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Dating and A Gay Relationship in 2017 - Grindr? Tinder? Finding Prince Charming?

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Gaydar is one of the top dating sites for gay and bisexual men. Millions of guys like you, looking for friendships, dating and relationships. Share your interests and hobbies and Gaydar will match you up.. Join now for free, browse and message. New design, chat rooms and travel plans. Share photos with public, private or. 20 Feb Although gay dating sites provide a useful platform in allowing men to meet each other, Christopher Halton writes for PinkNews of how they can also put some gay men at risk. On Monday, I was one of 30 or so men to take part in the filming of an advert for Survivors UK, a lottery funded charity set up to. 30 Dec The best online dating sites and apps to find love in (illustration: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Controversy swirled in around its lack of same-sex matching resulting in a site launched later for gay and bisexual daters called Compatible Partners, but eHarmony now offers matching for.

Try Google Play with Chrome. Item added to wish list. Item removed from wish list. We carefully read all of our app reviews and appreciate hearing from our users.

Best Gay Hookup Sites In The Uk

This latest release includes some of the features you've been asking for, with more coming in the near future. If you have suggestions, please send us an email at support jackdapp. Still a lot of issues. Messages are displayed in duplicate.

Inbox doesn't update when someone sends a message I have to refresh to get it to show up. Unread Message count doesn't go below 3. Had to switch to Android version because the iPad version kept crashing. Please test your software before releasing it. Where did my favorite list go.

I'm a International hoe, where my list at? This application randomly crashes and foreclosures. This application has pop-up ads that forecloses and crash your phone link your battery and slowing down your phone.

When you try to send someone a picture the application crashes and you lose their profile what a waste of time! Avoid this a try something different and new. Ken Li Kim Khiook. It was really slow and buggy before. A tiny bit better now with speed but Omg Pictures and messages do not load. Sign in error are consistent. The server error makes browsing images and matches a complete pain. Don't waste your time or money because we have reported these issues to jackd since, December Omg please don't waste your money. - The UK's #1 Hookup Site

It's a rubbish app. It constantly crashes and messages fail to update. I have no idea why the developer would release such garbage. I remember using this app in and it was tonnes better. I'll be uninstalling this junk!

You might be surprised with what you see. Jeff Lassiter 12 January So iPhone users are allowed to screenshot??

This app and it's developers are becoming ridiculous. App freezes, can't block members. Can't delete old messages. App favors Apple products and operating system. Apple users have better customer service responses and interaction with app. Android is continuously being shorted and no good customer service. User reviews Donny kori 11 February A Google User 12 February Ken Li Kim Khiook 12 February Tyvonte Scooby 18 January Danei I 11 January W Russell 14 January Android is continuously being shorted and no good customer service Full Review.

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Will N 22 January Overall the app is nice. But error messages are constant. Barely let you change your profile information. Profiles doesn't load easily when your browsing through.

There's a glitch to where the notification for messages appears but everytime I go to my inbox and try to refresh it multiple times, nothing happens and no new messages appear.

Whoever is behind this new update needs to fix it immediately.

Comment: The dark side of gay dating sites

Shannon Mingle 3 February What the he'll is going on with this server? Every since you all changed this format, this app has not been the same and have had issues daily. This is not the Jack'd that we signed up for.!!!

You all really need to get this together and quickly!!! Chris Read article Cox 11 January If they could only fix the Glitches Its ridiculous Full Review.

Holiwell Sumakmur 15 January Private pictures don't show up even after another profile unlocks it. Server seems unstable and there are login issues. Messages may or may not have been sent or received.

Eats a lot of data too if you aren't using wi-fi. This makes the app useless for me and needs to be fixed or I'm gonna have to cancel my pro subscription. Only thing kinda good is u r not able to screenshot pic however if u have apple u still can.

It's a good app: A Google User 2 January Crashes all the time now. Features don't work properly - have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Can't read more than one line at a time. Duplicate messages keep cluttering things up. This had been the best app until source few months ago.

Did the QA department get dismantled?

Best Gay Hookup Sites In The Uk

No more customer service? Where in the hell is the smart people? Won't even load anything! Who ever will use this service is stupid Full Review. Juston Murray 12 January Wouldn't advise loading the app, unless you want a view of how an app shouldn't behave or you want some spam bots offering risk free money. I keep it just to watch it spaz out. Forever 14 January Insane how bad this app has gotten.

To be one of the most popular dating apps it has the absolute worst operating interface out of them all. Leo Russell 11 February Jackd needs to fix it's location. I have to go to random profiles half away down the list to find someone close to me. Smh this app always having problems Full Review.

Deandre Scott 13 January Getting the same error message as visit web page else.

What's the point of getting an update when the issue still occurs. Someone needs to fix this or I'm just going to delete the app. It getting really frustrating. The issue needs to be resolved. The issues seem to be getting worse. There's always a problem if it's not message viewing it's the logging out and error to log in Full Review.

A Google User 4 February Duplicate message in the conversation. Read receipt always wrong. Have no idea whether read or unread. Used to recommend this app to friend around me but now I'm not sure. Michael Lawrence 4 January