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What does friend dreams mean? - Dream Meaning

The Meaning of Old Friends in a Dream

3 Dec These are all unique aspects of the dream that only you will be able truly understand. But we can add a further layer to the theme of “old friends” in dreams , and that is to consider a far more general concept of the passing of time, and a shared journey. Are there aspects of your own self you are making. 21 Feb A close friend: If you dream of kissing your close friend or about them kissing you, it may mean that you admire and respect them. The kiss represents your strong bond. It may mean that you want something more with them. This dream may be your unconscious telling you that you are missing something in. Example dream: A dream where you are on the phone with your best friend linked to the dreamer wanting to tell her ex exactly what she thought of him - she wanted to tell him what he had done wrong and hear things from your point of view. Best friends in dreams can link to things that you associate with best friends such.

Kitty has been a lucid dreamer her entire life. These dreams and experiences drive her desire to help others understand their dreams. As little girls, we fantasize about growing up and meeting our Prince Charming. We dream up big weddings with beautiful gowns, loads of people, and a beautiful church with stained-glass windows.

As we grow older, we wonder if there's that perfect someone out there for us. We ponder on the concept of a soul mate. Some of us believe we have soul mates and are destined to meet them.

Do you remeber the Imagination game? I could feel my face turn white and my jaw dropped. Institute for the Biocultural Study of Religion. It makes me sad and I doubt myself.

So, do soul mates exist? If you are open-minded and believe that anything is possible, why isn't it possible that when our souls were created they were created in pairs or even groups? If this is true, than one of those other souls in that group would be considered your soul mate. Many people say you choose to reincarnate with the same souls each lifetime But can we meet our soul mates in our dreams before meeting them in reality?

Dreams can take us to far-off places. Surreal places where reality is blurred and things aren't what they seem.

I Had A Dream About My Best Friend – Does That Mean I’m A Lesbian?

For some of us, we are taken to places we've been before. And for some of us, our dreams seem like future memories - experiences in our dreams sometimes become reality.

Are dreams just psychological pictures that can be brushed off as "all in a person's head"? Or are they something more? Again, to answer this question, it has to be answered by the individual. This is a very subjective topic with very subjective opinions.

What Does It Mean When You Dream That Youre Hookup Your Best Friend

For me, I've had dreams that have come true on one level or another, so I know that my dreams can be real to some degree. I also believe that our dreams can be distant past-life memories and even memories from other realms of existence.

And if you pay more and more attention to your dreams, you'll realize more and more how your dreams can reflect your own life both past, present and future. A tip on how to use your dreams to read the future is to start writing down your dreams every morning. At first you might not remember your dreams, but as soon as you wake up write down any thoughts or feelings you might be having.

After awhile you'll notice that you're writing down your dreams every day. And you'll begin to notice patterns in your dreams and in waking life. Pay particular attention to the people in your dreams It's not only possible, it's quite likely you might meet them in your dreams before meeting them in real life. Give it a try. Often when we dream we have other people there with us. Sometimes their faces are blurred or they are vague people who we believe we only know in our dreamtime.

Sometimes they're people we already know in real life - a family member, a friend, a neighbor, etc. So how do we know these vague dream people are people we've yet to meet and not just another figment link our imaginations?

First, and as mentioned above, write down your dreams. Write down exactly what this person says to you in your dream, how they make you feel. It's quite possible this vague person in your dream is one of your soul mates' astral doubles dream selves meeting you in the dreamworld. Very often our astral doubles will go ahead of us to meet people we're supposed to meet in reality.

Next take note on how often this person shows up in your dreams.

Obviously, you are more likely to hear about unusual experiences involving two people if they see each other on a regular basis. Only when I'm there, I'm not in the same spot as where his drawing was, but on the other side of the valley up on a hill watching what's going on below me. This may mean that betrayal and deceit are afoot. So in my dream, i was in art and i moved next to my crush. I havent seen her in the past 7 years and havent spoken to her since.

Also note if they have any specific messages for you and where they show up. These could be premonitions as to when and where you'll meet your soul mate in real life. When you actually meet your soul mate in real life, you'll know it immediately. It's that feeling of deja vu. A strong urge inside that tells you you've met the person before, and that your soul already intimately knows them. It's very hard to explain the feeling to someone, but once you've had it you'll know.

It's very likely that one of you will even say, "I feel like we've met before". Or "I feel like I know you from somewhere". Everyone has a spirit guide or guardian angel that helps them on their way through life. They might show up in your dreams to give you messages of encouragement or teach you lessons when this web page need them most. Sometimes they're there when you just need comfort.

