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Read these Rules of the Road. The source structure was reported ablaze just before 2 p. They get the photo credit as well. For photography, that is. First and last hour of sunlight, roughly speaking. Light gets warmer, shadows get longer. Particularly common in cinematography, e. Below are medics on Skycrest Drive a couple hours ago.

Read the Wiki page on the subject. There are a couple interesting production techniques to the clip.

FireNews has posted an incident report about a house fire in scenic Southport on April 18 and that includes this neat photo. No surprise there, given that we're a coastal state instead of somewhere on the plains. Source has been out of service for a stretch, and was last seen by Yours Truly parked behind Station 2. Defensive mode started, with hand lines and blitz nozzle.

source They've added radio traffic to the soundtrack, along with transcriptions as captions. The footage is also shown at about double-speed, to render the activities at a faster, well, clip. Open question about the severe weather of April 16, Tornadoes and thunderstorms ripped through Raleigh and Wake County.

EMS units and fire units were running everywhere. But only one of the two Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Apartments Trailwood Travels using a unified numbering system. For the various fire departments, however, there were a number of Engines 1s and Engine 2s and Engines 3s operating on the radio channels.

Might've sounded a little crazy from the armchair perspective, but did it make a difference in the field? And behind the click console? We've beat this horse before from a theoretical perspective. How did it work in real life, two weeks ago? Here's a great old photo to accompany our prior posting.

Readers can identify who's check this out, as well as the location. Neat patches on their shirts.

Picture from the files of Travis Loy. One of these days, someone'll get a big stack of these local ambulance, rescue, and EMS photos together and realize they've got a history book waiting to be written.

Or at least a picture book of historical photos. Trust me, it's easy. Let's go back in time to the mid-Seventies, when city and county officials were working to provide a better level of emergency medical service to residents of Raleigh and portions of the surrounding county. The specific year is Funeral homes haven't been transporting patients for about a decade.

Black Singles in Raleigh Durham

Various private ambulance companies have come and gone. The current provider for Raleigh residents is Beacon Ambulance Service, operating since or They also answer calls in the county. The Raleigh Fire Department's two rescue squads-- expanded in from their long-time lone unit-- can also provide patient transport in a pinch. Or maybe on a semi-regular basis. But neither fire nor ambulance personnel are providing much in the way of advanced first aid.

The First Responder program is still a few years away in these parts. Some of those have been around for over a decade; others click to see more fairly new. Six Forks Rescue Squad starts that year, in Beacon's been receiving a subsidy from the county, and they asked for an increase the prior year. This and other issues have both city and county officials considering their options for the best combination ambulance and medical service for Raleigh residents.

Thus the proposed Rescue Medic program, a city-county initiative to add Emergency Medical Technician-staffed ambulances to the Raleigh Fire Department. The department's two rescue squads would be located at Station 2 and Station 9.

And their response areas would include some territory outside the city limits. The proposal was created for the Wake County Office of Emergency Management, and a scan of a copy of that document is presented here. Staffing, equipment, response projections, alternate models, it's all here. The plan was not adopted, of course. The county instead created its own EMS agency that year, and a bit of that history was briefly recounted in this blog post. We'll await reader comments on what's remembered from that period, and what happened before, during, and after.

The PDF document is about 5. Also found for sale on eBay, yet another 35mm slide. We blogged about this beforenoting that there once were two Air Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Apartments Trailwood Travels installations in Wilmington, and the 48th Interceptor Squadron was protected by a crash truck at the airport.

That information was dated Betcha this truck was provided by the military, but operated by the county-run fire department. As for the airport, they're protected by an airport-operated department, no? Also found for sale on Ebay, another 35mm slide. How's this for this web page beauty? Greenville Fire Department's Pirsch foot aerial ladder, also equipped with a GPM pump and a gallon tank.

Haven't seen many pieces of Pirsch apparatus in the Carolinas. This month's episode is about the Raleigh Fire Department Historical Societythe museum we're preparing to open at the training center, and the department's collection of antique apparatus at Station In addition to Mr. The three are also founding members of the historical society.

Watch the episodeor click the image below showing the scary guy with the wild hair. They discussed the department's diversity, and the history of the city's first black firefighters.

Found for sale on eBay, this quartet of 35mm slides. Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Apartments Trailwood Travels in the seller's scans from left to right, top to bottom: No apparatus is available, nor SCBA carried in their personal vehicles. They arrive, conduct a search and start a bucket brigade to at least contain the exterior fire as best possible. Just like the days of leather buckets, centuries before.

See Dave's postingand watch the YouTube video below: They include this shot that's been heavily processed for cleaner background and foreground details. Harley's photos also include posed shots of each unit and on both sides.

Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Apartments Trailwood Travels

How cool is that? See the entire set of photos. How are you fixed for training, Charlie? Last week's storms were a dramatic reminder of the importance of skills and systems related to large-scale emergencies. Incident command, resource management, resource capabilities, and so on.

It was also a lesson in preparing for the unexpected and infrequent. What types of big or unusual incidents can we expect in Raleigh and Wake County?

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Here's a sample of what's happened in the past, drawn from my records from the last couple of decades. Excluded are almost all types of structure and woods fires, and smaller-scale technical rescues. Same for smaller scale haz-mat and weather events. It's also pretty Raleigh-centric, but the data makes the point.

Here are some links to learn more, and clarify whatever points Yours Truly has oversimplified. Three civilians with injuries, with cuts to arms and hands. This post will be updated a few times.

It really can happen here. And wouldn't you love to see a compilation of the historical lessons learned, over the same period? Shown in front of their fire station on Avent Ferry Road are their first pieces of apparatus, a GMC tanker and a International tanker. No idea who is who. Closer view included, for those who recognize those pictured. It was a two-bay, cinder-block building.

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The station was expanded in with additional bay space. Inthe rural department merged with the two year-old municipal department. The Avent Ferry fire station became Fire Station 2.

The building was renovated inwith one of three apparatus bays converted into living space. Below is a picture from

Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Apartments Trailwood Travels