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24 Sep Home and Away fans are grieving the death of one of Summer Bay's best-loved characters. “Uh, maybe,” said Adam. “Let's go do a lap!” said Casey. She grabbed his arm and pulled him away. “You really think someone here would hook up with me? Adam hated Casey. Just because her life wasn't working out perfect didn't mean she had to be a bitch to him. He wanted to punch her in the face and go home. 20 Feb Home And Away's Ruby Buckton is reportedly set to fall for a new resident of the Australian beachtown after she ends the illicit affair with Romeo Smith (Luke Mitchell) which we will see develop in the coming weeks on-screen. The teenager's love life is set to get complicated as she's attracted to friend.

Casey Braxton Lincoln Younes Episodes: Danny Braxton stepfather, deceased Siblings: The youngest of the three Braxton brothers, Casey was seen alongside Brax and Heath when they intimidated Romeo in an attempt to get Miles to drop an assault charge against Heath although Casey himself remained silent and detached during the conversation.

Casey began getting on better with Romeo after he covered for him when they argued in class. He kept quiet about it when he ran into Romeo and Indigo soon after but when Charlie and Sid came to the school making enquiries Romeo accused him of knowing something and he apparently told them what he knew. He initially seemed unimpressed with Ruby when she had a go at him for getting Romeo into trouble and she was annoyed when he made an innocent comment about her lack of surfing ability.

He joined Romeo in trying to convince Heath and the other River Boys not to cause so much hassle on the beach but their hard work was undone when John Palmer read the boys the riot act and Casey refused to help Romeo and Ruby speak to them again. Romeo offered to help him with an assignment but Heath was deliberately obstructive whilst they were trying to study and his mother Cheryl also gave him no encouragement.

He gave Ruby a surfing lesson, then kissed her and, when he learned Romeo had advised her to stay away from him, got into a fight with him at school. He then went to see Ruby and told her he wanted to go out with her. She told him there was someone else and he suspected it was Romeo. Casey was having mixed feelings about being at Who Is Casey From Home And Away Hookup so Gina partnered him with Xavier and Dexter for a science assignment.

He was reluctant to present the assignment at a science competition, not helped by his family objecting to Miles helping him, but Miles and Xavier talked him into it and they won the competition. Casey kissed her and lost his virginity with her in the back seat of the car, where they were found by Charlie.

He told her he wanted to keep seeing her but she felt it was too difficult. When Ruby wondered about the extra tutoring he was getting from Miles, he told her about his dyslexia and she confided in him about her diabetes. Ruby suggested throwing a party instead. When Heath found out about it, Casey sent him to the wrong address but he and his mates turned up anyway and the place was raided by the police. He was quick to cheer for the Mangrove River team at the surf carnival and convinced Ruby to join their team, defending her when she was knocked off her board by Summer Bay competitor Miranda Jacobs while trying to cut her off.

When Charlie was injured during a mini-riot afterwards, Casey was interviewed by Constable Watson alongside Ruby and proved uncooperative. Casey himself was concerned enough to ask Brax what was going here but helped Heath hide some money from the police. When he heard Xavier was planning to go to a music festival, he asked Ruby to go with him but it ended up being rained off.

He was slightly bemused when Ruby quizzed him about where their relationship was going but eventually told her it was going forward. When he heard Romeo had contracted Chlamydia and Ruby might have it, he punched him, annoying Ruby. However, after Romeo had talked to him he persuaded Ruby they should both be tested and they came back negative.

He skipped school after the trial exams to go surfing with some of the River Boys but when one of them, Rob, started harassing Indi he stepped in to defend her and ended up When Do You Have A Hookup Scan Uk a fight with him, feeling humiliated when Romeo had to step in to help him out.

He told Ruby he was no good at school so the River Boys were his only option and rejoined the group at the surf club, where he had a minor clash with John Palmer. When Ruby came to see him, he told her he was quitting school and taking a job at the fish market. Both Ruby and Brax tried to persuade him to reconsider and he announced he was going back to school.

