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21 Oct whitney wolfe bumble Whitney Wolfe, cofounder of Tinder and founder of Bumble . Whitney Wolfe Match Group, the parent company of some of the world's biggest dating apps and websites, filed to go public last week. Match Group owns Tinder, PlentyOfFish, Match, HowAboutWe, and OkCupid. Worst Dating Site Ever Created. I would get five likes or winks every day but every time I sent them a message not once did I ever get a reply. I canceled my subscription one day before it expired and I still got charged for another month. It's a shame that you can't go online and find love without getting scammed. Useful. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Meetville™ - Best Dating App. Download Meetville™ - Best Dating App and Get a date real quick. Thousands of amazing women and decent men are waiting online, ready to meet! Join now to find love, new friends and build long-term.

I just went on reportaproblemapple. This site is full of fake profiles and imaginary people. They prompt you to pay for the upgrade so you can read your messages that you have received only to find out they are not really messages, just winks from imaginary members. Stay away from this site, it is a complete joke! After paying for article source subscription, I started getting lots of winks.

I even came across a few people that I knew on the website. None of which who stated they signed up for the site. I cancelled a few days after, and no refund was issued. Please save your money! I should have checked the reviews first! Do not spend the money on this site! It is nothing but a SCAM!!!! They should be ashamed of themselves for having something like this!

Your an idiot to purchase Meetville after reading this.

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All I got was winks with the hope of communication and more. Got nothing just a lot of robotic winks. Fake or perhaps real profiles pulled from FBook with out anyones knowledge. Even pics with girls and theyre boyfriends- if thats not enough to convince you. Get your money back. Im in the process of trying to do Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site that and its not easy working with scam artist that are trained for this. I had my subscription using Apple Pay and I experienced the same issues you experienced.

Apparently I contacted Apple more info support services and had my full refund. I will advice you to contact Apple for iPhone users and android users should contact google play store support and explain the situation. Probably something might be done about it. Thats all I might recommend right now. I've realized that there are better options for me like Dating4Real.

Ain't as bad as most people tell ya. The same for winks.

All your pictures and chats are safely protected. While what they purport to be is one thing, the reality is entirely different. Screenshots iPhone iPad Apple Watch. How about you give me my money back you thieves. All I got was winks with the hope of communication and more.

After 2 weeks she did not reply. Fake site I have had to many that showed that they were interested you reply back no response what a waste of 40 bucks. Like everyone else i think this app is fake. Not one single real person. The FTC should step up and shut this fraud down. Meetville is a total waste of time and money and should be criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Robots using pictures of people that aren't available.

By the way people! Nice and clear but a the same time stands out from any other app. The activity on your profile is truly remarkable. Even pics with girls and theyre boyfriends- if thats not enough to convince you.

Luckily they only scammed me out of a single month. Karma will get these Russians!!! I get alot of likes and winks and messages saying this person wants to chat but then I message them and all they do is read it with no response back. I wish I would have read the reviews before paying. I knew something wrong until I read other reviews and I notice last night someone who was so hot and nice to me and then I find out the phone number that she gave me was belong to a African teenager who was using somebody else pictures to make fool of me, I find out she was using the same number in Tango that she gave me so I can text her Anyway I wish I could down load her pictures so other people doesn't make a same mistake as me Overall I am going to cancel my meetville after I find out how to cancel it, please make sure to video talk to them Before you Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site too excited Good luck.

I started getting a few weird emails and texts from random men and then one said he found me on Meetville. I checked it out and there was I was with my First and Last name a screen shot from my work profile, scary. But I'll never make that mistake again. Plus I couldn't cancel my subscription so I had to shut down my credit card. All profiles are fake. I am not a blog writer nor a consultant for the online dating industry, I am a single male, 53 and live in the central US.

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Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site a breakup I decided to venture into the online dating extravaganza, the alternative to bars, clubs, etc. After several months without success in finding a female I decided to examine the industry and actually signed up to multiple sites. I actually collected data with each site. The data collected was based on each individual site and based on the what the site provided for the user. The sites in this study are: Here is what I did.

