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8 Signs that you're dating the wrong man


If you've been with someone for a couple of weeks and you feel like there's something's not right but you just can't figure out what that is, here are a few obvious signs you are dating the wrong person that you should consider. If you are trying to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again, then you should watch. 8 Nov Signs You're Dating the Wrong Person, Signs You Are in The Wrong Relationship, 27 Dec How do you know you're with the wrong person. Simply put, because they're not happy in their own lives or they envy yours. If your religion is a top priority but your partner is anything but a devout follower, you need to have a chat. Hanging out with them drains you. Something that's much more important.

Are you in love with the wrong person? Well, we have some of the hints that you should pay attention to if you are in love with that special someone, who doesn't reciprocate your love the way you want them to.

Feeling trapped — not wanting to hurt each other by even suggesting that marriage may not be for us. He will never be happy with the love and attention you give him and he will probably break it off with you as soon as he finds someone else to give him the attention he craves. It opens up the worlds inside of you.

If they don't show you any respect, love and care, you are surely in a relationship that has no value. Relationship experts state that when you get into a relationship, it should be a two-way street. Love should be at the receiving and at the giving end, only then will your hearts be combined from two to one.

8 Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Person

If you partner shows no interest in the things you do and what you say, you should seek help. You can communicate with your partner and enquire if there is anything wrong in the relationship.

Arguing and getting snippy with each other in public will make your friends feel uncomfortable. If you have a boyfriend and you pretty much forget about him when he isn't in the same area as you, chances are pretty strong that you are not in love. Do you link like they only spend time with you when they see fit and when it's convenient for them?

Communication is the key to solve all your problems in a relationship. If the two of you lack communication, it could lead to the end of your love story. So, take a read at some of these signs which show that you're with the wrong person:. When you tend to not be yourself with the person you are dating, it is the first sign which tells you that you're being with a wrong person and that is bad for you.

If you're unhappy with your partner, it is better to talk it out and find out the real reason behind that unhappiness. If you can't solve it, going your separate ways is the best. When you don't feel the necessity of introducing your partner to your close friends and family, consider it as a sign that you are with the wrong person. If your partner annoys you and doesn't bring out the best in you, there is no point of being in the relationship.

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Things will get much better if you leave and move on in your own direction, to more greener pastures. Normally, when you are in a relationship, you tend to see a future with the one that you love.

8 Signs You Are Dating The Wrong Person

If the future you see does here make you happy or laugh, then it is better for you to forgo the relationship you're in. When there is no excitement in your life with the one you are with, there is no point in being in the relationship.

You should understand that when you get into a relationship, it is because you want companionship and a friend and someone to turn to.

8 Warning Signs You're With The Wrong Person

Love is not selfish. If your partner is so full of himself or herself, it is time to make him or click here aware of it. If your partner does not change for the good, it is simply best to stay off his or her path and move in your way.

If you are constantly tearing up in the relationship, it is something to worry about. You are in love with that special someone to gain happiness and joy. So, if he or she brings only sadness into your life, do note that you are surely with the wrong person.

25 Easy-To-Miss Signs That You’re With The Wrong Person

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