Casey helps Tamara when she is hit by a car and her eyesight is affected due a bleed in her brain, and eventually convinces her to leave Summer Bay to get treatment near where her parents live. He told Romeo what was going on and admitted part of him wanted Sasha to be pregnant, since if he went to jail for murder it could be his only chance to be a father. He tricked a real estate agent into giving him her new address on learning Brax had forced her to leave town and Ruby gave him a lift there but when he turned up Henri refused to see him and Ruby convinced him to let it go.

He agreed to cover for Xavier after he took Summer Horgan-Jones out on his scooter to get over being cheated on by April and was furious when Brax fired Xavier. He began rebelling, going surfing with Heath when he should be at school, telling VJ education was a waste of time and spending the night drinking on the beach until Brax stepped in and announced he was quitting the gang.

When Heath was arrested and subsequently hospitalised, Casey visited him and Tegan tipped him off that it was Brax that had called the police on the gang. His suspicions were confirmed when Ruby told him Brax was seeing Charlie but he agreed to keep quiet and was shocked when Cheryl wanted him to break up with Ruby. He was horrified when Heath and Tegan hid drugs at the house and even more so when Brax reluctantly agreed to go along with it.

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He failed to stop Heath trying to run off with some of the drugs and being arrested. He later looked after the restaurant while Brax went to return the drugs to Jake but he and Ruby ended up being taken hostage. They were rescued by Brax and Casey worried when he suffered a minor stab wound during the confrontation.

When he heard the news Tegan had claimed Brax was the father of her daughter Darcy, he joined Brax click at this page Cheryl in spending the day with the pair. When Miles found him with it and told Gina, he was expelled and refused her later offer to come back, feeling dispirited.

He also admitted what had happened to Brax. Brax was horrified when he found out article source helped manufacture an alibi, claiming Casey was home sick, and destroyed the evidence, telling Casey to stay out of it from now on.

He considered returning to school but then the police began searching the house. He went to the station and made a statement reiterating his alibi. Georgie later called by the house and told him if he co-operated he might avoid a conviction, prompting Brax and Heath to berate him for talking to the police. He admitted what was going on to Ruby and, when she told him Charlie was planning to make an arrest, Heath took him on the run.

He was jealous when he saw Ruby hanging out with the other River Boys and proceeded to go surfing in dangerous waters and nearly drown, having to be rescued by Brax and Heath.

At a Year 12 party, he saw Ruby hanging out with Xavier and, misinterpreting things, he kissed Summer. Xavier told him Ruby was only interested in him so he followed her home and asked her to wait for him. They arrived home to find Heath organising a send off party for him. In court, he was found guilty and sentenced to thirty days in juvenile detention. Who Is Casey From Home And Away Hookup was released in time for the school formal, where he spent the evening with Ruby and agreed to move to the city with her, Brax and Charlie.

When they returned to the Bucktons house, however, they found a dying Charlie, who had been shot by Jake. He supported Ruby at the funeral but afterwards backed out of her plan for them to still move to the city and stayed in town with Brax. He went to the city to see Ruby and get her to make their relationship work long distance but instead she broke up with him. He was upset when, even when Ruby returned to town, she stuck with the decision and did himself no favours by getting into an argument with Alf at the surf club in front of her.

She told him there was someone else and he suspected it was Romeo. Heath was finding running the restaurant difficult and accepted some cheap alcohol from Http:// In fact, nothing had happened between Bianca and Zac and the wedding was back on, as Brax told him once he tracked him down. However, he was shocked to return home to find Brax had let Josh stay with them.

He was horrified when Brax took up cage fighting and came home in a bad way. He was uncomfortable when Tyler Churchill, an old friend from juvenile detention, turned up and began staying with the Braxtons.

He was furious when Tyler meddled in his relationship with Ruby and threatened him with a pool cue but when Heath told him to hit him, he hit Heath in the stomach with the cue instead.

Who Is Casey From Home And Away Hookup

He showed signs of being attracted to Henri when he had detention with her and alluded to something that had happened in juvenile detention. Casey admitted to Henri that he had thrown boiling fat over a boy that was going to stab Tyler, leaving him scarred for life, and when Brax learned the truth from Tyler he reassured him that he had nothing to be ashamed of.

