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27 May Always the girl friend, but never the girlfriend? You might be the girl who has more friends of the opposite sex than average. If you're like me, being the “sister” to the guys in your life doesn't bother you. Your guy friends are just that—friends —and dating them sounds just as appealing as dating well, your. 14 Feb So the girl you're interested in has too many guy friends and you're not a fan of that, huh? I mean who wants bae constantly being swarmed by other guys all the time? Even if they are just her friends. “But a relationship is all about having trust and blah, blah, blah.” Problem is, it's not her you don't trust. So i'm just being chill about it and meeting her guy friends and trying to get along with them. . They are all there in case she wants to hookup. When a girl tells me she has tons of male friends, I think of that one meme, when she and I get into an argument and she seeks advice from one of her male.

Read The Forum Rules: We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Click here to review them. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Came across this great article on Yahoo about females who have more guys as friends than girls.

She Has Too Many Guy Friends

These girls usually claim they can't get along with girls because they are all 'bitches. I will never date another girl who has more guy friends than girl friends anymore. Most of these girls are insecure as hell like the article describes. My ex literally had guys in the 'friend zone' waiting around her for me to fuck up so they can strike.

And she had fucked a few of these guys before me as well. When me and her had a fight she would of course get support from some 'guy friend' because there are no girlfriends to share 'guy stories' with.

I don't believe and women can be just friends at all, especially not when you have had sex with them.

Anyway here's the article http: A woman with no female friends should trigger a huge red flag. An alarm should be sounding very, VERY loudly She seems perfectly harmless doesn't she? As a matter of fact, she probably strikes you as WAY Hookup Girl With Lots Of Guy Friends than other chicks. She seems really interested in what you're talking about, she might even like sports, and just generally be into "guy stuff.

Hookup Girl With Lots Of Guy Friends

What could be wrong with that? I mean, who wouldn't want to be with a woman whom would watch football on Sundays with you? She seems cool because she's into all of that, which is okay, but that's not the issue here. There are women whom are into sports and do have female friends, if that's really what you're into. There's a huge difference between these types of women, so there's no need to allow yourself to be fooled here. She'll probably say that she has no "girl-friends" because women are so awful, mean, backstabbing, etc.

Hookup Girl With Lots Of Guy Friends

You'll agree because, based on your experience, it sounds pretty true. Sure women can be that way, but so can men, so is that really a good excuse? Slap yourself if you just answered "yes.

Women don't want to be friends with her. There are multiple reasons and none of them are good for you. What are the odds of that happening? Somewhere around one in the three billion women on earth.

Don't just assume that your girl is this one amazing exception to the rule. Chances are that she's not, she's just really good at hiding the truth about herself. These women are amazing at manipulation. After all, she's evolved over time to learn how to get what she wants from men. Of course you're going to fall for her charms initially, but you've got to snap out of it and wise up. Don't worry, that's what I'm getting into next I'm sure you've heard or seen the television show "My Boys," where a woman who just happens to be into sports has nearly all guy friends and just "relates to men better.

The larger scope of things here is that many women want this sort of scenario to be acceptable, and it really shouldn't be, because a woman like this in real life has serious insecurity issues. Sure, there are different levels of insecurity but the level of insecurity required to drive all of the female friends out of a woman's life is bordering on mental instability. I know that click here like I'm being a bit harsh, but I really am not.

I listed above the four most common reasons that a woman has only guy friends.

Not to mention if OP fucks this up by being hyper-sensitive and jealous she has plenty of back-ups. Took that option away from girls years ago. I don't really give a fuk Those male friends of hers could secretly be crushing on her, they like her She had no friends but all these guys who I owned because I fucked her while they were all just friends with her getting her gifts and chocolates on valentines day while I got my dick sucked lol.

None of those are good reasons, especially not for you, being romantically interested in this woman. She will burn you, if not now, then later. Insecure women are needy, energy vampires. They will suck the life out of you until you are bone dry and raw to the world. Then, after you've given everything you have to give, she'll want more. What happens when you have no energy left to give? She will turn on you. Once you've stopped meeting her "needs" she's going to cheat on you or leave.

You see, these energy vampires are validation seekers.

Be careful with that logic - some gay guys will fuck their female friends from time to time. No guy wants to be friends with a chick, as Irishjackmp points out You either grow or you regress; nothing stands still. What would be an even a balance a few good girlfriends and 1 gay guy friend? Like you said, girls with all guy friends are eliminating competition, but they also love to be the center of attention and they love adoration.

Validation seekers are extremely confused mentally about love. Their definition of love is validation, and they don't understand when they've crossed the more info. They take and take and take some more until there's nothing left. Then she'll go cry on her best "guy" friend's shoulder because she doesn't have a girlfriend's shoulder to sob into. She'll get the validation she needs, from one guy or another, it doesn't matter who from.

They don't know what love is, they only care about having their needs met. Keep in mind that doesn't always mean "physical" needs. Have you heard of "mental cheating? That sounds a bit dramatic and quite a stretch from the girl you're with right? It really isn't and the unfortunate thing is that it's nearly impossible to really show you until it actually happens.

The Sinns Of Attraction: Never Trust Girls With All Guy Friends

Now, if you're reading this and have already been through this, then you're probably thinking "wow, that really is what happened How do you recognize when you're dating or just met one of these women? These women are master manipulators. They've spent their whole life honing their skills on getting what they want from men.

You're going to have a really hard time spotting her because she's going to seem very charming.

The fact that she has only has guy friends is what is going to clue you in. Remember, she's threatened by other women so female friends, coworkers, bosses, and even family sometimes will be driven away from you by her. Whenever you fight, where is she going to go? Who are her friends? Guys that she's gotten the attention of that most likely want read more be with her and are waiting patiently in the "friend zone" for you to screw up.

What about her taking a night out on the town with her friends? Can you really trust an extremely insecure woman who constantly needs validation and attention from men? Maybe you can, maybe you can't. However, in my experience, insecure people cannot be trusted. The bottom line is that women with no female friends cannot be trusted. If no other women will trust her with friendship, then why should you? Avoid them at all costs. I avoid women with only guy friends besides some quick easy sex because they have no friends for me to fuck.

Who in their right mind is dating any female in America? Its all about availability. If there are loads of other guys about, especially ones who attractive, of course the temptation will get its way sooner or later.

Came across a woman recently like this. I wind her up about it and give her hamster a read more poke and she goes livid. One question which will make her spin; "So if you think Hookup Girl With Lots Of Guy Friends just friends why not tell them to come over in a sexually suggestive manner and find out".

She could not take it, probably why we dont talk anymore. Because the girl with more girl friends than guys is a sweet angel that is never insecure, and one you should totally trust.

This is the Feminine Imperative at work. There's not a man among you that doesn't want to live dangerously though. It is specially true if she has a lot of gay friends. That way she gets constant masculine attention and validation, a sense of security, friendship, drama, gossip, and male companionship who doesn't want to penetrate her. Usually they go out at night to the ratio of 8 gay guys and 1 women.

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Avoid them like the plague, since they are not only insecure, but have and army of gay friends who will cockblock you at short notice. It's a catch Her having guy friends is a no go.

Her having girl friends, just conspire against you, unless you win them over is that even worth it nowadays? What would be an even a balance a few good girlfriends and 1 gay guy friend? Where do we draw the line? This post was last modified: