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How To Make Your Woman Squirt - G-Spot Orgasm Masterclass

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% Free Step-By-Step guide teaches you the exact technique you need to follow to make any woman squirt. It's really Wouldn't you rather learn how to make a woman squirt from a woman that knows how to squirt herself? I saw a need and now I want to help people discover the best vibrators and sex toys for them. 1 May Sex toys can help tip you over the edge and into a realm of ecstatic release known as female ejaculation. 10 Sep Sex Toys That Will Help You Have A Squirting Orgasm. G-spot vibrators are really what makes a girl have a squirting orgasm and this g-spot vibrator is one of a kind. It will go inside and stimulate everything that's needed in every way shape and form, this makes stimulation a lot easier and will really change.

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First we have to warm her up. If these techniques work, awesome. Make sure to also check out my guide on How To Make Your Vagina Tighter to make them squirting orgasms even more powerful. I saw a need and now I want to help people discover the best vibrators and sex toys for them. I can assure you that I test each product thoroughly, do plenty of research, and give high marks to only the very best.

How to make a woman squirt? Every woman produces ejaculatory fluid. It differs from urine, and comes from the Skene's gland sometime around orgasm. Now, does that mean every woman can squirt like a fountain? For most women, this glandular fluid amounts to being a wet spot on the bed. Some women produce a wet gush or obvious squirt. Because the glandular openings they are near the urethral opening are deeper inside the vagina, most women produce a small amount of fluid with each out stroke of the fingers, penis or toy.

Still other women produce very little fluid Sex Toys That Make Women Squirt all. Sometimes, people want to associate squirting with orgasms, but that is not always the case.

A woman can produce this fluid before, during or after an orgasm. All she needs is enough fluid in her urethral sponge and the right kind of pressure on her G-spot. That pressure can come from her muscles, fingers, a toy, a penis or even a particular position. There is no one way a woman is supposed to respond when it comes to sex. Some women have a lot of control over when they will squirt and others have no control whatsoever.

Whether you produce almost no fluid, a wet spot or squirt like a fountain, I want to make it very clear that you are source.

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Now that you know about the healthy variables of response, you may be able to improve your or your partner's odds of squirting. Of course, your first goal should always be link have fun.

Focus on playing and exploring, and try variations on this technique to see what the female body can do. Ladies, if you're nervous about body fluids and sex, go pee before you play to ease your mind.

Sex Toys That Make Women Squirt

If you are a female who's playing alone, a curved toy will help. If there are two of you exploring, as her partner you can use your fingers and toys if you like. Lube will also help protect her vaginal tissue making for longer, hotter bouts of play. Here glandular tissue that produces fluid for women is Embedded in the G-spotwhich is sometimes called the urethral sponge or the female prostate.

It takes time for the glands to fill with fluid and for the erectile tissue to plump up. In other words, you want her body thumping. Kiss, touch, penetrate and do whatever it is that excites her.

How To Make Your Woman Squirt - G-Spot Orgasm Masterclass

Once she is feeling excited, massage her G-spot. Your fingers are a perfect tool. Insert two fingers, about two knuckles deep, pointed toward her belly button and do a deep tissue massage pushing up towards her navel and pulling the tissue towards her Sex Toys That Make Women Squirt opening as you massage. Most women can take more pressure than you might expect, but let her guide you. You might also try using a curved toy like the Oui G-Spot Slimline or a curved glass toy. It is a nice, solid massage tool.

Insert just the bulbous tip and rock it towards her navel or do short in-out motions. Inspire her to focus but stay relaxed. Ask her to pump her muscles rhythmically while you massage her G-spot.

Ask her to breathe deep while relaxing all of her muscles. Sometimes women will clamp up and hold it because they are afraid they might pee or simply because the sensation becomes too intense. Encourage her to give in to the sensations. When she feels the urge, she should bear down with her muscles and push out.

It is at this point she may squirt. If you pull the clitoral hood back towards the navel at this moment you will expose the granular openings and help more info a fountain or more obvious squirt at that moment.

If these techniques work, awesome. If not, keep trying. This practice is about her being present in her body, about learning to connect with sensation and learning to relax and let go.

Even if she never squirts, these are all good practices that should bring more pleasure. Written by Ducky Doolittle. Ducky DooLittle is a pleasure-based sex educator and the resident sex toy expert for Blush Novelties and Sola.

Sex Toys That Make Women Squirt

She also leads the marketing team, does some sex toy design work, tests prototypes and brings pleasure to the world! She loves to bake, cook, garden, make things and write. More From Our Experts.

It is at this point she may squirt. This finger is amazing and the reason why is because it will stimulate you in the perfect way to have a squirting orgasm. Relax, take your time. You might want to try the Svakom Barbara. Past vibrators were just used to help her reach climax.

Do most people experience pain during intercourse? Isn't it just inherently painful? I know BDSM is all the rage, but the idea of tying someone up and spanking them totally freaks me out!

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