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I cannot get my foreskin back

29 Sep My foreskin is stuck. Called paraphimosis, this occurs when a tight, uncircumcised foreskin gets pulled back and stuck behind the head of the penis ( the glans). When this happens the end of the penis swells up, which can be eye- wateringly painful. “Paraphimosis needs to be sorted out if you can't get it. Question. I am 15 and am uncircumcised and I can't pull my foreskin back to where it shows the glans. I can only see the tip. I have hit puberty already but is this a problem and should I see a doctor to get circumcised or no?. Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin is too tight to be pulled back over the head of the penis (glans). Most uncircumcised baby boys have a foreskin that won't pull back (retract) because it's still attached to the glans. Paraphimosis is where the foreskin can't be returned to its original position after being retracted.

Posted 28 June at I can't pull back the foreskin completely. Will this become a big problem in my sex life?? Am healthy and I masturbate too Post photos if you will I think I'm the same.

Why Cant I Pull Back My Foreskin

This reply has been deleted by a moderator. Yes, you have phimosis. But in my case it was even tighter. I could not even expose the tip of my glans. However, during sexual intercourse with my wife one night my foreskin did retract - and became stuck behind the coronal rim of my glans.

Why Cant I Pull Back My Foreskin stopped the flow of blood to my penis and became an emergency. The consequent oedema meant a slit was made in my foreskin to make it slide back. I then had to be circumcised. The "Phimosis and Paraphimosis" link written for doctors at the right hand side of this page describes it as a "urological emergency".

For anyone that has phimosis, it's worth finding out about, just in case it ever happens. There would be a slight difference in if this suddenly happened to you. Phimosis might happen to elderly men all of a sudden and represent a problem, but for somebody who's stayed this way ftom the day that he was born and doesn't feel any discomfort there's really no reason to make it into a problem which it isn't is.

I know several adults this web page young men who's got the same and functions fine sexually aswell as in other terms even with a tight foreskin. If it will represent a problem later on, then address it then instead of worrying unneccesarily before anything has happened, is my point of view.

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Is it alright now? Am having the same problem as u had, please suggest me what to do as I don't want to go to a doctor too. It's not a problem unless it's causing you pain. If it becomes a problem gentle stretching of the skin along with short term use link a steroid cream can usually permit the foreskin to fully retract without resorting to surgery.

To find out more about this look for info on non-surgical phimosis treatment.

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If you can still ejaculate, which I think you probably can, there's no immediate problem at all. I was able to have all three of my chidren with a phimotic foreskin like yours. It doesn't offer the most pleasurable experience for you or your partner in sexual intercourse, but it's a good 'second best'. Please believe me because I was in the same position as you. I'm the same way. Partner never complained, but tight insertions, and getting really 'into' intercourse or oral, has left me sore and even a bit torn at the frenulum the tissue that keeps the foreskin from pulling past the head.

I've looked into adult circumcision, but the healing process in that part of our anatomy is just too 'ouchy burny' for me! I have to be careful now. Circumcision would help, but I choose to not do elective surgeries like that continue reading a nose straightening, etc.

I'm not a youngster, and married 20 years, different things are more important at 60 than No, it's not going to be a problem unless you force your foreskin back during sex and the foreskin gets stuck behind the glans.

Should be okay otherwise. Stretching the foreskin would be possible.

Normal development When phimosis is a problem Paraphimosis Penis hygiene. You can live with it, but I think your sex life would be better if you were able to retract. This reply has been deleted by a moderator.

A lot of guys are the same way as you and some really likes to keep it that way and think it looks good aswell when it's a little tight. You can live with it, but I think your sex life would be better if you were able to retract.

As well as stretching, steroid creams, preputioplasty, and circumcision would be options, and a urologist would be able to advise if either of the first two options might work. There's also a "Phimosis and Paraphimosis" link on the right hand side of this page.

