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Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend is Serving 2 years in Prison - Do You Wait? has been helping male and female inmates connect with the outside world since and is ranked #1 among prison pen pal websites. Meet-An-Inmate connects people like you with inmates from across the United States, and offers an easy way to brighten up an inmates day. It is free to write the . 18 Sep When I tell people that I recently finished serving a year prison sentence for armed robbery, mostly in maximum-security facilities, I often feel a question lingering in the air. The moment I In any case, very few bugarons—at least not the ones I personally came across or heard about—operate by force. 13 Mar I suggest there is also the potential for a prisoner-prison staff hook-up to go badly wrong. Zack laughs and starts talking to the rest of the class about a prisoner called Jackson. A few of the other men seem aware of who Jackson is, and when I can get a word in edgeways I ask Zack to explain. "Right, there.

I could hardly breathe as I continued kicking and struggling against him. Suddenly there was loud persistent knocking on the door. Sam whirled around acknowledging the banging and slowly let go of his grip. He calmed down and we were able to call the police. And with that introduction, my new friend Hookup Someone Who Went To Prison related how she ended up married to a prisoner and how she got involved with inmate dating and the mind manipulation employed on innocent lonely women.

I looked at her hear-drenched face and wondered how such a beautiful, warm, giving and loving woman could have got caught up into prisoner love. How does that happen? I started corresponding with Sam, particularly because I knew his parents and had known him briefly as a young teen many years before.

I inquired about him one day and began to write. I had recently ended visit web page bad relationship and was despondent. Sam seemed so nice and kind. He read my letters and empathized with me on so many levels—even offering advice on how to muddle through the recovery process.

Their intimate relationship continued through letter-writing even after Sally was released. Inmates are deprived of their sexual needs and desire some activity, resort to masturbationconsensual or coerced sex. To turn on reply notifications, click here.

He was a shoulder to lean on. A rock of support. And he became my treasured confidant. Friendship sure, however, I never intended to become romantically involved with a prisoner. I simply welcomed the companionship; it eased my loneliness. In addition to writing, he began source once a week.

I became addicted to his letters and longed for his phone calls. Yes, I was falling in love. But little did I know about prisoner manipulation for selfish purposes.

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I was his prey. And how smoothly he performed! I learned afterward, of course, that there is a four-step plan to prey upon the innocence of the vulnerable.

The plan was to:. It started so innocently for me. Through sharing our thoughts and laugher I relaxed and let my guard down. After all, I knew his family. He came from a very decent and loving family. Sam had just made a mistake and had to pay the consequences. As we talked over a period of time he asked many questions to get to know the depth of me down deep inside.

I revealed everything—the good, bad, and the ugly as they say. As I talked he listened to my every concern.

Hookup Someone Who Went To Prison

At last, I thought. I have someone who cares, someone who understands, someone who could become my source mate. At last I can talk and someone listens and understands. Ah, now I know all her weaknesses. With his tool bag full of my weaknesses he was now in a position to exploit and lead me wherever he wanted me to go. Like a lamb to the slaughter. If I questioned anything at all; he reminded me that I had trusted him so far and convinced me my well-being was his well-being.

During prison visits, he would look into my eyes so deeply with concern and kindness. His eyes convinced me he was declaring love from a man to a woman. How could I resist? I longed to be loved and so I began to trust he could and would fulfill that desire.

He had totally convinced me that all my faults were simply cries for love. The love that he alone could provide.

The kind of love that I deserved—someone to take care of me—someone to be there for me in good times and in bad times. You need a man to give you the love you deserve, and I would gladly be that man. Those words sent shivers through my body. Tears of joy radiated in my eyes. This man loves me.

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He loves everything about me. I would feel complete with him in my life.

Male and female prisoners aren't the only ones who benefit from participating with Meet-an-Inmate. When Texas Guards Demand Sex ". Retrieved January 29, In most cases this period can be half of the original sentence - or for life in the case of life sentenced prisoners.

He had my cell number and the phone calls escalated to numerous times every day. He would question me as to where I had been and who I was with. After click at this page, he was Hookup Someone Who Went To Prison.

Soon I was accountable to him for every move I made. I drove 85 miles round trip to visit him weekly. Oh, he cares so much for me. The final step for me was isolation. This is when he manipulates you into cutting off friends and family. After all, why do you need them when you have him? Therefore, without counsel from others, I was under his complete control. The art of manipulation had worked. At first, I thought it was just a matter of him getting adjusted to outside life.

After all, he had been behind bars for eight long years. Now it was the time that he needed me to help him make that adjustment. Instead, it was time for him to completely dominate me. He used all my weaknesses to relegate me to a lower than subservient position.

Only he could save me in any way by directing all activities in my life. I could make brief visits with my mother; sometimes with my kids. Go grocery shopping and that was pretty much it. One word to describe: After years of male companionship, I found out later, he could not perform for me.

Hookup Someone Who Went To Prison

Needless to say, this added great consternation and stress to our situation. The marriage was never consummated. From all our earlier discussions, he knew I had a substantial amount of money.

Now, my husband, he had access to my bank account—and you can imagine what that meant. After a couple months, my daughters began to be suspicious because I was a nervous wreck around them. And showed visible fear when he called while in their presence. Finally, after one brutal beating that left an eye black and blue, I could no longer hide the abuse.

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I canceled an important event with my daughter, Kim. Evidently, Kim did not buy my story. She called her sister and they made a surprise visit. She knew I was home because we had talked just 15 minutes earlier, and had suspected something wrong by the fear in my voice. Sam was angry again after learning he had been denied another job because of his background. I was struggling hard and pleading for my life. They could hear the commotion and began banging on the door as explained above.

A good resource for prison love and inmate dating is: For further information on all subjects relating to love, dating, and marriage, check out these pages and posts:. How to Date to Get Married. Read more me for Support. Click on picture wait 6 seconds.

I might add the time between getting out and abuse was 3 months — showed anger within days however not directed towards me at first. I hope this helps someone else! I was in love. His aunt asked me to write.

We fell in love through letters. Being used by God feels good….