My Ex Is On Hookup Sites. Is There Any Real Free Hookup Sites!

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When Your Ex Starts Dating Right Away Don't Panic: Here's 4 Reasons Why!

You're not alone in seeing your ex on a dating app

Ex signed up to a dating site straight after dumping me My ex and me had been together 2 years. He broke up with me like 3 weeks ago, I was pretty cut up. After about a day I just had a notion if he may have asked under Dating. 4 Apr A new Web site could be a nightmare for the dating app. A new site, Swipe Buster, allows people to see for themselves whether their significant other (or boss, or friend, or ex-flame, or parent) is active on the app. For a $5 fee, users can input into a search field the first name, age, and location of anyone. 17 Jan Basically he is my ex and we got back in contact just before Xmas. It's all a bit complicated but I suspect him of cheating whilst we were together, and when we split up we were in the process of getting back together and he gave me up to go with another woman. His nana has just died so in have tried to be.

I was completely shaken to see that he is using a picture of US as the last of his 6 pictures. I was upset and in a pretty passive way tried to ask him about it through text, which he has not responded to.

We have plans to meet up next week and I'm wondering how to address this now. My ex 32M broke up with me 31F the week before Christmas and 4. The breakup was a complete shock to me-- nothing had happened, no on had behaved badly, we were really at our most loving point, when he told me that he basically just didn't see a future for us and had a lot of negative feelings when he thought about this being his final relationship.

We had been dating for 2. I am absolutely still grieving over the loss of the relationship and I know I still have not come to a place of acceptance about it. I have not felt ready to move on with my romantic life at all yet, but I have been quite socially isolated and rather lonely and after hearing my roommate talk about meeting someone fun on Tinder, I decided to just check it out, really just looking for some lightweight social interaction.

I quickly retreated from the whole experience and deleted the app because while I'd love some new people in my life to talk with and hang out with, I'm not interested in dating anyone new and certainly not interested in just hooking-up with anyone, as is Tinder's reputed specialty.

Before I deleted the app though, I did run across my ex's profile and it was really painful for me to read in his bio that he is "looking to find some new and interesting people, with the hope of finding something special. Anyway, I was looking through the 6 pictures you're allotted to post on your profile, and I couldn't believe it when I saw this picture. This is a picture from at least a year ago that my sister took at her husband's restaurant opening when my partner and I were really in love.

My sister texted me this picture and My Ex Is On Hookup Sites texted it to my partner-- they are not facebook friends and this image has never been on facebook, so I know it wasn't just randomly populated from there-- he selected this image to use.

I'm especially upset because when I texted it to him last year I said, "look at this cute picture of us! So I saw the picture on his profile, felt incredibly confused about why he selected that one, deleted the app, but then I just couldn't let it it go. When my roommate told me it seemed like he was trying to lure click to see more other women by showing himself off as this lovable, great catch being embraced by a seemingly attractive woman, I was really upset.

I mean surely, it can't be because he is feeling sentimental about us or about me, right, but of course that was the hidden hope for me, so hearing that this loving moment of this web page might be being used to that end of attracting someone else was devastating.

I, probably unwisely, texted him the picture and said, "Well hey, I thought you didn't like this picture I was playing around on Tinder but got on and off pretty quickly but not before I saw that, it was just a little jarring to see I guess. But we have plans next week after his last day of class to go to an event I invited My Ex Is On Hookup Sites to, and I don't know how to approach this now-- push him about why he is using it, not mention it again I am terrible at leaving concerns unspoken thoughtell him I still really love him and want him back awww.

My Ex Is On Hookup Sites

I think it's a pretty dumb thing to use a picture of yourself with another woman on an app like that and I can't help but hope it click to see more hurt his chances more than it has helped them-- I know that wouldn't be an attractive thing for me to see-- so I really should have just left him to it, I guess, but since I confronted him about it I feel like a conversation about is imminent if we're going to remain "friends.

Be honest with yourself about why, really, you want to talk to him about this. So what purpose does it serve you to talk to him about this? It's a picture of himself, he looks good, those are the pictures people use on profiles. There's nothing more to it, I'm sure. With that in mind, it's probably a useful idea to ask yourself if hanging out with him is really an effective choice for you at this time.

Take it from an emotional masochist: You're poking the loose tooth, picking at the scab, whatever metaphor you like. Don't remain friends with the ex you're still pining over. The picture seems irrelivant to everything else. But you're not going to move on until you're over him. You've been apart many months, and are still holding on to the "maybe we can get back together" feeling because you're still friendly.

Move on, then you won't give two figs about the picture. It's completely inappropriate for him to use your photo without your consent plus I agree it's counterproductive to use couple photos on a dating site, but that's his problem. My Ex Is On Hookup Sites would be entirely within your rights to tell him not ask him to take those photos down.

And after that, go no contact, and block all his social media profiles, because cyber stalking will make you crazy ier and slow your healing in the long run. It's really super common for people to have My Ex Is On Hookup Sites with other people in them on dating sites. I think it's kind of tacky personally, but it's common.

You are not identifiable in the pic and I don't think fretting over it is going to bring anything positive to your life.

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Let him go, cut off all contact, don't snoop around, and tell this web page friends not to tell you anything about what he's up to.

I My Ex Is On Hookup Sites take the photo down or repost it with his face blurred if I were you, just on the principle of not putting identifiable photos of others on the internet without their consent. However, having seen it, that is absolutely a "cute couple" picture, no question. I can definitely understand why this felt like a slap in the face. Asking him about it won't help anything.

Also, seeing him won't help anything. Also, "staying friends" with him won't help anything. People talk about "staying friends" like it's somehow mandatory if you're a good person, but it isn't. I am so dreadfully sorry this guy is still hurting you after 4. Some observations, is it OK? The good news is it's an accurate advertisement of his character, in other words, it's a real turn off to any woman.

He's basically saying "It's all about me" with that pic.

You need to go No Contact immediately and forever. He's awful My Ex Is On Hookup Sites even if he crawled through broken My Ex Is On Hookup Sites to see you you should Not Not Never take him back. That's how awful he click to see more. Your sister could contact Tinder with a copyright infringement complaint.

That might be funny. Train yourself to see this guy as poison, because as far as you are concerned for the foreseeable future - he is. He used that photo because he thought it was a good picture of himself. What more do you need to know? If you want him to remove it, ask him to, but I think you'd be better off if you let it go. Also, Tinder only pulls photos from Facebook, so it IS on there. It's possible he downloaded it to a private album just to go in Tinder.

You're obviously still hurting a lot, and I think that this is causing you to obsess over this incident in a way that's not good for you. It's a way to stop yourself from letting go, which you really need to do. I mean, you say right upfront that it hurts you that he says he's looking for something special. But that's a normal thing for someone to put on a dating site.

Dating site gives me the option to log on to the site through my facebook account???? Make him fall in love all over again! Keep in mind he might need time.

It's sad that he didn't find that My Ex Is On Hookup Sites you, but it didn't work out; it's been several months, the relationship is over, and he's looking for a new one.

Is it strange that he used this picture? I think it's a little strange -- but people often do strange things on the internet. They violate soft social norms, they pick pictures that might not be the best, etc.

They often put less thought into these actions than we do while trying to figure out why they did it. Since you already contacted him about it, it's not like you can just ignore it now. If he contacts you, you should be brief: It was upsetting to see it in your dating here. Could you use a different photo? Don't start an argument about it. This is a relatively minor thing; it matters so much to you only because it's emblematic of a bigger hurt.

If he tries to start a conversation, defend himself, etc: It would make me feel better if you used a different photo.

And then stop being "friends" because all it's going to do is make it harder for you to move on. Yes, using a photo click to see more you two is weird, but he is not showing a photo of you two to potential new girlfriends as a way to keep your image alive in his heart.

He is using it because he looks cute and he looks like he can commit and be fun.

Sorry you are going through this and that you had to see that. He night be mad over something you did. Select as Most Helpful Opinion?

You are so raw and invested in holding on to him somehow - I strongly suggest you do not meet him. You need to go No Contact until you are past this stage and can accept that he isn't going to 'wake up' to losing you and come roaring back. What he does with those photos feels lousy, but it's no longer your business, you know?

My Ex Is On Dating Sites: Are We Done For Good Or Can I Get My Ex Back After A Breakup?

You two broke up. Let yourself feel awful about it and don't pursue anything with him. He is not your friend. You're not going to get anything like "Ya got me, I put up these pictures because I want to get back together with you and I was hoping you'd see them and want to get back together with me, too" out of this guy. I did run across my ex's profile Most of us have probably been in your state of mind at one point or another.

My Ex Is On Hookup Sites

But seeking him out on social media "run across" is not going to make you feel better, it's just not. Letting him know you've been seeking him out on social media is no good for your post-breakup dignity, either. Also, you are clearly still in shock because the break up came from of the blue with no warning.

You are not thinking clearly because that's what happens when you experience a sudden and unexpected trauma. If you were thinking clearly, you would feel disgusted and relieved upon finding that pic online. It's gross because he's gross and no one would think, "Oh, look!

Here's a guy that knows how to commit and values women!

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I'm so sorry for the way he broke up with you. I really do think this is all very shocking.