Do Erica Dixon Dating Floyd Mayweather. Secret Hookup!

Mayweather Dixon Dating Floyd Do Erica

Erica Dixon's New Boyfriend: In Love with Her or the Fame?

Erica Dixon & Floyd Mayweather Jr.

21 May Erica Dixon and Lil' Scrappy's relationship came to an end in episode 5 of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta on Monday, and a new report revealed who the reality star has been dating since her split from the rapper. Dixon is reportedly dating boxing champion Floyd Mayweather. An insider told Media Takeout that. 24 May Now, Scrappy will be going to rehab for the treatment of his marijuana addiction. Lil2. Aside from this, Erica also broke their engagement because they were having some problems with Scrappy's mother, Momma Dee. There were rumors that Erica is currently dating boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. After. Bedloo is a place where you can ask or vote on two choice questions using photos, videos, and music. Before you do bedloo.

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Do Erica Dixon Dating Floyd Mayweather

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Floyd Mayweather and Erica Dixon Dating? Jun 24, 1. Sorry if this information been posted already. If so please merge. Thanks Floyd Mayweather, Jr. May 28,In: This comes as a shocker because Mayweather was engaged and looking to get married. This is the woman he was convicted of assaulting, and the relationship between them is unknown. A week after the Robert Guerrero fight, Harris posted a photo of her and the champ on Instagram.

We are sure you will figure things out. Jun 24, 2. Jun 24, 3. Jun 24, 4. He has a TYPE. And she ain't IT.

Jun 24, 9. Please say it ain't so, Erica. Floyd Mayweather and Erica Dixon Dating? And she ain't IT. Jun 24,

Take that however you please Jun 24, 5. Outta the pot and into the fire.

Does she know he beat his women? Don't be dumb Erica. If so please merge.

Jun 24, 6. Jun 24, 7. I thought he was with that Asian chick?? Jun 24, 8.

'Love And Hip-Hop Atlanta Erica Dixon Dating Floyd Mayweather

When I saw this posted before I said she's not what Floyd usually goes for. But, if there is some truth to this I hope she knows that upgrading to him is gonna come with some upgraded problems.

Jun 24, 9.

Jun 24, If true, she should just stack whatever coins and gifts he sends her way and that should be as far as it goes. Floyd has too many issues. Does she know he beat his women? Does Do Erica Dixon Dating Floyd Mayweather know she ain't mixed?? He and 50 going to try to work out things.

I asked this question in that tea thread and Dutchess responded. I guess it's an upgrade money wise cus scrappy damn sure was causing more issues and bringing nothing to the table. If ima be a stressed chick I'll be a stressed chick but not broke. Please say it ain't so, Erica. Jun 25, Hell nah, He is about to play house with her ass and kick her ass to the curb. I didn't know his engagement was off, but on twitter I follow Ericaa follower of hers said something to the effect that Erica had good taste in men by upgrading to Floyd and she didn't deny it, instead she said something like 'yea he is fine,' something like that.

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Dang, talk about upgrade. I read this in some comments somewhere.

Do Erica Dixon Dating Floyd Mayweather

About her being lucky she was with him now, and I was thinking doesn't he beat his woman? I would pay to see Scrappy try to put them paws on Floyd?

And Erica shouldn't get too involved with Floyd. He probably got about 10 girls in every city.


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