbert and Damon Salvatore a thing go here real life.

They were on and off for three years until officially calling it quits at the end ofbreaking the hearts of vampires, werewolves and hybrids everywhere. Although the fling only lasted six weeks, it was enough to allegedly drive a wedge between Nina and Julianne after Nina decided to give Derek the boot.

It's gotta be hard to go from sexy vampire to a guy who can shake his visit web page better than you can. In walks another vampire into our web of love, Nikki Reed was also BFFs with Julianne Hough these people need to find some new friends and started dating Derek Hough in Although they kept it mostly under the radar, it was reported that Nikki couldn't let things go after Derek got too busy for relationship with his MOVE tour and Dancing with the Stars gig.

Poor lil Nikki was reportedly heartbroken. So this is when things start to get a little complicated. Nikki and Ian were friends before they started dating, but Ian's hookup with Nikki was said to devastate Nina, and she reportedly almost quit the Vampire Diaries because she couldn't see Nikki coming by on set. We give Nikki points for her sheer confidence, it can't be easy to follow up Nina Dobrev, but these four hotties' dating history reminds us a little too much of the incestuous Saved by the Bell cast.

Is there really nobody else in the teen vampire universe for them to date? Nobody wants to take a run at Edward Cullen?

Summer Lovin at Comic-Con. To be fair, he also admitted the day serves as a good excuse to spread a little love. Given how intertwined their lives are, it makes sense that Ian and Nikki are working out so well. Do not reproduce without permission. Subscribe to RSS headline updates from:

After only six months of dating, Nikki and Ian got engaged, and just three months after their engagement, they tied the knot this past weekend.

Given that Click and Ian were dating three years, we can see how a wedding after only nine months might be just a little bit heartbreaking. If that was my ex who I still had to work with every day, I would be in a wine-induced coma right now.

So this begs the question, given this foursome's vengeful and tangled past, is revenge dating something that could actually lead to a successful relationship? Here's why we think it could end up working:.

Ian Somerhalder Hookup Nina Dobrev Again

One of the biggest reasons couples end up splitting up is because they don't have enough in common to make their relationship work. However, when you have mutual friends, exes and plenty of shared experiences in common, it can make your relationship even stronger.


Besides having the same social circle and sexual partners in common, Ian Somerhalder, Nikki Reed and Nina Dobrev have all been heavily involved in raising awareness for animal rights. Ian and Nina adopted a cat together, and Ian and Nikki have already adopted two horses, two cats and a dog together. Which basically makes them the Brad and Angelina Jolie -Pitt of animal adoption. Given how intertwined their lives are, it makes sense that Ian and Nikki are working out so well. You know when you're nine months into dating somebody and you're at a friend's party and all of a sudden you meet this mystery hottie your boyfriend dated back in the day and totally forgot to mention?

Ian Somerhalder Hookup Nina Dobrev Again

Well, when you go after your ex's girlfriend's ex, you already know everything there is to know about their relationship and why it didn't work out. There's a lot to be said about full transparency in a relationship, and you can't be surprised by your past if it's what brought you together. Rumor has it there is nothing better than revenge sex. Knowing that you are competing with somebody who helped break your heart is a great motivator to put your best moves on your new man. Revenge chemistry is so hot it's very likely it will turn into true passion.

I'm sure it can be cathartic to hook up with somebody who can help you get over your ex, but if it turns out you guys have more in common than your hatred for your ex, then put the revenge behind you.

No more obsessing about your ex or spending negative energy trying to punish them by making them jealous. Something petty and a tad bit vindictive might have brought you and your new man together, but if it works, see more start focusing on the future instead of lamenting the past.

Weirder things have brought couples together, so if it makes you happy, it doesn't really matter why. So with that, we say congrats to the new Somerhalder clan! Do you think revenge hookups can work? This article was written by Dagney Pruner. Follow her on Twitter dagneyp.

Instagram The trail of clues continued to be riddled with witnessed displays of affection between the two, as they were seen during Julys San Diego Comic-Con event together and inseparablewith Ian seeming very protective of his lady as he fetched them drinks. Eyebrows really started to raise about the potential hook-up alert between Nina and Ian back when they were spotted spending downtime Down Under togetherbonding over the Daintree Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef. I do not know if any of you went to school but you are clearly missing the first 10 years of education…all of you! Getty Images Ian Somerhalder has long been a favorite for the role of Christian Grey for the Fifty Shades of Grey book-to-film adaptation, but in an interview with On Air With Ryan SeacrestIan indicated hed rather keep himself out of trouble and keep a proverbially happy home than to show any interest in whod star opposite him for the female role of Anastasia Steele.

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