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5 Feb What is "shut up and kiss me you fool" from? The KGB Agent answer: The quote, " Shut up and kiss me, you fool," stated by "Bastila Shan" (Jennifer Hale), is in the video game, "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.". The Kiss () (aka The May Irwin Kiss). First Screen Kiss. Although regarded as "disgusting" and scandalous and prompting demands for censorship, May Irwin and John Rice re-enacted a lingering kiss for Thomas Edison's film camera in this second short, from their Broadway stage play The Widow Jones. Caddyshack () - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot.

What is it that makes particular lines of dialogue so irresistible that they become enduring catchphrases? Sometimes they just have a certain something that makes people want to repeat them.

Sometimes they're just endlessly adaptable to myriad life situations.

Shut Up Kiss Me You Fool Quote

Like, "What a dump! Or "Houston, we have a problem" "Apollo 13". Or "They're ba-ack" "Poltergeist II". Or, my favorite, "You're bastard people. That's what you are, you're just bastard people" "Waiting for Guffman". Often lines rise to join the collective consciousness because they contain a kernel of truth about life, even if that truth - the truth of, for example, "Say hello to my leetle friend!

Sometimes their truths are contained in an attitude, sometimes an observation, sometimes a secret desire, but they stay with us. It's time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized the art and importance of individual lines of dialogue and considered an award for best line.

At the very least, critics' groups around the country might test out that awards category and see how it goes. After all, catchphrases have been a major part of people's enjoyment and contemplation of cinema for almost years.

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The phenomenon even predates sound. What was behind the desire to repeat that? Perhaps it was an aspiration to sexual power, the same thing that launched Jean Harlow 's line "Would you be shocked if I put on something more comfortable?

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The first all-talking picture, "The Lights of New York"contributed an enduring catchphrase, when a gangster instructed his henchmen: We see that same appeal in "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" "Apocalypse Now". Or in "You've got to ask yourself, 'Do I feel lucky?

In the past 20 years - since "Hasta la vista, baby," from "Terminator 2" - we've seen fewer catchphrases penetrate the national consciousness. Aang, don't say that. It's time the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognized the art and importance of individual lines of dialogue and considered an award for best line. When she tries to stop him, he silences her with a spectacular kiss. South Africa's new president sworn in.

Just imagine the Oscar competition, with "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" going Shut Up Kiss Me You Fool Quote against "Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

That's another facet of catchphrases: They go in and out of fashiontied to the fluctuations in what people value and how they look at the world. The misquote "Play it again, Sam" was the most common point of reference for years. In the '80s, you'd often hear, "I came to Casablanca for the waters.

Similarly, we note a change in the public mind in that "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse" was the most repeated line of But today the less crude and even more cold-blooded assertion of power - "It's not personal. It's strictly business" - has become the most-often referenced moment from "The Godfather. These things have to be more than go here. They don't just happen.

"Shut Up" Kiss

The world doesn't just suddenly stop saying "Show me the money" during a recession and start saying, "You had me at hello" from the same movie " Jerry Maguire ". There are currents in American life.

We can't grasp and understand them all, but they're around us, and these catchphrases are little hints that tell us how the winds are source.

Inat a time when everyone was talking about the importance of communication, of the generation gap and of the cluelessness of authority, we get Strother Martin as a sadistic, delusional warden saying, "What we've got here is failure to communicate" "Cool Hand Luke". In the mids, a very difficult time - post-Watergate, post-Vietnam, with the economy in the toilet and national confidence sinking - two lines were heard everywhere: Contrast that to the happy aggression and confidence of the booming s, which gave us "It's good to be the king" "History of the World Part I""Go ahead, make my day" "Sudden Impact""I'll be back" "The Terminator" Shut Up Kiss Me You Fool Quote, "Greed In the past 20 years - since "Hasta la vista, baby," from "Terminator 2" - we've seen fewer catchphrases penetrate the national consciousness.

One could argue that it takes years for lines to enter the lexicon, but no. Ineven the president of the United States was going around saying, "Go ahead, make my day. This is not to say the past 20 years has been a wasteland.

Shut Up Kiss Me You Fool Quote

But we could use more indelible lines, which is yet another reason for the academy and for critics groups to introduce a catchphrase award - to foster and encourage this vital yet accidental art form. E-mail your favorite movie lines to datebookletters sfchronicle. The Oscars will be televised at 5 p. Image 1 of 4. Image 2 of 4.

Shut Up Kiss Me You Fool Quote at in the last moments of Martian Successor Nadesicowhere Akito kisses Yurika to both shut her up and to complete the last minute Deus ex Machina. In this early scene in Erich Von Stroheim's epic tale, self-taught quack dentist McTeague Gibson Gowland lustfully looked down at the unconscious, sedated face of his patient - ether-anesthetized, helpless Trina ZaSu Pitts in his dental chair. In Frasierthis happens to the titular character when he's telling Julia that her actions are immoral. In All-American GirlSam does this to Celestia twice, both times when she's trying to dissuade him of the feelings he has for her. Victor Benoit from his wife and child by luring him with kisses "Kiss me, my Fool!

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