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You haven't found a guy to hook up with yet! Your friends haven't even danced yet! So you pull them onto the dance 40 Year Old Virgin; it's hilarious! Pirates of the Caribbean; Orlando AND Johnny Depp, all in one! . Time: December 17, , pm. im obsessed wid flirting and stuff bt i hav a boyfrend tahaa just fun !. 1 Jun 9. Are they "involved" in other people? A few others. I think they were or are in a relationship. They're a serious player.:(They only like me! On a rate of This is so accurate I took 3 different tests and it said the same thing I hope that they were true I hope she does like me I whant to date a 10 year ild. Libraries NI would like to place cookies on your computer to help make this website better. To find out more about the cookies, Click here to see our Privacy Policy. If you don't want to receive cookies on the Libraries web site, we will need to set a cookie so that we can remember your choices when you next visit the website.

What's your hair color?

Hookup Quizzes For 9 Year Olds

Red-head Blonde Black Brunette. You're at a party, and most of your friends wanna leave early. You haven't found a guy to hook up with yet! You want to leave too! Parties aren't really your thing Your friends haven't even danced yet! So you pull them onto the dance floor The music's awesome and you're having a blast!

What type of girl are you?(girls only)

How much make-up do you wear, and how often? Hardly any, hardly ever. Only on special occasions Whenever you go out, and you usually wear about an average amount Usually none. It's no big deal. You're never seen in public without public without make-up!

Do you have a boyfriend?

February 12,1: Comment from Maureen Time: Comment from Rebecca Time:

Don't even go there Yep, you do. But friends still and always will come first No way! Having a boyfriend would be so boring! They're a million guys out there, so why restrict yourself to only one? You're on the lookout right now. What's your favorite movie?

What is your mental age?

It's a classic, and it has Leonardo Dicaprio! Bring It On or Mean Girls; best girls' night movies ever! Your crush is going to be at this party you've heard about this weekend, but it's on your planned girls' night with your friends.

You're on the lookout right now. OK you admit it. If he doesn't ever txt back, he wasn't worth it anyway Wait a while.

What do you do? You don't even have a crush Stick with the girls' night.

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After all, it was planned first Whatever! Being at a party with your crush is way more important! Suggest that everyone should go to the party instead.

How many of your dreams include guys? Like, hardly any Every now click then Most of them About half probably. Your parents announce that your going to have to move to an all-girls school.

Begging will probably be the only way around this Scream, shout, cry. This cannot be happening! You don't care at all. You'll be able to get more work done without all those loud and obnoxious boys always disrupting the class You're a little bummed, but if their minds are made up, you know there's no changing them. You and your friends' beach day is this weekend.

You're super excited because: It's going to be beautiful weather, and you can't wait to hit the sun and get a tan! The waves are supposed to be fantastic. You just got this super hot new bikini, and can't wait continue reading show it off! Hot and topless guys of course!

What comes to mind with the word "chocolate"? Couldn't live without it. Hey, you gotta watch your figure. Overall, boys are mostly: Whatever; friends are forever Stupid.

You're out shopping, and you only have a certain amount of money left. You end up spending it on: Hey, you haven't eaten all day!

That sexy black tanktop Those cute jeans on sale. You love to dance. You can't dance False. A guy you like starts txting you, but then stops txting back all of the sudden. You weren't gonna txt each other forever anyway! Keep txting him till he txts back Let it go.

If he doesn't ever txt back, he wasn't worth it anyway Wait a while. If still no txt, send a casual one asking what's up. Have Hookup Quizzes For 9 Year Olds ever thought of your future wedding?

You're so not one of those wedding-obsessed girls You don't even know if you want to get married. Only one man for the rest of your life?! OK you admit it.

Hookup Quizzes For 9 Year Olds

But only a few times. How often do you think about boys? Not that much Rarely All the time! When it comes to boys, how would you describe yourself? OK, OK you admit it, you might be just a little desperate Pretty easy-going They're not a big deal at all Very flirty. Comment from shannon reilly Time: March 13,2: Comment from Rebecca Time: March 30, March 30,1: May 5,7: Comment from tanjil Time: May 12,8: Comment from Monika Time: May 14,3: Comment from andie ortiz Time: July 1,7: Comment from mariah Time: July 17,5: Comment from passion Time: July 28,3: Comment from Chanel Time: August 3,4: Comment from emma Time: August 29, September 15,6: September 19,6: Comment from kita Time: Comment from honey Taylor Time: October 3,source Comment from ashley mae: November 20,6: Comment from farah Time: December 1,4: Comment from courtney Time: December 7,5: Comment from karla Time: December 14,6: Comment from Jessi Time: