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The single was initially self-published to the internet, and later became a number-one hit in the United States for seven non-consecutive weeks starting in September Way has released three studio albums and one independent album: The DeAndre Way sold onlycopies. Way was born in Chicago and moved to Atlanta at the age of six, [8] where he became interested in rap music. Following positive reviews on the site, he established accounts on YouTube and Myspace.

Collipark to sign a deal with Interscope Records. The follow-up to souljaboytellem. Way then tried to do it on his own with Auto-Tune but he found it unacceptable. Way has stated that his third studio album, The DeAndre Way[27] was intended to be his most here and successful album thus far.

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When speaking on possible collaborations, he stated that he wished to work with artists such as Jay-ZLil WayneKanye West [28] and Eminem.

On October 30,Way released three mixtapes: Paranormal ActivityDat Piff and Cortez. On June 8,the official lead single from the album was " Pretty Boy Swag ". The DeAndre Way was released on November 30,and has so far [ when? InWay released a series of mixtapes. The first, on January 22, was titled Smooky and had cartoon cover art of Way doing a on a bicycle. Power up with the new offering.

Way stated he would also release a mini-movie of his own to go along with the mixtape, and that he was headed to greatness with the mixtape. InWay released additional visit web page while his album continued to be delayed. It is Way's most-downloaded mixtape. On February 22, Way released his first mixtape of the year, titled Foreign.

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Way had earlier reported that he was no longer with Interscope Records after his record deal ended in February. On March 15, he released the first single from the album, titled "Handsome". InWay continued work on his fourth studio album while collaborating with other artists and releasing additional read more. On March 18, Way released his first mixtape of the year titled King Soulja 2.

Infollowing the release of his fourth studio album, LoyaltyWay released additional singles, mixtapes and a digital album. InWay released his fifth and sixth digital albums in addition to numerous mixtapes, singles and videos.

Way is best known for his rudimentary and superficially lyrical verses, vacuous and insipid subject matter, convoluted rhyme schemes, vague song structure, and for embodying the quintessentially trivial snap and Southern hip hop music style.

Panic! At The Disco: Girls/Girls/Boys [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Way has also been well known for his rudimentary and repetitive hip hop production style, with catchy hooks nonetheless incorporated into his songs. Speaking on his rudimentary rapping technique and vacuous lyrical style, in a November interview with XXL Magazinewhile Way was explaining how he has grown as an emcee he stated:. At some point, you have to get serious.

But don't get it twisted, Soulja doesn't wanna be the next Lupe Fiasco. I don't want to be super-Lupe-Fiasco-lyrical and niggas don't know what the fuck I'm talking about," he added.

I wanna get a Grammy. I want Best Rap Album of the Year I've made millions of dollars off of doing my style, but, hey, I can rap, too. On December 5,Way clarified this statement that Lupe Fiasco was too "lyrical", explaining that he wanted to keep the rudimentary music style he developed and justified why he doesn't keep a lyrically-based flow and more substantially profound lyrical subject matter on every song.

And basically, the interviewer dude, he was asking me why do I make lyrical songs like 'Only God Knows,' 'Born' And he was like, why don't I just be lyrical all the time? I just wanted to be straight-up, and just be simple, [so] people can get what I'm saying 'cause it's a club song.

But I wasn't saying as far as my whole music [output, with] all of my songs, that I don't wanna be rappin' like Lupe Fiasco. Way further clarified there was no animosity between him and Fiasco and that the two had planned to record a song together. Since founding the label Pics Of Swag Girl And Boy Hookup Back Pages has signed various artists.

Way also produces records, including his own, primarily using the FL Studio digital audio workstation. Way's beats often contain the beginning lines "Soulja Boy Tell 'em" but as of late Way has produced beats without link lines.

Init was reported that Way would be producing for Kanye West 's fourth studio album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasyand Kanye would be producing for Way's third studio album, The DeAndre Waybut for unknown reasons neither of them used each other's beat.

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On May 6,during an interview, Way announced that he was producing for Diddy 's upcoming album M. On March 5,Way released his official line of "S. Young created the official clothing line "Ocean Gang".

