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A review of, an online dating site for singles over Find out the positives If you prefer the site to do the hard work for you, Today's Matches shows members Our Time thinks you'll like. Our Time also . Talk, text, and leave voicemails while keeping your personal phone number private. Gifts. Send virtual . 2 Jan Where real, time and express your love, even if best it is matter. Free ground life, ourtime dating site phone number for a constantly having. Media isn't commenting on reviews ourtime dating site year, the extent. Baby best quotes about year, help the warriors. Coming singing in free the winter olympics next. Start online dating with Ourtime. Sign up and get access to our free dating trials as well as singles night and events near you.

This company is not yet accredited. To learn more, Our Time Hookup Site Phone Number reviews below or submit your own. Want to know more about ConsumerAffairs accredited brands? Check out ConsumerAffairs for Brands. This is a horrible site. Like others keep sending people from across the US. And what's with these flirt and messages when my profile's hidden?

Clearly just to edge me back on the site. Sad they take your money for nothing. I've only been on a couple days and it smells of a scam through and through. Calling today to cancel what a waste of money. Already know I won't get my money back. After a month I let my subscription lapse.

But I didn't, so I sent her an apology. I am not sure that the profiles were indeed "real" or even existed. I'm not sure which one. And be sure you set up a new and separate email account to use.

My recommendation were never followed, they would send matches that never fit my profile. After letting it lapse within in 24 hours I had over 50 views within that time frame. When I was on the site the most views I would get in a day was 5 max!! I think this site takes advantage of older individuals who are truly looking for someone.

And what's with these flirt and messages when my profile's hidden? Don't waste your time or money on this site. Despite best efforts I've only received one reply out of hundreds by a woman who said that she wanted to meet but then disappeared. The login process for OurTime is simple as can be:

I would recommend using your money in another way to find someone special!! This site is the worst!! Have been on this site for less than a week. My account was hacked by what I am sure, is a disgruntled "trolling troglodyte" who took offense to me alerting the service to a "fake or scammer" profile.

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Customer service not available after 5: Can't send an to them either to report the security breach, over the weekend. Should be interesting come Monday morning, how they're going to handle this. Don't waste your time and or money on this site.

You cannot contact anyone with respects to the security breach by phone [phones are turned off after 5: I contacted the office first thing Monday morning. It appears that the account was hacked from within, because the representative saw that I had 'hidden' my profile but was continuing to get notices of interest. I was fully refunded my 6 month purchase, but it was not done so until I stated that I would file an official complaint with the credit card company, due to the serious failings of their tech platform.

I had no idea that this site was owned by 'Match', which I think is a loathsome site. I signed up January 18, I received what seemed like computer Our Time Hookup Site Phone Number responses. In other words no messages received were in the persons in words. I received messages and flirts from men who never even viewed my profile and were not on my profile reviewed list.

I had preferences that were not met either years younger or lived out of state. Good luck in trying to cancel the renewal.

It is not set up for you to do so. But I have contacted my credit card company and requested a new card number That's one way to do it My short term experience on this website has been that there are mostly fakes and not real people on this website.

Check them out the best you can, use Google or whatever you can to check them out before you give them any info about you. I filed a complaint today on 3 of them, but there are more I could have. I'm sure OurTime won't do a thing about it. Nor will they refund Our Time Hookup Site Phone Number money. And be sure you set up a new and separate email account to use.

Be smart and be wary If you have mistakenly set up an OurTime account. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

I urge every member to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. The site read more consistently matched me with people from a different time zone, people 20 years older than me and 20 years younger than me.

I sent an email 4 days into my paid membership with no reply, which after I called today they told me they could not find my email. They refused me a refund even though they did not source the service they should have.

This company is a lie and a scam It automatically sends flirts from you to people you have not even viewed.

Our Time Hookup Site Phone Number

Then you will receive Flirts and messages from across the nation from Beautiful women, when I would ask if this was a fake message. This is such a scam.

Our Time Hookup Site Phone Number

Go to settings and try to cancel the auto renewal Me at this point I'm not really sure how to turn off Our Time Hookup Site Phone Number auto renewal. I'm not sure which one. I guess I can start calling them?? The least I can do is hopefully save someone else the expense and time. You would think that since Match. I considered joining, wrote a short bio, but didn't join. I have received 95 Flirts, 20 messages and several pages of matches. After several weeks of daily messages, I saw a photo of someone I met several years ago.

I searched for him on the internet and there they were - the same photo of him, the obit of his wife dated eight years ago and his obit dated four years ago!!! All these dating services have the same type of programming.

Right off there was a problem with inputting date of birth. The system requires one to click the back arrow 60 times to get to the desired yr. I attempted to contact customer service but couldn't select a category and even that didn't work. Review

If I even thought I would pay money for this program I certainly wouldn't because of its primitive set up and poor reviews. Neither of them produced anything and we're very expensive by today standards. Despite best efforts I've only received one reply out of hundreds by a woman who said that she wanted to meet but then disappeared.

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On Our Time, several of the people that were sent to me were from at least miles away or scammers. I think your best bet is to try to meet people the old-fashioned way and save your money, it seems that these sites purposefully don't want you to meet anyone or people were just looking around to see what's out there Our Time Hookup Site Phone Number not very serious.

I understand that it's difficult being alone, but the sites potentially can break down your self-esteem, and you don't want to give them that kind of power.

Apparently the CS's that run this site feel the need to "salt the mine" as they say. Too bad they're such short-sighted idiots; if they left it alone people might have actually stayed. I signed up to this site in hope meeting a mate or date.

Two months into the membership I haven't yet to go on one date. I signed up for six months since it was the cheaper option, after 24 hrs I realized how bad my decision was, wanting to back away and get a refund, my request was confronted with a strong no refund. Beware if you sign for this site. All matches are not really matches, I get women as matches people I didn't choose as part of my ethnicity, soooo unprofessional, disgusting customer service, do yourself a favor: I signed up on January 3, paid for one month source. I decided on January 5 to cancel the auto renewal.

I met the first guy who turned out to be a scammer. The second, a scammer. On January 18, my Paypal was charged and the auto renewal was activated. I logged into my account to find that someone hacked visit web page account and had been sending messages to other men. I sent the men messages to ignore the emails and that my account had been hacked. I changed my password, but to find that they locked me out of my account.

I called customer service and demanded a refunded and to give me access to my account which they gave me my money back, but still no access. I just want to warn other users to be careful. There are perhaps a few "real" seniors on this website, but they definitely are in the minority.

Based on my search criteria, OurTime.

But in any case, not serious. The primary purpose of this business seems to be to generate website traffic - which generates ad revenue for OurTime. I get an email from OurTime claiming that someone with a name like HollyGoLightly has made me her favorite.

But when I go to the website, there is no indication that HollyGoLightly has viewed my profile, much less sent me a flirt or a message or made me her favorite.