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How to Remove Purchased App History in iPhone or iPad

9 Jan This is a guide on how to delete & hide your purchased App Store history or selectively hide purchases you would like to keep private. Whatever reasons you have got to remove purchased apps history from your phone, you must have tried once in life to erase your apps history which you must have failed to do so as it's not that easy, you can not do it by swiping fingers left and right from iPhone. Here are easy steps to remove apps history from your iPhone. 20 Dec We're often asked how to do the seemingly impossible: Erase history.

Did you buy an app for your Mac that you later regret having bought? Well, you are in luck, because now there is a way to remove purchases now from your Purchased history in the Mac App Store.

Is there any way of deleting apps and songs that are now just junk becuase I will never want them again. Unfortunately all this seems to do is temporarily hide the app. Is there a way to completely source an app from my purchase history for good?

Tap on My Purchases. Definitely, there are so many applications I need to delete or, at least, to hide. It is just about essential for installing firmware upgrades, doing backups and making account modifications as well as adding or deleting music to the iTunes library and syncing the music to our phones. Really do i have to buy it again? Up next, all the apps which you have bought will be listed.

Jay — thank you for you insightful answer. Really do i have to buy it again? Just delete your app using AppDelete and although it will still show in the App Store that you purchased the app, you will not be reminded for updates.

If ever you want to reinstall just click Install in the Purchases tab in the App Store and it will reinstall without having to pay again. If I can help further just contact me via my site http: Use this playlist to remove unwanted Apple Music downloads.

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I have been wondering about the same thing as well. For some reason Purchase history wouldn't load in iTunes on my PC. Up next, all the apps which you have bought will be listed.

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How to delete iPhone App Store History without SWITCHING ICLOUD ACCOUNTS! Without any iDevices!

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Can You Delete Purchase History App Store

How do you get them back, if you accidentally deleted? Is there any way of doing this from the regular iPhone app store?

Can You Delete Purchase History App Store

You can do it in iTunes. Open iTunes, then open your eyes. Now you have to buy it again! What if you delete an app by mistake, how can you get it back and be able to install it? You are my hero.

Reggie — AppDelete developer. This was very helpful.

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