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23 Feb Last week's Pretty Little Liars left us with a lot of Haleb feelings and plenty of questions about that mysterious murder weapon. . Ella and Byron's wedding day finally arrives, and Hanna is helping Ella put the finishing touches on her outfit: a gorgeous, perfectly nontraditional black dress with silver sparkles. 22 08 - In the first half of “ Pretty Little Liars ” first season, we saw Ella (Holly Marie Combs) and Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe) split apart because of. . For Free Reviews How To Do Radioactive Dating Tips For Dating A Navy Seal Black Baby Girl Dating Site Salamat Dating Free Dating Site Charlotte Nc Hookup Akka. This article centers around Ella Montgomery, a TV character. Ella Jane Montgomery (née Rose) is the mother of Aria and Mike Montgomery, and now, once again wife of Byron Montgomery. Ella married Byron on November 22, and gave birth to both of her children in the mid to late.

He is portrayed by Steve Talley. At the end of the night, Ella returns to The Brew looking for Emily because she see more to ask if she's seen Aria. Emily had already left but Zack invites Ella to stay as he is the owner and can eke The Brew open as long as he likes.

Later, when Aria and Ezra are at The Brew, Aria has a brief conversation with Zack about how it feels to see her mom dating someone. Before taking her seat again, she warns Zack that if he hurts Ella, she'll crush his "scones. That night, Ella drops by to tell Zack she has been dating other guys during the time they have been dating.

Here says he understands and if she feels she needs to see what's out there he won't stop her, but Ella explains that she hadn't expected to find someone she liked so much so soon.

Ella shouts at Ezra, then tells Mike to go back upstairs. Aria [about Rosewood High]: Aria comes to the conclusion that whoever dropped off the picture had to of done it after she arrived, but before Tanner came, and with Ezra agreeing, he puts the video in fast forward.

Then they kiss, agreeing to be exclusive. Ella reveals to Aria that the reason Zack kept calling her was because he wanted to know Aria's reaction to the news that he proposed, in two languages.

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Zack asks Hanna if she would like mustard, and Hanna says she would before saying that the decorations look really nice. Zack gives Hanna a heads up that he can smell her from less than a foot away, before questioning whether it is rum he can smell. The next day, Zack knocks on Hanna's car window and gets in, apologizing for scaring her.

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He says that he saw her out here and thought they could talk. Hanna tells him she was actually just about to leave, and Zack asks what her rush is, and that she should finish her meal.

Tearing off a piece of paper, Zack jots down his number and passes it to Hanna, telling her to hit him up. Resting his hand on her thigh and giving it a squeeze, Zack opens the car door and heads back out into the rain. Zack wonders if Ella is shaming him, to which Ella tells him he has no shame, and as Zack says that she is shaming him, he leans down to kiss her.

At the Brew, Zack tells the catering people to sure to keep the chafing click on the opposite side to the seafood.

Caleb comments that it sounds like he has been busy, being the kind of scumbag whose begging to get his ass kicked. Guessing that Caleb is Hanna's boyfriend Zack says he respects him for coming by, but it's just a misunderstanding and that Hanna took what he said way too seriously. When Zack says Hanna slipped the note into his pocket, Caleb takes a swing at his face. Games Movies TV Wikis.

Who Is Ella Hookup On Pretty Little Liars

Sign In Don't have an account? Zack General Information Gender: Light Brown Eye Color: Dark Brown Marital Status: Muffin Man by Hanna Relationships Romances: Aria Montgomery formerly Ella Montgomery formerly Employees: Emily Fields former Kevin former Connor former Enemies: March of Crimes Portrayed By: Contents [ see more ]. Crazy Zack is first introduced while working the register at The Brewwhere Ella is waiting for a date with someone she met online, who turns out to be Pastor Ted.

Zach flirts with Ella and is seen looking on as she meets Ted. The two of them are kissing when Aria suddenly walks into Ella's classroom arrives. Ella introduces them and Zack figures out it is his cue to leave.

Who Is Ella Hookup On Pretty Little Liars

Ella is hesitant at first because she her motherly duties are a priority to her and because, as she puts it, going to Vienna is impractical. By the end of the episode, she agrees to go with him.

Unbridled Ella reveals to Aria that the reason Zack kept calling her was because he wanted to know Aria's reaction to the news that he proposed, in two languages. Can I help you? Or, or are you read article cooling off your face?

As Hanna stays standing in place, Zack asks if she would like her sandwich to go. March of Crimes Zack walks into the Montgomery living room with Ella as Aria walks in the front door.

Ella wonders if Ezra knows the person who sent the letter which Aria quickly says no. The next day, Zack knocks on Hanna's car window and gets in, apologizing for scaring her. He lies and says how he can get obsessed with work not completely revealing what he is actually afraid of. Ezra says it might not be the best idea. Ella gives Emily a makeup test but Emily gets distracted and doesn't finish, so Ella secretly completes the test for her, as she feels sorry for Emily because of Maya's untimely death.

Ella asks Aria if she was able to get more candles, and Aria says that she did, but they only had scented ones. Zack questions how they feel about smelling patchouli while eating steak, and Ella recommends that they lose the candles. When Zack asks if he can squeeze something into a box, Aria moves out of his way and over to the guest list.

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