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6 Things To Do When You're SINGLE!

12 Things Every Single Girl Should Do

11 Dec Think you don't like beer? Try a different kind. See if you can figure out why people rave about it. Do your best to acquire that "acquired taste" people keep talking about. (Obviously, if you're sober, or under 21, don't drink beer or anything else!). 10 Nov Being single used to be a death sentence way back when. I mean, who the hell would want to do things alone all the time? But now, being single is one of the most badass things a woman can do. You're not necessarily confined to being alone all the tim. 7 Oct Just because you're single doesn't mean you have to spend your weekends alone. Here are 30 fun things to do — with or without a man.

Can you imagine a life filled with joy, peace and contentment? A life where we make the most of the opportunities that come our way and are not anxious about the problems and difficulties of this world?

I absolutely loved being single! Okay, I know that was probably more work than you expected. A post shared by Katie Vaz katiemarievaz on May 30, at 6: We walk in joy, in spite of our pain.

But how do we get it? What do we do? We can start by refusing to allow life happen to us or become a victim of circumstance. We have to be intentional about our life and what we do.

Walking in joy is not the absence of pain. We walk in joy, in spite of our pain. This list of 20 fun things to do as a single Christian Woman should be sufficient evidence of how we can. For all my single ladies and married ladies who want to join ushere are 20 awesome things you can do now. These activities will not only make you happier but will definitely change your life for the better.

There are two main reasons why you should have a retreat; it is time to find God and to find yourself. God is always there waiting for us, his arms wide to embrace us but many times we are distracted, looking the other way and missing what he is trying to tell us.

Dear sister, we have to go back to God and remain in his embrace. Do you Things To Do When Single Woman to know why? You could click here a day or a few days and go to a secluded spot hotel, resort or some other place with little or no distractions. Spend time getting to know God again and to know yourself. Part of finding yourself is also making time for you.

You have to find time to rest, choose a day to sleep in without any disruptions, get Things To Do When Single Woman pedicure, spa day or buy some nice items that you love. It gives you a chance to learn, love and accept yourself.

As human beings, most of us want to be part of something greater than us, something that makes a difference. All right Sister, go out there and have some fun always remembering who you are and whose you are. What did I forget to include? But seriously, baking is a useful skill to have and it could be the beginning of a whole new side hustle or hobby. These activities will here only make you happier but will definitely change your life for the better.

You know you do. So, how about you look out for free or almost free events around your area. It could be a trip to the museum, art galleries, seminars, church events and even food festivals. Check your local directory or ask your friends and colleagues. What is life without friends? Plan a themed party and invite your friends over.

It could be a day event, night or even a sleepover. Definitely, something to do. It is better to give than to receive. Did you know that giving refreshes the soul? As human beings, most of us want to be part of something greater than us, something that makes a difference.

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This hunger is not always for positive things but we can channel it for good. Consider volunteering your time and resources. This could be on a temporary or permanent basis. Find something that resonates with you, it could be around domestic violence, sexual abuse, child trafficking, refugees, addictions, animals or even the environment. You may be wondering how this is different from 5.

Beyond volunteering with a charity, there are things you could also Things To Do When Single Woman within your community. You could promote social activities, join the associations and help them implement changes that will improve your community and livelihoods. I know most of us are guilty of this one. We will have to go to the very back of your closets for our cobweb-ridden racket and go play ball. Have you been procrastinating? A really good book gives us an enthralling view into the lives of the characters and the thoughts of the author.

It is a wonderful window into the human soul and all the things Things To Do When Single Woman make us tick. Find a few fiction and non-fiction books to read. You could check the all-time bestseller listChristian and inspirational book visit web page. You will not only increase your knowledge but will also be entertained.

This is not just another post telling you to learn web design or French though you should: No, I want you to learn a new skill but not just any skill or something you read somewhere. Think back to when you were a child, what was the one thing you wished you could do not magic tricks, I hope?

Things To Do When Single Woman

What were those things you wished you knew how to do? I remember being intrigued by gymnasts and people who could do somersaults. I guess this is the time to look into it. It may be sewing beautiful dresses you can wear, painting, sculpting, flying, swimming, skin care, or coding.

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Gratitude is the bedrock of a fulfilled life. It is the cushion that shields us from greed, selfishness and pride. We rather appreciate the little and big things and find joy in mundane experiences. If you want to know how to do this, you can start by keeping a gratitude journal.

Some of my friends and I keep gratitude jars, which we fill on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You choose what works best for you. You could also use a phone app for this. Do you love to dance? I know I do and you probably do too. Not to forget the added benefit of keeping fit. Definitely, something we Things To Do When Single Woman all do.

What would we do if we only had water and plain bread? I know the children of Israel lived on manna and water for a few decades but this is different. Do you love and appreciate good food? Then dress up and go try out a new restaurant. Bonus points if you go to one far from your place. Do you have a fear of doing learn more here alone? Always looking for a friend, sibling or colleague to follow you somewhere?

Go to the beach or movies alone. Play in the sand, kick some water around and do all the silly things your inner child will appreciate. The best part of this is that you can enjoy the inside jokes and laugh with reckless abandon.

Look for opportunities to grow your social circles.

Things To Do When Single Woman

This may mean attending social functions, getting to meet new people and keeping in touch. For this to work, you need to follow up.

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Is there a soulful poet hidden inside of you? Maybe you had dreams of becoming the next Celine Dion or Maya Angelou. This is a great opportunity to allow your creativity flourish.

Who knows what you will uncover. Write it and record it if a song or publish if a poem. You get to choose the type of cake, the size and all the lovely toppings you will add. I love red velvet and chocolate cakes, in case you were wondering. But seriously, baking is a useful skill to have and it could be the beginning of a whole new side hustle or hobby. When I was in high school, I used to avoid going close to the railing by my class it was on the second floor.

An obvious activity for me would be to skydive. I pray to do this soon. What is the one thing that makes you so scared, you literally pee in your pants? It could be public speaking, flying and swimming. So we have the power to overcome whatever it is that has us shivering and scared. Do your body and soul a favour, and rest. Never underestimate the need to rest. It means that we intentionally let Things To Do When Single Woman brains rest no thinking and planning and trying to do a million things in our headlet our mind stop its wanderings and place our feet firmly on solid ground.

Rest means that we realise and appreciate that there is only so much we can do at any period of our lives. That we are and will always remain subject to the will and plans of God. Did I tell you that the Bible is the most comprehensive book that was ever written? Http:// has every single thing you can think of — love, hate, murder, envy, sorcery, riches, poverty, miracles and resurrection.

It is no wonder we are told that it holds the blueprint for navigating Things To Do When Single Woman issues of life.