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The Good Earth (Pearl S. Buck) at Oprah's Classic Book Club #6. The classic novel by the Nobel Prize-winning author offers a graphic view of China during the reign of the last emperor as it tells the story of an honest Chinese peasant and his wife as they struggle with the sweeping changes of the . Buy The Good Earth audio book on Unabridged CDs today! Visit Audio Editions for more audio books by Pearl S. Buck!. The Good Earth (Audible Audio Edition): Anthony Heald, Pearl S. Buck, Inc. Blackstone Audio: Books.

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This is a rags to riches story, a human interest story, a history of China. The audiobook narrator does an excellent job, as well, effortlessly making his intonations more or less Chinese, depending on if he's reading dialogue or description. This click will still be popular two hundred years from now.

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The Good Earth by Pearl Buck Audiobook

Amid the dizzying rides, tantalizing games of chance, and fanciful attractions here a state fair, two teenage sweethearts on the cusp of life and love's pleasures find their way to a shadowy carnival tent brimming with curiosities.

There, from the bizarre and enthralling Gypsy Mummy, a mechanized merchant of dreams and prognosticator of tomorrows, the young couple learns what fate promises for them. But fate, for Odd Thomas and Stormy Llewellyn, is something altogether different: He was born Temujin, son of a khan, raised in a clan of hunters migrating across the steppe.

The Good Earth Audiobook Free Online

Temujin's young life was shaped by a series of brutal acts: But Temujin endured, and from then on, he was driven by a fury to survive in the face of death, to kill before being killed, and to conquer enemies from beyond the horizon.

The story of Tzu Hsi is the story of the last empress in China. In this audiobook, Pearl S. Buck recreates the life of one of the intriguing rules during a time of intense turbulence.

Tzu Hsi was born into one of the lowly ranks of the Imperial dynasty. According to custom, she moved to the Forbidden City at the age of 17 to become one of hundreds of concubines.

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A Narrative, Volume I begins one of the most remarkable works of history here fashioned.

All the great battles are here, of course, from Bull Run through Click the following article, the Seven Days Battles, and Antietam, but so are the smaller ones: Young Peony is sold into a rich Chinese household as a bondmaid - an awkward role in which she is more a The Good Earth Audiobook Free Online, but less a daughter. As she grows into a lovely, provocative young woman, Peony falls in love with the family's only son.

However, tradition forbids them to wed. How she resolves her love for him and her devotion to her adoptive family unfolds in this profound tale, based on true events in China over a century ago. This is the story of the rise to national power of a desperately poor young man from the Texas Hill Country.

But fate, for Odd Thomas and Stormy Llewellyn, is something altogether different: In his old age his sons run everything and Wan Lung stays with his slave girl and his retarded daughter whom he eventually entrusts to the slave girl. Tana French Narrated by: O-Lan is a devoted worker in both the house and field and they prosper enough to buy some more land from the wealthy lords.

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Hard times come upon Wang Lung and his family when flood and drought force them to seek work in the city. The working people riot, breaking into the homes of the rich and forcing them to flee. When Wang Lung shows mercy to one noble and is rewarded, he The Good Earth Audiobook Free Online to rise in the world, even as the House of Hwang falls.

The Good Earth

Though written inThe Good Earth hasn't lost a bit of its timeless power and beauty. Set in agrarian, pre-Revolution China, the book link the tale of impoverished farmer Wang Lung, who, through hard work and a stroke of good luck, goes from being a poor man on the edge of starvation to a rich one with much land and a large family.

Yet, his new life only brings him new problems, which keep coming as the years pass. Buck writes with simple but eloquent brush strokes, and the world and culture she describes are fascinating. In some ways, this novel could describe the life of peasant people anywhere. The language is simple and direct, and beyond a few quaint turns of phrase, doesn't feel at all dated. All of her characters, including the protagonist, are flawed people, and she writes about them without judgment, but truthfully.

It's not a The Good Earth Audiobook Free Online that's always kind, especially to girls and women, but it's a world that was.

We also see the virtues and the faults of capitalism, as it existed around the turn of the 20th century. This is a beautiful, lyrical story that paints a vivid, cyclical picture of life in another time and place. The audiobook narrator does an excellent job, as well, effortlessly making his intonations more or less Chinese, depending on if he's reading dialogue or description.

This is as excellent of an audiobook as you will ever hear.

The Good Earth Audiobook Free Online

The narrator is outstanding, putting expression even in the chapter numbers. The book is an expansive adventure throughout the life of Wang Lung, a Chinese farmer.

His story and that of his family present universal conflicts and decisions that all of us and our families have to face at some point. I give this audiobook my highest recommendation. I can't believe I waited till my 60's to read this wonderful classic. This is a novel full of rich characters and narrated beautifully. I didn't want it to end. Buck won a Pulitzer for this novel as well as being awarded the Nobel Prize for literature.

The Good Earth lives up to all accolades. From the start, I knew I was listening to a timeless classic and was hooked. The prose is clean, unencumbered; almost biblical or "Hemingwayesque.

All of the characters are flawed, including Wang Lung and the story tells of the cruelty in early 20th century China where sons are The Good Earth Audiobook Free Online and daughters are killed or sold into slavery. The reader is brilliant and adds to the enjoyment of this wonderful audio book. Had to read it in High School, back in the 70's, and remembered half of it.

It was SO much more meaningful this time around. Still so relevant, still so heartbreaking. Very important to have in one's library. Much can be taken from it. Strong family values are explored. I found listening to this audio book extremely enjoyable. I have a 40 minute drive to and from work each day and I use that time to listen to my audio books. This one was so engaging that I found myself thinking about the story all day long and could not wait to get back in my car to listen to another segment of this book.

This book magnificently click here the reader into the story where there are numerous subplots -- all about the Article source way of life at the turn of the century. The narrator does a wonderful job of the different vocalizations required -- I listened to it in a weekend -- I wish I could find another classic that was this excellent!

Few books written in can be enjoyed by readers today. This book will still be popular two hundred years from now. This was America's best seller in and and won the Pulitzer. This is a The Good Earth Audiobook Free Online to riches story, a human interest story, a history of China.

We follow a peasant farmer who is so poor that putting tea leaves in hot water is considered too much an extravagance. He marries a big ugly slave woman and is happy to do so.