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Dating - where am i going wrong and do i just resign myself to being alone. ( Posts) Ive done online dating for years and never got anywhere with that either. Having had a break from it Am I alone in thinking it's not normal for someone to be "asked out" by four men within days of starting a new job? I've known a lot of. Iv just signed up to a dating site and Im a little disappointed! Its been a few weeks and i want to give up already!! Im not sure what I was expectin. 5 Mar There are dating websites and apps in abundance these days but some people still struggle to find love online. So where are men going wrong when it comes to trying to woo a woman? Somebody took to Reddit to ask women on dating sites to reveal what they think men are doing wrong when it comes to.

The good, bad and sometimes ugly.

Women reveal what men are doing wrong on dating sites | Daily Mail Online

Check out Mumsnet's Relationships pages for advice on all sides of family life. Mumsnet has not checked the qualifications of anyone posting here. I've been doing online dating for about eighteen months now. In the last two months alone I have been on about eight dates of which six of them went like this: Date goes very well lasting hours, some of them some nice kissing, plenty of chemistry on all; very rarely alcohol involved.

Text from them after the date confirming they had a great time, really liked me etc. They continue to message as prior to meeting, regularly, initiated by them for about two days, all going well.

I'm completely baffled and I must surely be doing something wrong for this to happen time after time?

Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong

I don't suggest meeting up again but do tell them I thought they were lovely and yes I had a great time on the date too. Not too much contact either, always try and follow their pattern when communicating if that makes sense. Out of the six I really, really liked two of them; the other four were very nice too and would have liked to see them again and yes, a high ratio of liking them but I do Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong ruthlessly before meeting.

No desperate vibes either, many of them commented on how positive, happy and easy to get along I was Any ideas on where I might be going wrong? It's so frustrating and it's really bringing me down Maybe it's a mistake to follow their pattern of comms?

Are you sure you've had not a sniff of interest in five years, or are you waiting for someone to march over and ask you out like a 15 year old? I have gone on a few work nights out though, and will continue to do so. Show 25 25 50 All. I think about before we got together and how interested he was in me.

Speaking personally, if I like someone I always suggest meeting up again. It's my sales training I can't walk away from a meeting if I haven't set up the follow-up If you leave it that 'you're lovely, I had a great time' If you say 'you're lovely, I had a great time, do you fancy doing this again a week on Saturday?

Thank you Corg The thing is they only continue to message for about two click here before the suddenly vanish no gradual cooling off etc. I have no issues suggesting a second date although to be fair I do prefer them to do so. I think that's what I'm struggling the most; one day they'll be all keen and interested and messaging as usual until the end of the day, the next they'll completely disappear.

Do you wonder why he stopped texting? At 34 maybe you should consider men of 40 and a little bit more? I find myself getting irritated by the text talk or if they dont add a comma or fullstop!

I'll send a quick good morning text and Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong it, no response ever again. It's all very bizarre and it keeps happening For what it's worth, I don't think it's you. Whereas once men might have gone home and thought oooh she's nice, I'll give her a call in a couple of days to go out next weekend maybe, now that go home and log on to OKC again to see what other options are out there.

That's my cynical view. And yes, I've had similar experiences to yours. Thank you Loisyes I completely agree and I know this behaviour is expected when online dating I've been doing it long enough to know that. But for it to happen again and again and again? Yeah they do that. I can't think what you're doing wrong. Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong you can be is you.

I did online dating years ago for about 6 months and got one good one. You on the right site? Are you on one where they have to pay to contact you?

I know, it is very dispiriting. I've been on more dates than I'd care to mention. As yet, not one has shown an interest in anything more than a shag. And sometimes I do - I'm only human I've been on all the main sites, both free and paid: I have been on over 40 dates in the last eighteen months ; two shortish 'relationships' but the rest of them never get past the first date.

It is very dispiriting Loisyou're right And it's hard to believe it's not "you" that is the problem. I think it's click the following article Sweet Shop Syndrome that is the problem.

From what you say, I can't see anything you're doing wrong. Mind you, I would never send a good morning text ever. Let them do that. I think the explanation of they log back on to see who is out there could explain a few of them, but not eight!

Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong

If they didn't like you at all, they wouldn't bother contacting you after the date or they would just say 'nice to meet you but no spark. My dating experience, first guy I dated disappeared on me like guys you mentioned above. Second guy I dated for 8 weeks but he did not want a relationship-fail. Third guy I dated wants second date but I am not sure about him. I think you got get through so many frogs I mean they have the sweet shop mentality,but maybe you need be more forward and ask for a second date?

I feel for you, you should join dating thread click to see more we are all going through it!

One thing I've had to teach myself to do though it hasn't actually gained me anything except a modicum of self-respect is "don't chase, don't chase, don't ever chase". It seems to bring out the indifference in them. When they know they've got you, you get back-burnered. Oh god, when did I get so bitter I agree something does happen between the first date and the second, even if the first date has gone well and there is already talk of meeting up again. I have done it myself a few times.

Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong

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The excitement just fades a bit then I can't be bothered. It can be utterly brutal. A few months back I met a guy just before I was due to have an operation.

We really hit it off and talked excitedly about a second date before parting. We kept in touch. I had my op. By the time I was on my feet again a couple of weeks later he'd met someone else and didn't think it was fair to see me. You need skin like a herd of rhinos. I agree with the poster who said 'don't ever send a good morning text'.

Only reply to their texts and never, ever send more words than they do. Not at the beginning. I have totally been there and done that, I dated loads of blokes and it was only really when I gave up being fun and decided to just be myself that I met my DH online. We now have two children and are expecting our third! Maybe you're not picky link.

Has anyone read The Rules? I haven't but it does teach women to make men chase them. I really don't think you're doing anything wrong OP - I had a very similar experience of online dating as have many of my friends. I used various sites over 2 years until I met my lovely partner on Tinder of all places! It can really crush your self esteem, especially when you hit a run of bad luck and I'm sure that's all it is.

It's not for everyone but I found 'The Rules' books really helpful - you have to take it with a huge dose of salt but the basic premise of not chasing and letting them do the work in the early stages helped a lot. Also, I would make sure you keep messaging other men and setting up dates in the early stages of meeting soneone new, it helped me stop getting over invested and giving too much headspace to one guy.

I agree you do need a skin like a herd of rhinos! I only Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong send a good morning message if they've been doing it themselves.

Internet dating, where am I going wrong? | Mumsnet Discussion

And I don't chase any more. I'll send my text, if a day and a half has passed and they've seen it but not responded I might send a quick 'hey everything ok? Mameulah congrats on your pregnancy. I am always myself though, can't be bothered to be anything else other than me Definitely Lois you do need skin like a herd of rhinos. I used to be so carefree and would take everyone at face value I think this is very common.

What do you talk about on the dates? Do you mention wanting a relationship? Do you ask about exes? What gets me the most I think also is how much of a coward people have become in general. Just send a bloody text and kindly say you're not interested, it takes a Online Dating Where Am I Going Wrong of seconds They just hide behind all this technology; what happened to basic manners?