It's written for medics, but may be useful anyway. I think Matthew has left this discussion now. And I'm sure you have been of help to him with all your understanding replies. You're quite right that his sex life would be better if he was able to retract, and you give some accurate advice.

I ended up much as Mathew penis-wise. Stretching and steriod creams did nothing. The subsequent scar from the injury compromised go here forekin's elasticity.

I suffered paraphimosis during sex one night. My wife successfully released my trapped foreskin, but she insisted I see my GP.

She in turn referred me to a urologist. I now have a permanently exposed glans which loses erotic sensation as every month and year goes by. Now, even icy cold or very hot water on my glans leaves me feeling nothing except pressure from the falling water. But if I do the same on the shaft of my penis, I recoil instantly in shock. My wife and I both wish I still had a foreskin regardless of its paucity.

But now, even masturbation is a learning curve for me. And there's the rub, pardon the pun It's how we were made, and it's so obvious what the foreskin is there for. My father was one of 7 boys born from Oddly, the eldest who lived until age 90 had issues in his late 70s requiring a circumcision, but otherwise, i never heard of any issues. My father insisted his 3 boys would remain intact. Many of the males in my family had extra padding in the public area from weight issues starting in childhood.

But all fathered children. At 60, I'm fortunate to have a younger very understanding and helpful husband. After may weight gains as ND big losses, the loose skin just adds to the issues. The surgeries for removal and lifting are so invasive and healing so lengthy, I've steered away for over 25 years thus far.

Th see more nks for sharing I also want to thank you for your very interesting reply. Referencing the foreskin, you say: A circumcised Why Cant I Pull Back My Foreskin is a crippled penis.

How far along the penile foreskin be retracted in an uncircumcised penis? - Dr. Surindher D S A

Then you say, "The surgeries for removal and lifting are so invasive and healing so lengthy, I've steered away for over 25 years thus far. I'm glad to share any issues we may have. In my case, lack of a foreskin is permanent problem, as you know. Sharing is good for us, I agree. I'm about now. I saw a urologist and had to undergo an invasive scope procedure, it was painful and humiliating for me.

Large scrotum and testicles with a hidden uncut flaccid penis does not a smooth procedure make with out poking, prodding pushing to get a minicam in the little opening and all the way down into my bladder I can roughly judge miles versus kilometres, but I have never got the hang of kilograms v stones, pounds and ounces! My weight is 10 stones 5 pounds which is roughly about 67 kilograms I think!

I have a unit converter on my PC desktop. I'm 7 years older than you so, who knows, perhaps that's why? And whilst I'm sure that describes many homosexuals, I still think the term is a misnomer. I had one shorty after my circumcised penis healed. It was a particulary unpleasant version, diagnosed as cystitis after sex with my wife. I was told it was a rare complication of circumcision with no foreskin to protect the permanently exposed glans head of the penis.

Like you, I have a very large testicles perhaps overlarge?

I could not even expose the tip of my glans. Health Information A-Z Our index of medical information authored by professionals Community Join the discussion in our forums Medicine directory Drug treatments, dosage instructions and side effects Medical Professionals Information for medical professionals Symptom Checker Assess your symptoms online with our free symptom checker. The surgeries for removal and lifting are so invasive and healing so lengthy, I've steered away for over 25 years thus far. Will this become a big problem in my sex life??

So I do sympathise with you. The invasive act of inserting a tube in the manner you describe was bad enough for me and my circumcised penis, let alone your perfect penis complete with its foreskin. I was having the same problem 6 months ago.

Why Cant I Pull Back My Foreskin

But keep doing practice every day makes it fully fuctionla now. I used to pull back my forskin with the help ho hot water during bath time. One day accidently i pulled back my forskin complete it was so much pain at that time. From that they i started doing it every daya slow and slowly and In months i was able to fully retract my forskin. So just keep trying every daya. Hey I am 13 years old I have the same problem as u.

I have the same kind of penis. I cannot even retract it only the urinal hole is visible