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iMessage Not Working iPhone / iPad Fix

What to do if your friend isn't receiving your iMessages

13 Oct "I have an iPhone 6 and just upgraded to iOS 11 but I can't send iMessage now and I keep getting this activation error message on my phone. The reason for iOS 11 iMessage not working is difficult to pinpoint, it may be the poor internet connection, the carrier won't support the message you are sending. 20 Feb This common error happens when folks try to update their iPad and iPhone to the latest available iOS version. If you are experiencing this issue, please note that you are not alone. Sometimes retrying a couple of times after restarting you iPhone or iPad usually solves the problem. We are sure that many. Share your views in the comments, on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, make. IMessage “Waiting for Activation” Error on iPhone [How to Fix]. Tired of. S3ON 22 Jun , turn off facebook single sign on, online dating. Single page app, dating chat schweiz xenia av how to put single name on facebook. Mar 2.

This common error happens when folks try to update their iPad and iPhone to the latest available iOS version. If you are experiencing this issue, please note that you are not alone. Sometimes retrying a couple of times after restarting you iPhone or iPad usually solves the problem. We are sure that many people are experiencing this issue with updating iOS 9. If you are trying to update the iOS via wireless over your wi-fi and experiencing this issue, please click again with your computer running iTunes.

Sometimes the Apple Servers can be busy or experiencing issues. Step 5 Once you have connected your iPad or iPhone to the computer, please reboot. This action launches the iTunes session when the machine boots up. Make sure that you are running the latest version of iTunes appropriate for your computer. Click on the device icon corresponding 100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imessage Activation Failed your device at the top left section of iTunes screen.

Under Settings, Click on Summary, and you will see the details of your device on the right-hand panel. Click on Update to Update your iOS. If the Update did not work for you, you can try to Restore it using iTunes and then try to activate again. We would recommend that you restart your iPhone or iPad and try updating before attempting to Restore the device. Lastly, once your iPhone has been activated to iOS 9. Apple has acknowledged the following activation problem on certain impacted iPhone and iPad; the company now has decided to pull the update for those iOS devices.

Furthermore, they also provide a quick fix that you can try along with an explanation. In some cases, if customers do not recall their password, their device will remain in an inactivated state until they can recover or reset their password. For these older devices, we have temporarily pulled back the update and will release an updated version of iOS 9. Good news, Apple just released another update to their iOS 9. There are two ways to proceed with this new firmware. If your device is on the activation screen, put it in recovery mode and then click Update from the iTunes software.

Your email address 100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imessage Activation Failed read more be published. For iOS users, it is normal to upgrade or downgrade iOS system on the device to fix the software update failed error. Having already done so on my iPhone off I went without a thought.

I now have a door stop as its stuck in the restore mode. So off I went contact Apple support went through all pointless excercise of deleting anti virus software. Reinstalling iTunes ,changing cable using a different computer try another iPad. Well all I can say I really enjoyed the wasted hours trying these things out. I had this happen on Sat June 18th with my iPad 2 and cannot believe that Apple have allowed this bug to stay in their OS update downloads — having just discovered how far back the complaints go.

I have been in touch with Apple support and the guy never even admitted that this has been an Apple problem for such a long time. Still have to hear from them tomorrow to go through a process of restoration No way I would buy an Apple iPhone after this debacle.

How to make a whole heap of electronic gear totally useless with one flawed OS update. Congrats Apple, you lost yourself a lot of customers. I got the same error. I did refresh my wifi connection and restarted my iphone then tried to update and it did succeed!

Did not work for me either, tried with Wi-Fi on phone. Tried the connection with iTunes, followed the directions. It looked like it was going somewhere, until Article source got the error message.

Tried several times, same result. Cannot even factory reset my phone, due to it saying verification failed. If anything, i feel a little relieved knowing that i am not alone. All it took was a tap on the nagging ios update and we havent been able to use it for 2 weeks now. Tried all the tricks i could find online but itunes just kept giving me a error.

[iOS 11 Fixed] iOS 11 iMessage Not Working on iPhone and iPad? Fixed here!