After getting into a fight with Heath, he went round to see Henri and kissed her. When Henri told him nothing could happen while they were student and teacher, he threatened to quit school and then got together with her. When they slept together at his place, April saw her cardigan and assumed Henri was with Heath, only to see her and Casey kissing.

He convinced her to keep quiet, especially when Henri said they could be together once her placement at Summer Bay High finished. The conversation got back to Gina but Casey protected Henri by telling her he had a crush on Henri and had lied to Heath.

He started skipping school to avoid the issue, prompting Henri to give him a heart to heart and a goodbye kiss. When he learned VJ had seen them, he convinced Henri they needed to go to Gina and tell her he kissed her and she pushed him off.

However, Gina realised the truth and suspended Henri and Brax stopped Casey going after her. He tricked a real estate agent into giving him her new address on learning Brax had forced her to leave town and Ruby gave him a lift there but when he turned up Henri refused to see him and Ruby convinced him to let it Who Is Casey From Home And Away Hookup.

Casey found himself victimised by Dave Townsend, a teacher who had here Henri out, and who put him on detention after blaming him for some other students bringing the matter up and a row between Xavier and Sasha. He walked out of detention when Townsend tried to make him stay longer only for Townsend to witness him giving Sasha a ride illegally on his scooter and get him and Brax in trouble with the police.

He was suspended from school and questioned by the police. He tried to apologise to Townsend but his efforts were ruined when a group of River Boys tried to read more him. At his first counselling session, Natalie Davison asked him about his father. He could remember little except him going to jail when he was seven but later admitted to Sasha he felt happy at the time.

He later questioned Brax about it but Brax dismissed the subject. He asked Gina for a new tutor but she refused so Sasha suggested he get Dex to do it.

Who Is Casey From Home And Away Hookup

However, he was scared off when Dexter and Sasha spent the whole of his session bickering. He nevertheless asked Brax to take him to see Danny and they got on well. He supported Heath in getting Danny out of jail article source helped his father move out to the caravan park when Brax refused to let him stay with them long term.

He comforted Ruby over her relationship difficulties but was stunned when she kissed him. He agreed not to tell Romeo and was annoyed when Sasha warned Ruby off her, suspecting she was jealous. After having an argument with Brax, he got drunk with Danny and woke up hungover on the beach. He was found by Sasha and Natalie who sobered him up but annoyed when Natalie dismisses his confusion about the future as just growing up. He began getting close to Danny, skipping school in order to spend time sparring with him at the caravan park, and told Brax he was going to drop out of school and go travelling with their father.

When Danny postponed the trip, Brax convinced him to go back to school for the trials to see how he did. He Who Is Casey From Home And Away Hookup walked in on Brax and Heath arguing about the fact Brax had sent back the letters Danny wrote to them while he was in prison.

However, he was concerned when Danny then talked about what he did to people who owed him money and Brax revealed he was planning something illegal to pay him back.

Casey Braxton

He began keeping an eye on Ruby and brought her along to a post-trials drink that April and Dexter had invited him to, where she kissed him after seeing Romeo chatting with Indi. They quickly established neither was interested in the other romantically and Casey turned down an invitation from Danny to a barbeque, only to change his mind when he learned Ruby was going.

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Brax staged an argument with Casey to convince Danny he was being straight with him. He then instructed Casey to cut all ties with Ruby to stop Danny getting to her. When Danny found out Casey had lied to him, he punched him. Danny told him he had another idea to get money and, even though Brax tried to send him to stay with Cheryl, he went to Danny instead. Danny took him to a motel and then to carry out an armed robbery at a pub. He shot and fatally wounded Danny when he tried to force him to kill the bar manager and refused to let Brax take the blame, making a confession to the police and refusing to offer any excuse.

Brax bailed him out, whereupon Heath punched him. Brax wanted to confront Heath about it but Casey told him it was his fault. He was angry when Brax tried to set him up in a counselling session with Natalie, who Casey knew had slept with Brax, and told Brax he felt she was too close to the situation.