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Republicans Want To LIMIT College Voting

This Is How France’s Nationalist Party Is Winning Gay Support

9 Jan But he argued that this corruption was also evidence of a national crisis, one that could be addressed only by a politician untethered to political piety. . the “ Republican Establishment,” took a skeptical view of free trade and free markets, and shrugged at gay marriage and transgender bathroom guidelines. 9 Nov I have warned that political correctness actually is a problem on college campuses, where the far-left has gained institutional power and used it to punish people for saying or thinking the wrong thing. And ever since Donald Trump became a serious threat to win the GOP presidential primaries, I have. Find and save ideas about Republican meme on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Donald trump republican, Donald trump pictures and Pictures of donald trump.

She wanted to rebrand the party, to rid it of its obsession with the Nazi occupation of France in the middle of the last College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Suck Cartoons. As a result, she said, "I hear more and more testimonies about the fact that in certain districts, it is not good to be a woman, homosexual, Jewish, even French or white. Since winning the leadership of the National Front inshe has succeeded in bringing the party into the mainstream.

Current opinion polls have Le Pen as one of the frontrunners for president ahead of elections to be held this spring, and her position has grown stronger as her chief rival has been embroiled in a corruption scandal. And one sign of her ability to broaden her base is that some opinion polls hint at rising support among LGBT voters. Some on the right have predicted — and some progressive LGBT activists are worried — that LGBT voters could help put politicians like Le Pen into office because they increasingly fear Muslim immigrants.

Left-wing parties have been responsible for nearly every LGBT rights advance on the continent, and if their supporters were to defect to nationalist parties it would suggest check this out political crisis in the continent is even deeper than many on the left have feared. So she mentions LGBT people rarely and formally supports repeal of the marriage equality law. But she has welcomed a number of gay men — and all of them are men — into her inner circle, including her chief lieutenant, National Front Vice President Florian Philippot.

The National Front now has more high-ranking gay figures than any major party in France, including the Socialists, the center-left party that passed a marriage equality law in Opinion polls show LGBT voters still disproportionately support the Socialists and other left-wing parties.

But many feel the Socialists badly mishandled the marriage equality debate, even though they got the legislation passed.

They have also detected growing xenophobia — especially in their conversations with gay men — over the past few years, which could make them ripe for the picking. Activists who spoke to BuzzFeed News say they have not detected this shift among lesbians, which some attribute to a deeper commitment to the left based on support for reproductive rights.

If she does pull it off and win the presidency, Marine Le Pen would upend not just French politics, but potentially the politics of all of College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Suck Cartoons Europe. A victory could offer a radical new template for nationalist parties and demonstrate that even the most reliable of left-wing voters may be up for grabs.

Laroze's personal and political story says a lot about the complex nature of modern French politics, in which the old divisions of right and left no longer suffice.

Laroze is gay and says he was attacked by a group of people he believed were immigrants. It happened in a train Hookup A Man Twice Your Age in Paris in SeptemberLaroze said, although he believes it was a mugging, not a hate crime. Even before the attack, Laroze had immersed himself in the Marianne Collective, a National Front discussion group that started out on a couple of college campuses in Paris and was in College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Suck Cartoons process of building itself into a national student union.

She has built her national brand by courting social conservatives. Marion was a speaker at the rally, and it was organized by the first-ever socially conservative organization in France to become a major force in national politics.

Laroze immediately became an online scapegoat for those angry about gay leaders in the party. These anonymous attacks might have been easy to shrug off, Laroze said, but he was getting more serious heat inside the party behind the scenes.

He announced his resignation from the Marianne Collective in a Facebook post.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Suck Cartoons

Though Laroze was a junior party activist, his resignation touched off a firestorm, with outlets across France covering the story.

In December, for example, Marion called for curtailing abortion coverage through the state health care system in a country where abortion rights are accepted as mainstream, pushing Marine to directly take a position in support of abortion coverage.

He wanted to have his 15 minutes of fame — that is his choice. He had absolutely no weight in this party.