Frustrating and infuriating indeed! I may need to finally visit an apple store this weekend. Not looking forward to paying just to have it wiped.

The titles are there, but text is gone. No matter what the problem is, try to use following simple tips to troubleshoot. How do I turn this off???? I upgraded by accident and am sorely regretting it.

Like everyone here says, its not our fault. Would not connect to icloud and no internet functionality either. Whatsapp was sometimes working and I had to go airplane mode and back a lot of times to get Whatsapp messenges. Googled a lot and no fixes were applicable to me. Something wanted to make a VPN connection without asking me. All those connecting efforts was the reason internet did hardly work and icloud login neither.

Hope someone can use this info read article. Hi yes apple store told my daughter that they had to upgrade and i have just fixed there ipad 2 and ihone 5 so it can be done.

Upgrade your iphone or ipad when it automatically generates the prompt to upgrade. I tried every possible way but this worked. Becextech is an on line Australian supplier: I have been working on trying to get this sorted out since the date it stopped working.

Activate IMESSAGE without carrier charge(no jailbreak needed)

Just spent another hour on the phone to Apple talking to Paidro. I spent about the same time with Demi on the phone. Both of these people have been very good, but are obviously restricted in what they can do for me. What I am now being told is that Becextech have to provide proof of purchase of this product from an Authorized Apple dealer before they will unlock this device. I am still waiting on a response from Becextech.

100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imessage Activation Failed

I doubt very much that they can do anything for me, but I do need a response from them. I am a 73 year old aged pensioner, and I know that this is very, very wrong, perhaps even a criminal offense. We paid good money to Becextech, knowing a large portion of these funds flowed on to Apple in some way, and we are locked out of a product after nearly 4 years of use. I have been using the same read article and password to get into 3 Apple accounts as well as my iPAD and my ID credentials are working well.

I want to go to the home screen. In the Messages app, tap the group message you're trying to reply to: I have to open my laptop everytime when I want to check for my important mails. All I get is this little circle on the upper right hand corner, I have to touch that in order to get the screen to open and then touch that red circle at the bottom of the screen to end the call.

These are all web based accounts: I am pondering my next step, and wondering if Consumer Affairs is a long road to take, or should I just go straight to the media. My i pad mini is telling me that i am not connected to the internet, she indeed I am connected to the internet. Updated my i phone 6 successfully, but no luck with the i pad mini. After downloading iOS 9.

I can only connect using WiFi. My cellular connection is no longer working. Or is there a setting I need to check? Good point, click to see more if it nessecitated my buying a new iPad or phone I would just go back to android.

What a bunch of jerks. Their products are overpriced and now this. Well finally Apple has an update for their update. I was lucky that when I finally installed the first update I only had tiny problems with the lock screen photo.

I only used the update they pushed and pushed so I could use the night shift function. What really stinks is all this time there was an app I could have installed for this very purpose, and now the apple jerks removed it from the App Store. Tried on my other laptop- same thing.

100 Free Online Dating Sites Chat Imessage Activation Failed

Tried a different USB cable- same thing. How does Apple get away with it?

iOS 11 iMessage Not Working on iPhone and iPad? Fixed Here!

The new IOS 9. Build 13E downloaded properly i have verified this by bypassing the applce icloud DNS server which takes me to a server that allows you to use your apple device with minimal functionality, and it clearly indicates that the device was updated to the latest firmware but still get the Activation lock asking for appleID and password, which from their announcement should no longer occur.

It only shows that apple is not really testing their products before bringing it to the Public. Its such a shame considering Apple is a very big company. Lies lies and more lies! Apple know exactly what is going on, this is nothing but an attempt to get us to upgrade to a new ipad. It is disgusting to say the least.

This horrible update is bricking devices like mad. There is no option but to restore the phone to factory settings.

I am ashamed of Apple. Their software is circling the toilet. I know for a fact that Steve Jobs is banging on the lid of his coffin and wants to choke most of his IOS staff.

This is an utter embarrassment!