On each of the sites I used the same profile and Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site, with one exception being Meetville. With Meetville I used the same profile and pictures but changed my age to I did this because I wanted to see if I could attract females between the ages of Marketing survey's that I researched before signing up with Meetville, suggest more females in this age group use this site and therefore a guys success in finding someone is increased, I'll get back to this later.

I ranked the sites based on these parameters: The sample size was and I stopped at that, which sound a bit high but it really isn't considering just how many profiles are really out there surfing for you.

Out of the profiles I connected withthat's roughly a. Of the I connected with I received 32 phone numbers, roughly 20 percent, again not bad.

Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site

Of the 32 that I Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site phone numbers from and that I actually spoke to 2 agreed to meet me on a date, less than 7 percent. Now if you take 2 out of because you did invest your total time in this you would be at. So in order to get to a respectable percentage and to have a fighting change you probably have to see about 1, to 2, profiles to find your dream girl, which is impossible unless your unemployed I guess.

Back to the sites. Number 1 in my opinion is Tinder, great platform, you signup thru FB, no lengthy in app forms to complete to see who you are compatible with. Users pick who they like and we all know what swipe left and right article source. The great thing about Tinder is you don't have to go through a maze of questions.

Second would be Match, it offers virtually the best platform and users to pick from, but it can be a time suck when getting your profile established and reviewing matches, but that may be necessary depending on how picky you are. The only drawback with Match in my opinion is cost, but you have to expect this, they spend millions in advertising dollars and this drives the cost. Third is POF Plenty O Fishthis site can be a time suck as well, it does offer some free features but remember with free comes scammers, it is easy to hide behind a pretty face that is always 13 miles away from you.

Overall I didn't have much success with POF, tons of females who are hiding behind pictures taken 10 years ago and not much to say about who and what they do when they are not surfing for Fabio or Prince Charming. The cost for POF is based on what the user wants to pay, they offer upgrades and members of certain levels can block random in app Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site when they are being contacted.

It is basically a ploy to get you to sign up and then upgrade your subscription because the dream girl you found is of a certain level and you'll do just about anything to contact her, preying on your desperate need to hopefully land or catch that trophy fish that you want to mount Finally we come to Meetville. The platform or what they do here is brilliant but eventually very disappointing for the paying customer. As POF works Meetville is about the same, you have to pay to play.

They even offer a "hook up" category if you are into that.

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But most important guys and pay attention to this to avoid throwing your money down the online dating drain. As online dating and app services have evolved so has the genius minds of site developers. When you sign up and before you pay just wait for a few days. The activity on your profile is truly remarkable. The minute I finished signing up I received in app messages from very attractive females, from ages I requested to findwith some outside of this age but not older than The total hits I received in this period was 65, yes 65 messages within a 24 hr period.

I thought, damn all these attractive women hitting me up, why didn't I do this sooner, right? Wrong Grasshopper and here is why.

Meetville manufactures profiles, it's that simple. They are so bad at this that I came across multiple profiles that used different user names but used the same pictures, profiles were changed showing different locations, different wants and needs. They even post pictures of Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site and when you click on the picture to see the profile it is a totally different female.

You will also get females on the take, you'll get story after story see more how desperate they are, the ex or roomate has left and she needs a few Benjamin's to buy food or to stop the electric company from cutting off service, it can be somewhat entertaining if you take it far enough.

It's just bizarre especially when get a phone click at this page and search the number through Facebook. This is your smoking gun boys, if you really want to know who your chatting with and you can get them to cough up a cell, you can most likely find who it is and avoid the whole reverse phone number search BS.

In closing the moral of my story here isn't to damage this industry of online dating, it is to protect the buying public, specifically males. Ladies I can't speak for your experiences but I'll bet you dinner and a movie it is the same way. As long as we seek the opposite sex and are obsessed with finding the girl next door or Mr.

Right sites like this will exist and scam you. Technology techniques, creating fake profiles and the anonymity of the internet have allowed this industry to thrive at the hands of disappointed and discouraged males and most likely females. Here are several things to watch for when you sign up for these sites. In fairness to Meetville all these sites will have the fake profiles or users who screen shot pics of random females to use.

Is Meetville A Real Hookup Site

If you find a profile with a single picture and she is a Paris runway model, with nothing in her profile, jettison the profile, even report it if you can.