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20 Apr Orley Fenelon spent the prime minister is dating drama wiki days in Australia's highest office after he toppled Malcolm Turnbull on Saturday and was sworn in the following day, according to the crowd-sourced online encyclopaedia. The Brisbane schoolboy had edited himself in to the Wikipedia list of. Prime Minister Kwon Yool (Lee Beom-Soo) works well at his office, but he struggles to raise his three children alone. Nam Nam Da-Jung (Yoona) is a reporter full of enthusiasm at work, but she always ends up missing big scoops. Nam Da-Jung comes to Kwon Yool and his three kids like a Christmas present. 27 Aug Kwon Yul, a South Korea's youngest Prime Minister who is % capable in his work but 0% capable in parenting, he struggles in raising his 3 kids alone. Nam Da Jung, a young reporter who full of enthusiasm but always ends up missing big scoops. She accidentally gets into a scandal with Prime Minister.

But at least you can rest assured that our hero remains true to his admirable and honorable self, going beyond the call of duty when it comes to reconciliation and forgiveness.

Ratings-wise, Prime Minister and I finished off its last week with a 4.

It gave me the same warm and fuzzies as Mary Poppins or Sound of Music. Aish, I just have to accept things the way they were written. Even though I have some issues with how the first wife was handled in the series, I still think that the last two episodes are still relatively good Like you, i am interested with different languages and cultures, so it became a bonus to learn and at the same time enjoy them. So maybe the budgets of the drama's is not the best possible and it seems that the actors are playing source roles in severe weather conditions.

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Prime minister is dating dramawiki

After Yul runs into Da-jung in the street and asks if she can live without him, the two take a walk to chat. But he had also realized that he became afraid and lost confidence at the thought of a life without her.

The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki

Elsewhere, Na-young drags her feet thinking back to her encounter with her children. Their mother is dead, Woo-ri had reminded his siblings, then bitterly remarked that if their mother were alive, she definitely would have come back to them earlier. Na-young breaks down in sobs right then and there outside, but did you really think that your children would accept you right away with open arms?

Da-jung click here Yul end up at the hospital to pay a visit to her father, whom they find presumably still asleep.

The doctor says Dad went into shock, but thankfully is in stable condition now. Yul insists on staying with Da-jung, adding that the kids are being taken care of. He assures her that everything will The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki fine. Then Na-young asks Madam Na what she should do if her son hates her, an idea Madam Na finds ridiculous, and then wonders if Woo-ri knows the whole truth including the affair.

Da-jung sees Yul off in the morning and genuinely thanks him. Are… things okay between you two now? Is it too soon? His memory is intact today, but he knows that with his dementia and brain tumor, his days are numbered. So he asks his daughter for his journal so he can write down his memories. Da-jung rifles through her bag for a pen and finds the present from the kids—a wing necklace.

Curiosity gets the best of him, however, and he reels in shock at the last few entries. Another confrontation takes place elsewhere as Na-young accuses Yul for telling their son everything while dangling the carrot of letting her see their children in front of her eyes.

Why else would Woo-ri be so cold to her? Na-young apologizes for overreacting but before she leaves, Yul says he has one important thing to tell her: He writes a letter to Da-jung in her diary later that night.

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But he has more urgent matters to attend to when Na-young rushes out with news that Su-ho recognizes her. Su-ho blinks in response. Dad fawns over Da-jung out on the roof, smiling at how his pretty The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki needs to get married to a good and considerate man.

Oh no no no no, is he dead? This is how Yul finds her, arriving a minute too late. Sometime later, Yul pays his respects to Dad, uttering the only words he can muster: Na-young walks towards her son hesitantly, and then mother and son share a tearful embrace.

He takes back his words about Na-young being accepted back into the family, and asks if Yul would accept his apology for his wrongdoings.

The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki

Yul asks jokingly if Joon-ki would be able to if he thought about everything he did. Before Joon-ki leaves, Yul gives one last piece of advice, telling Joon-ki not to let the person by his side grow lonely. The Scandal News Team converse about recent events, wondering what will happen to Da-jung once her husband is unemployed. He considers it a miraculous present from her father, words that warm her heart. Later that evening, Yul returns to the estate to spend his final night there.

Not to far off, In-ho runs into Hye-joo, who has resigned from her position to carve out her own path. At the dining table Da-jung interviews Yul on how he feels about his final night at the estate. Yul bids goodbye to the ministers and his staffers the following morning as he leaves the estate for the last time. He casts one final look back before he climbs into the car.

Elsewhere, Joon-ki and Yul watch their children playing together with a smile. At source things have changed for the better between Joon-ki and his own wife because they now have a second child. She looks up… and sees a copy of her book already tucked inside the glass case, and then smiles in realization. Then In-ho walks away with a knowing smirk.