The same spirit guide you had as a child will be the same one you have as an adult. There is usually one that stays with you your entire life, while there can be other guides that come and go as your life progresses.

Some people theorize that our soul mates could actually be our spirit guides. In ancient times many cultures believed that everyone had a "double" spirit that would leave their bodies and travel to various places when the person was either asleep or in a trance.

It's possible that this astral double could be your soul mate's double guiding you through life until you meet them in real life.

What Does It Mean When You Dream That Youre Hookup Your Best Friend

It's also possible that your spirit guide is separate from your soul mate but they might be very similar in appearance or demeanor. So how do you know when you're dreaming of your spirit guide or your soul mate? This is a very difficult thing to determine in many cases. Keeping a dream journal of your experiences will help.

If you're unsure how to ask them, you don't have to ask out loud. Praying in your mind is the perfect way. When you get your answer, you'll know. You can also ask for signs. If your mind is open enough, your signs will appear in waking time via a symbol, animal, or message in nature, on television or through a friend's words.

If you haven't met your soul mate yet, don't worry Either in your dreams or in reality, he or she will appear. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

Dream Meanings: Sex Dreams

Annabeth G - You could very well be dreaming of someone you will meet in the future; however, what I believe is happening is you are being contacted by a spirit guide. Someone who is not alive but is in the spirit world, who you potentially shared a past life with.

He is trying to look over you and protect you. Okay, so my story's a bit of a doozy, and it's a LONG one.

Soul Mates in Dreams: Can You Dream of Someone Before Meeting Them?

Honestly, I'm just hoping for answers, or for someone to just tell me I'm not crazy. On February 13,I had a dream about a guy that I felt a crazy attraction to, and since I never really feel attracted to anyone in real life, I was confused by how strongly I was pulled to him.

However, as a normal rational person, I decided it was just some late teenage hormones kicking in and didn't think too much about it. A while later, I had a second dream about him where we were doing normal couple stuff like shopping and going on a vacation, and I wrote it down because I was so fascinated by it, however, those records are sadly lost and I don't remember much of the details. Then, I had a third dream of him in which I remember saying something along What Does It Mean When You Dream That Youre Hookup Your Best Friend lines of "I wish you were real" or "it's too bad you're only a figment of my imagination" and he got really upset and we had an argument about whether he was real or not before I woke up.

He stayed away for a bit, as if upset, but then I began to feel as if I was being hugged from behind by someone not quite physically there whenever I was alone, but it was a very comforting sensation. Here comes the truly creepy part. A while later, I had a dream where I was in a corner of my mind and not really in control of my body and I engaged in a sexual act of sorts.

Even in the dream I was disgusted and fought to control my body. I woke up horrified feeling as if I'd been raped inside my own head. The saddest part is, I'd sensed him somewhere in the corner of my mind fighting to get to me but he couldn't. He never appeared in my dreams again. Now, up till now, I was just experiencing weird dreams; nothing to really click the following article about except how much tv I watched.

I told my closest friends about it and one suggested it was a ghost who was attracted to me while the other suggested no caffeine before bed from now on. Then, they dreamed about him as well both dreams were very recent, hence my newfound interest in dreams. My skeptical friend dreamed of him first, and in the dream, I got married to him.

Now, I'm only slightly less skeptical of these things than my friend is, but when she described him in detail, told me things about him even I'd forgotten to mention to either of them, I believed. Then, my paranormal expert of a friend had a much less cheerful dream. The thing about her is, though, her dreams are usually very accurate about the future and in her dream, he told her something along the lines of "I'm going to do something stupid, make sure she doesn't worry about me.

And now I've descended into the research hole where you desperately look for answers cause you have no idea what the hell is going on and you question reality as you know it. Thanks for reading, and if you think this is continue reading, my answer is: I wish it was.

I have been dreaming about someone her face is unclear although I remember her figure perfectly the only thing that remains a mystery to me is her face. In my dream I loved her and she loved me back when I woke up I was morally depressed realizing that it was a dream that's the last I have ever seen her hopefully I get to dream about her again in the future I've been dreaming about see more Soulmate for 7 years.

His face is clear, so precise you would be able to recognize him as soon as you meet. He never changes, his voice is the same, his personality is the same, he gives me info about him And I can often sense when he will show up once I'm in my dreams.