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The best places to watch a rocket launch in Florida!

Our Sponsors is the best download center to download Youtube Taxi-Driver videos at one click with the best quality, you can convert youtube to mp3 and mp4 with free online youtube video downloader. 28 Jan Recent Posts. He begs for a 'bright' future on traffic signals · Kids Slam Karni Sena and Politicians · Save your child from abuse. Watch but don't wait! A Blind Story. Let's see who sees what! The Kids Logic on Budget Popular; Comments; Tags. albuterol buy tablets Along with supervising choreographer Beau (Casper) Smart — whom Lopez has been dating since her split from Marc Anthony — the tour travels with eight male and two female dancers from across the U.S., plus Mexico and Puerto.

After a recent program revealed that five percent of the city's high schoolers tested positive for STDs, including HIV, Philadelphia is installing free condom dispensers in nearly a third of its high schools. The 22 schools chosen were the ones with the highest rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

And apparently this movie includes a scene of "telepathic fellatio," which sounds unusual. Among the detainees at Guantanamo currently participating in a hunger strike, 44 are being force fed against their will, according to the clip's introduction. Yet scientists wanted to find out the here for the repulsion between jumping droplets after they leave the surface.

The condoms will be available to all students unless their parents signed an "opt out" form, although, in a move that will surely piss off your Fox News types, the "opt out" apparently won't be enforced by the school or its nurses.

If a student disrespects their guardian's directive, that is an issue of the home. For the most part, the decision has received support from the city's leadersincluding Mayor Michael Nutter. Many of our teenagers, regardless of what adults think, are engaged in sexual activities," the mayor said. And, in case you were wondering, city officials are well aware that kids will use the condoms for activities other than sex.

Schwarz, Philadelphia's health commissioner and deputy mayor for health and opportunity, put it:. Earlier today, the U. Supreme Court declined to put a temporary hold on the super wonderful Obamacare provision that requires employers to provide coverage for contraceptives. What had happened was: Two Christian chain stores, Hobby Lobby Stores and Mardel, said the law "violates their religious freedom. Justice Sonia Sotomayor was all, "Ugh, please?


The day after Christmas? I'm just trying to go home and watch reruns of Judge Judy! In a brief written opinion, she said the Supreme Court has never addressed similar freedom-of-religion claims brought by for-profit corporations objecting to mandatory provisions of employment benefit laws. If the two companies ultimately lose in the lower courts, the justice said, they can still appeal to the Supreme Court. Either way, you know Scalia's totally not chipping in for Sotomayor's bd gift.

This isn't an exquisite 3D render of Corvo's mask from Dishonored. It's an actual mask, put together by the team at Read more Magic Effects. Sadly, it's not available to buy - it's a one-off made for a competition - but that only makes it that much more of alluring. The accuracy is a result of the source material: Katy Perry tweeted John Mayer in a Santa suit and blarg. I don't get that dude, how does he consistently score with the ladies?

There are about 3. If you're rich and famous, sometimes surviving a hurricane hell-fire on a private island can lead to true love. According to Winslet's rep, the couple were married earlier this month in a secret ceremony in New York. Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain the bizarre, disaster-born romance, the bride was given away by none other than Leonardo DiCaprio, her Titanic co-star. Rock'nRoll also works at Virgin Galactic thanks Uncle Richard as the "Head of Marketing Promotion and Astronaut Experience," which, as you might guess from a guy who legally changed his last name to Rock'nRoll, is an entirely made up job title.

It's the third marriage for Winslet she divorced Jim Threapleton in and Sam Mendes inand the second for Rocknroll he was previously married to "British socialite Eliza Pearson, the daughter of a multimillionaire viscount. Smith here two jumpers in the last 11 link of tonight's Knicks-Suns game to tie the Phoenix Suns and, with one second remaining, take a lead for the Knicks in one of this NBA season's most clutch performances.

Smith led the Knicks with 27 points, but click four in the final Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain proved to be some of the most memorable of his career—especially the off-balance jumper with less than a second remaining that locked up the Knicks' 21st win of the season.

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Actually, that headline might make it sound like I believe this to be whack, when in fact, I believe it to be very fresh. But that's probably because I love Instagram so much. How the hell else am I going to show off my adorable niece and the double-dipped salted caramel and coconut donuts I just ate? Am I supposed to just share these moments with my family? I'm not not a Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain The Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis is experimenting with special balcony "tweet seats " to encourage audience members to engage with their productions in a new way.

I'm not sure if it'll work — it might just lead to people compulsively checking Facebook and Instagramming the backs of people's heads — but if it did, it would be something to further experiment with. Perhaps actors could answer audience member tweets in post-show discussions?

Or encourage friends and families to check out fresh-ass local theater? Yes, "fresh-ass local theater" is a phrase I just typed, I'm trying to make the theater sound cool and happening!

Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain

And this is why I don't work in marketing! My BFF is a theater literary manager, and one of her jobs is to engage the community I will report back when she lets me know whether this is whack or rad. I know she's always dreaming up new ways to lure the kids in, and I could see that, with the right play, this could be one of them. Now, when are we gonna start seeing these things at the Oh wait, that's called the whole damn theater.

Because of the maps. It's long been a tradition with Rockstar's open world games, right through to GTAIV and Red Dead Redemption, to include physical maps of the game world, something older gamers appreciate in an era of on-disc manuals and guides.

Recognising, though, that in a lot of people are getting their games digitally, and thus missing out on that stuff, Rockstar has made available image files for the three PS2-era GTA games, complete with their fake ads.

Sadly, they're one-sided, meaning you're missing out on the amazing Vice City poster you got on the reversebut hey, they're free, try not to complain. Stanely is actually a pioneering force of the genre. He and his brother Carter began recording ole-timey tunes all the way back in The Father of Bluegrass lays down 18 of his biggest hits from the golden age of the Grand Ole Opry in this live show from Eastern Tennessee. Texas Prairie may not itself be a classic bluegrass act yet but they do a Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain job of exploring modern facets of the genre without getting away from its roots.

High speed rail may be a quixotic public works project here in California but for China, it's a cornerstone of the country's transportation infrastructure. Yesterday, Chinese officials expanded that infrastructure by inaugurating the longest such rail line on Earth and announced plans for seven more.

While not nearly as fast as the Tokyo-Nagoya mag-lev line Japan is working on, the high speed line running from, Beijing, the capital city of the People's Republic of China to Guangzhao, a provincial capital 1, miles 2, kilometers to the South, is nearly five times as long. What was once a 20 hour-plus trek, now takes only eight. More than pairs of trains will serve the line every day—darting from one capital city to the other with stops at other provincial capitals—Shijiazhuang, Wuhan and Changsha—along the way.

This is just one of eight new HSR lines China hopes to construct by —four North-South and four East-West—to help ferry goods and people across the country's vast territories without having to rely on airlines or freeways. Instead, the Ministry of Railways MOR has upgraded conventional lines to accommodate high speed trains, built designated passenger lines, and even dabbled in mag-lev technology. In all, China operates the longest HSR network in the world, maintaining more than 5, miles 9, km of rail.

The MOR is working to more than Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain that figure to 11, miles 18, km byaccording to the Xinhua News Agency, as part of the country's modernization efforts. The images you're about to see see more the work of Bruno Gauthier Leblanc, an Ubisoft artist who we've previously featured for his contributions on Splinter Cell: Today, though, we're looking at things a little more tropical in nature.

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Namely, his work on Far Cry 3. As you can see, many of these designs made it through to the final game with nary an alteration. And in case you missed it during the game, you can also get a good look at Jason Brody's face. Just in case you didn't think he was smarmy enough already. You can see more of Bruno's work at his personal site thanks CAW!

And you can watch it right here. It's missing characters like Beorn, and entire sections of the story like the trolls, but you can still catch the gist. If you speak Russian. Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit". Science fiction has long encompassed every aspect of human experience — including sex. For as long as Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain dreamed of going to space, we've dreamed of getting it on there.

And porn has embraced science fiction as well — from 's softcore masterpiece Barbarella to the s cyberpunk boom to the recent craze for porn spoofs, there has always been science fiction porn. After all, porn is an escapist genre when you get right down to it. And the line between a science fiction "B" movie and Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain softcore porn film is often more seethru than Jane Fonda's breast bubbles.

Here are the greatest science fiction porn films of all time, from to There are a number of exploitation films on this list, but no horror, since that's a very different category. Also, if we missed your favorite, please chime in in the comments! With such a huge and sweeping topic, I'm sure we missed some stuff.

We'll be covering to the present very soon. But it was a particular stroke of genius to create a nudist film set on the Moon, eight years before humans actually landed there. Why is the Moon full of naked ladies? With antennae on their heads?

Astronaut Dating Simulator 2018 Ariane Bourdain

It's never entirely clear, but apparently there's a breathable atmosphere thanks to all those trees. And then there's this all-out sexploitation film, in which a man reading a science fiction magazine in bed with his wife falls asleep At left is our absolute favorite scene, where the main character Granilla disintegrates another man who's jealous that the women are sleeping with Granilla — and then a naked woman shows up to explain disintegration. Another nearly naked woman helpfully shows up and adds, "He had it coming.

Also known as Sexplorer. Basically your classic "alien girl comes to Earth and has to learn about human sexuality" movie. The theme tune at left really has to be heard to be believed.

Please watch that video, it's amazing. And then click here for her encounter with a man who has a balloon fetish.

Isn't part of the seed stand MC: But if you insist, you can now simply turn off BlinkFeed with the top-left button on the home screen editor page pinch anywhere on a home screen to toggle. Letters in the end weren't necessary though, after some of our parents had intervened. It was a perfect circuit for Choppersdragsters and the menagerie of home-modified push bikes kids used to muck around with in the mud, back in the days before BMX and video games. Stanely is actually a pioneering force of the genre.

We all have them.