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The Ultimate Guide to Family Camping! Nothing says summer like a hot roasted marshmallow right out of the campfire!

This post contains affiliate links. Only two ingredients for the little campfire treat.

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Make a little tinfoil bag tie with a string and hang it over the campfire. Peanut butter cookies sandwich together nutella, banana, and campfire roasted marshmallow. Put nutella on anything and it transforms it into a culinary masterpiece. These little boats are completely customizable for every little camper. Let everyone fill their boats with some of their favorite treats and wait by the campfire while it all melts together.

These little tinfoil dinners have few ingredients, but man, do they look good!

Here are 10 camping games for kids that take little to no set up. Everything your kids need for a quick trip down to the stream…all in an Altoid tin! Build towers and structures. Grab some stringpaint and craft rings here.

Make these as a family before heading out into the great outdoors. Yummy dinner and clean up is a snap!

Chocolate, peanut butter, and marshmallow turn into something magical when added to an ice cream cone and warmed by a campfire. Campfire Orange Cinnamon Rolls: Store bought cinnamon rolls wrapped inside of an orange and roasted on the campfire. The orange keeps the cinnamon roll save from the flames, infuses it with citrus and makes if moist and gooey.

This pull-apart bread is cooked up in a dutch oven over the campfire coals. Something that looks this good has got to be a pain to make. This camping recipes is so easy and will have your little campers smiling! Omelet in a Bag: Let the little campers design and make their own omelets. Perfect for family camping. Taco in a Bag Walking Tacos: My kids would eat pizza for every meal if they had their choice.

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If your family is anything like mine, this camping pizza recipe will be a hit! This one-pot breakfast is the perfect way to start the day! Ready in 15 minutes and the kiddos will love the peanut butter and chocolate chips. Egg in Toast Basket: When I make this at home I let me The Hookup Divas 101 Camping Tips use their favorite cookie cutter to make the hole in the middle of the bread.

When camping I use whatever is handy — like the lid of the peanut butter jar. Add the bread to the frying pan, crack the egg in the middle, and cook them both at the same time for yummy eggs and toast. Camping Mac and Cheese: Dutch oven mac and cheese is one of the best ways to use your campfire.

Camping Pineapple Upsidedown Cake: Tin-foil pineapple upside down cake pockets that are very family friendly. Plus — everyone gets their own little pouch. Just like at home, add all of your favorite quesadillas toppings to your tortilla, wrap in tinfoil and lay on the grate right over your campfire. The fire with melt everything together and just like that, dinner is done!

Get your family a dutch oven and stoke the fire. Ice Cream in a Bag: Ice cream and camping?! Let your little kiddos make their own ice cream. Little hands get cold when mixing the bag. Peanut Butter and Jelly Granola Bars: Make before you go for a quick snack or a tasty treat while out for a family hike. Make these see more burritos before heading out for your family camping trip.

Wrap them in tinfoil, toss them in warm coals, and done. Campfire Corn on the Cob: Wrap in tinfoil and add to the coals. The butter melts all over the corn as it roasts on the campfire. Everyone will love this kids friendly camping recipe! Wrap pre-made dough around your hot dog, add it to your roasting stick, and cook over your camp fire. The kids will love this one! Chopped Mexican Corn and Bean Salsa: This yummy, fresh salsa is a quick meal or a perfect side dish.

Fresh ingredients your family will love! Canned Biscuits Campfire Donuts: Affair Who With Did An James Jesse Have should always be on the menu when camping The Hookup Divas 101 Camping Tips these are so easy and fun there are no excuse not to. Shake in a brown paper bag with cinnamon and sugar for a delicious topping.

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This indulgent comfort food is sure to warm you up when the sun goes down and the temperature starts to drop. There are so many new things to do and see when out for a family camping trip. Here are a few ideas! Ten Camping Games for Kids: Here are 10 camping games for kids that take little to no set up. This is the classic game of hide and seek, played in the dark.

The Hookup Divas 101 Camping Tips

This cute game requires a larger group, an open area, and a huge imagination. Map Making and Navigation: Here is a great activity for little this web page and older kids too. Challenge the group to make their own map of the area. This camping activity is a great way to learn some compass skills too! Split up into teams, pick a flag, pick a base and let the chasing begin.

Get capture the flag game pieces here! There is so much to see when traveling to a new place and camping. Make a game out of it with this customizable bingo card. Plus — it has a free printable! Camping Songs for Kids: Singing around the campfire are some of the best family memories! Use sticks, rocks, pine cones, or anything collected around your campsite for this quiet and fun game of tic-tac-toe!

I love fun family activities and this list has something for everyone!

You have to know the difference between them. Family Camping Organization by Leading Them to the Rock — There are some great tips here to streamline the packing and unpacking process. My kids teh eat pizza for every meal if they had their choice. Since table space is always at a premium, use a belt and s hooks as a place to store kitchen essentials. Did you know you can make dutch oven fries?!

Invite your little campers to write down some of the things they see and find as they explore around nature. Hand painted and decorated by all of the kiddos — this wind chime will add some charm and music to your campsite. Grab some stringpaint and craft rings here. Tin cans are FREE! Camping is the perfect place for bubbles!

No need to worry about bubbles spilling all over the house, either, because you use a genius plastic drink dispenser like this one! Here is an easy and inexpensive DIY recipe for a bubble station. How to Make a Compass: By using a few items you already have around your house. Before lighting up your campfire, let the kiddos stack the firewood first.

Build towers and structures. Let them use their imagination before setting it all a The Hookup Divas 101 Camping Tips

The Hookup Divas 101 Camping Tips

This is such a cute DIY camping game. Toss it in a bag and use it over and over again. Grab some bean bags here! Nerf guns and empty toilet paper tubs make up this easy camping activity. If you have sling shots bring them along for the ride. Glow in the Dark Baseball: Glow sticks and a basketball and bat turn a normal game of baseball into a night time event.

Bring enough glow sticks for each player to shine — this glow gear would be a great option.