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We are opposed to same-sex marriage, we are opposed to adoption for gay couples, we are opposed to medically assisted procreation, we are opposed to surrogate mothers. The article was based on a poll, conducted by the research institute Cevipof, which caused a round of stories suggesting there was an earthquake in gay politics. But that was not actually what the researchers found. It is true that a small subset of gay voters — married gay men — said they voted for the National Front at a rate of It is remarkable that a party long known for its bigotry and that officially favors repeal of marriage equality could pick up this demographic, but a broader look at polling data suggests gay, lesbian, and bisexual voters still tend to support left-leaning parties at a rate higher than straight voters.

French pollsters do not routinely ask about gender identity, so data on transgender voters was not available. As click at this page whole, these voters appear to be moving to the National Front at the same rate as straight voters, casting doubt on the idea that queer people feel especially threatened by Muslim immigration.

The poll had a sample of 1, LGB respondents out of a total sample of 15, so the difference between the two groups appears to be smaller than the margin of error.

They expressed concern about immigration, crime, and terrorism at rates that were essentially the same as straight respondents.

In here, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson asked, "How did [Rice] come to a worldview so radically different from that of most black Americans? Current polls show it coming as low as fourth place in the first round of voting. Sure, you have the right to say whatever you want, but there are consequences to pay for your words and your actions. Archived from the original on March 25,

Hate crimes reported to a hotline run by the group SOS Homophobia reached an all-time high of 3, inthe year the marriage equality proposal was debated, and fell to 1, ineven as hundreds of thousands of immigrants have been granted new residence permits in that period.

This data has its limitations — hotline reports can increase because its contact information is well-publicized, for example, rather please click for source because incidents have increased — but calls into question the assertion that Muslim immigrants pose a special threat to LGBT people.

He said that regardless of the numbers, the prominence of the party has made it more socially acceptable — especially among gay men — to express anti-immigrant views. Some LGBT activists angry about the handling of the marriage equality debate — and other issues that have made traditionally left-leaning voters lose faith in the Socialists — say they may not vote at all this year.

Current polls show it coming as low as fourth place in the first round of voting. France votes for president in two rounds: But his campaign has been shaken by allegations that he paid College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Suck Cartoons of thousands of euros of government funds to his wife for work she never did.

Fillon is also seen as a die-hard ally of Catholic conservatives — overtly courting participants in La Manif Pour Tous protests against marriage equality — and has taken public positions to the right of Le Pen on economic questions like slashing unemployment benefits and raising the retirement age.

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The race is now in deep turmoil, polls suggesting that neither of the two parties that have dominated modern French politics might make it into the second round of voting. The disarray in the Republican and Socialist parties has meant an independent candidate who supports marriage equality, former economy minister Emmanuel Macron, is emerging as a serious contender.

But Le Pen still leads the polls for the first round of voting, and has a chance continue reading consolidate LGBT support later in the election cycle simply by emerging as the lesser of two evils were it to end with a runoff against the Republican candidate. But it could still be enough to make the difference if the vote is close.

It could also provide a template for nationalist parties in other Western European countries. The Netherlands, the first country in the world to establish marriage equality, holds elections in March, and its nationalist Party for Freedom has long tried to court LGBT support for its anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim platform.

Her Bravo reality show Kathy Griffin: The highest by a metric shitton for a Reason article. I warned that political-correctness-run-amok and liberal overreach would lead to a counter-revolution if unchecked. Get the fuck out of my office!

Germany is due for elections in late summer, and although College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Suck Cartoons nationalist Alternatives for Germany party is also anti-LGBT — a regional lawmaker made headlines in June by suggesting gay people should be jailed — it is experimenting with appeals to LGBT voters, such as posting signs in Berlin with the slogan "My partner and I don't have any use for getting to know Muslim immigrants; to them our love is a mortal sin.

Le Pen is betting that this formula will make her president of France. Some activists are skeptical that LGBT people will give her their votes, but they believe there is a real possibility. Lester Feder at lester. Contact Pierre Buet at p. Got a confidential tip?

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Republicans Want To LIMIT College Voting

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College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Suck Cartoons

The National Front has more high-ranking gay figures than any major party in France. The prominence of the party has made it more socially acceptable — especially among gay men — to express anti-immigrant views.

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