Da-jung formally introduces herself and requests an interview with the presidential candidate for her upcoming book entitled—wait The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki it— Prime Minister and I. I thought I was done with the drama-to-book title meta references!

Yul asks who the protagonist is, and she says both characters are. When he asks how long the interview will take, she asks teasingly if he plans on only giving her ten minutes of his time. So I held onto the hope that if we must wade through forty-five minutes of angst in the finale, then at least the last fifteen minutes will be puking happy unicorns and rainbows for our main couple. Because what other purpose would you have for an extra hour besides fanservice for the viewers, right?

Ha ha ha… ha. Thus the familial focus The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki building something new was crumbled down so that reconciliation could take place. That may be why I also felt a disconnect when Na-young was finally reunited with Woo-ri, because while I was so proud of Woo-ri for stepping up to the plate, I still felt it was all too soon. Then I also felt a small bitterness of how Na-young presumably got her happy ending, and Yul had to do even more waiting.

And the less we talk about the author and book bit, the better, methinks. Still, Yul is the saving grace of this show in both his rounded out character and romance with Da-jung. Furthermore, it was so nice to be able to see two decent people fall in love and cultivate a mature relationship, where both parties were thoughtful, considerate, appreciative, and respectful towards each other—such rare qualities in dramaland nowadays.

Your email address will not be published. As much as I despise the not-dead mom, I cried when she finally got to meet Woori, though I think I was crying more for Woori than for mom.

And props to Kwon Yul for staying classy throughout this not-dead wife ordeal. Did they tell them the whole story? These kids are going to need some serious therapy. Overall, it still is a decent rom-com that caught me by surprise and brought me warm fuzzies. You - and gummimochi - are much kinder and more charitable than I could possibly be.

I am angry with the writers - they let the kids down, they let the romance down, they let the sweet new family down, all for the sake of a truly weak and miserable excuse for a human being.

Why did this suddenly become the Na-Young show, where this woman - who still has no good reason for abandoning her husband and three children for years - gets everything she could ever possibly want?

How on earth is that supposed to be satisfying, and what possible message are they trying to convey - that no matter how terrible you are as a mother, all is visit web page because you had them in the first place? I just don't get it, and after such a cute and fun start this leaves a bitter finish.

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I'll never watch anything from these writers again, at least not live. Omg, I was so annoyed that they spend so much time on Na Young story, its like writers just lost focus. What a let down I still would rate the drama high, up till episode This is the second drama in a raw for KBS that totally disappointed me I am thinking I will not watch any KBS dramas alive Even though this is better than Mi Rae's Choice as far as giving us better hope for happy ending I feel so robbed Lol just have to remind myself I only watched it 4 Yoon Shi Yoon?

I'm glad his character got enough time to find resolution on his one-sided love click here Da-jung and his misguided revenge, and come out a decent guy. If Yul still The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki In-ho work for him even after that, I admire Yul even more! There was just not enough YSY in it for me. I went back to re-watching Me Too, Flower to get my fix! Oh I do so feel your pain and frustration! Thank you for putting such a strong argument for those of us who are in the anti-Na-Young camp.

I recommend to watch this drama. D Going back, I love Yoona! I mean, this couple was deprived of dating experiences. For me, the way they write the storyline is spot on, especially in term of the PM character.

The leads were excellent and indeed I think the casting generally was hard to fault. The children were adorable and funny as was Da-jaung's interaction with and love for them. At no point did I feel she was pushing herself to consider them or care for them out of obligation - because she was taking their father for herself - this made real the new-family dynamics.

Those of us who loved this rom-com so much did so as much for the happy new-family, a family made whole, as for the romance. I don't begrudge NY her chance to redeem herself with her children, nor their chance to reconcile with her before their childhood ceased but I do think the children would have been happier had she remained 'dead' and DJ had continued to give them motherly love and close attention.

Finally, I have to say I was disappointed by the slipshod subs. Not only were words omitted but the English idioms and metaphors The Prime Minister Is Hookup Dramawiki mixed and the grammar was poor - but that applies to the title too.

I seriously hated the ending and because of it, the good feeling I had for this drama was gone with it. The writers never really allowed Da Jung and the PM to have a true dating story, they were always interrupted by his stubbornness, foolish political scenarios, In Ho's revenge plot.

They also had the perfect plot device with Nights, Scheherazade and the Arabian Prince. Why not let that play out? So in the end, when they brought out the dead mommy card, I knew we would never get this web page ending we wanted. I have no problem with Dead Mom reuniting with her kids, but in essence that solves the problem.