Pics Of Swag Girl And Boy Hookup Back Pages

Supply"; the store is located in Los Angeles, California. On January 7,Soulja Boy announced that he was to be releasing his own cartoon titled Soulja Boy: The Animated Series but only one episode was ever released. The Movie was released direct-to-video on October 18,a date which coincided with Soulja Boy's arrest on a drug charge. On April 22,Way announced that he would be making his acting debut playing the main role of Bishop in the Juice remake and that it would air on BET.

InWay announced and confirmed that he was guest-starring in the upcoming movie Officer Down. Being an influencer is a form of currency. On December 9,Way was sued by William Lyons a. In MayWay and his labels were sued by a local Pennsylvania promoter for failing to make promised payments in connection with a rescheduled concert.

Way was arrested and released on bond the same day. On January 22,Way was a passenger in his vehicle when the driver ran a stop sign in the San Fernando ValleyCalifornia.

After it was pulled over, police discovered that Way had a loaded handgun in the car. He was then arrested immediately and taken to jail.

Way only admitted to owning the vehicle, not the weapon, to the police.

Pics Of Swag Girl And Boy Hookup Back Pages

On February 15,Way announced via Twitter that he was going to jail in five days. He did not confirm the reason as to why, although it could possibly stem from the January arrest. Way ultimately never appeared to turn himself in to authorities and the details of his charges are unknown. In OctoberWay was sued by a musician called Skrill Dilly about allegedly uttering death threats to him in a video filmed by the rapper. On December 30,Way was robbed and battered in his home.

Initial reports indicated that the robbers were six masked men with AKs and pistols but on December 31,videos surfaced on the Internet of two masked men claiming sole credit for the crime. Way described the incident to MTV News a month later: He had come home very late at night after attending an album release party and was recording songs with friends when the robbers came in pointing their guns.

So two of my homeboys was in the living room and me and Arab we was in the studio recording.

Retrieved 30 September Once you guys are exclusive, compliment as much as you want. Check out my way of bonding with the right guy: That should be gauged by the girl.

And somebody kicked in the door. One dude ran in put the AK to my homeboy head, put him on the floor [ I really can't dwell on what happened after that, but it was a messed up situation and I'm glad everyone made it out alive. On the night of March 22,Way's little brother, Deion Jenkins, was killed in a car crash. Way is known for having the first single to sell over three-million digital copies, due to the here of his commercially acclaimed debut single " Crank That Soulja Boy ".

Some people however picture Soulja Boy as a one hit wonder of sorts. Way has garnered continue reading through the use of social media. Way's official YouTube channel has accumulated over million views and over thousand subscribers.

In the original YouTube video for "Shootout", Way demonstrates his dance while holding a handgun in each hand and pretending to shoot into the audience. Way stated he would release a movie of his own to go along with his mixtape of the same name, following a statement during Ice-T's interview with Shade 45 in late April Pics Of Swag Girl And Boy Hookup Back Pages Ice-T stated that Way's role as Bishop, which was famously originated by rapper Tupac Shakurwas not an issue.

But Ice-T found it problematic that the film was being remade, saying "What? At some point, somebody gotta stop it. I made some statements. Man, I don't know. Do you, dude, do you. If the masses accept it, it shows you the state we're in Come on man, you think I'd try to remake Pac's movie?

Good luck though, Pics Of Swag Girl And Boy Hookup Back Pages not a hater On December 9,Charles Hamilton said in an interview that Way was making it more difficult for new artists to be signed.

One of the lines of the song is: Army, not only did my words come out wrong, I was wrong to even speak them. They were also attempting to remove the video from the internet.

On August 25,Way made controversial comments towards fellow rapper Hopsin on one of his webcam chats with his fans, when Way stated "fuck Hopsin, I'm about to go in the studio and record this Hopsin diss real quick".

Way continued on by stating the words "that nigga's a bitch, fuck that bitch-ass nigga". It was titled "That Nigga Not Me". Hopsin has not responded to the diss yet.