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130610 SHINee Taemin [email protected] Dating Agency Ep. 5 シャイニー は、政府機関の第5話をデートシラノにカット

28 May Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 1. by gummimochi. A zippy and fun opening for Dating Agency Cyrano, the fourth show in the Flower Boy series on cable network tvN. With likable characters and a story that's easy to follow, one can easily forget how quickly forty-five minutes can pass in the blink of an eye. 5 Jun Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 3 . That prompts Min-young to ask why Arang joined Cyrano Agency instead of a legitimate theater troupe. . I particularly enjoy the broad spectrum of love and romance we've covered in a few short episodes (thanks to our countless cameos) and this particular mini-arc. 6 Jun Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 4. by gummimochi. Playing Cupid is never easy when you throw emotions into the mix. The operation at hand becomes exponentially more difficult after a confession of love throws this ship off course. And though our eye mostly remains on Arang, we're left with more.

But hope springs eternal. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Min-young watches Byung-hoon dashing into a shop to confront Yi-seol with his feelings, and she wonders if the sudden tight feeling in her chest is indigestion.

So close, but so far. He pretends that the old pendant just made him think of buying one from her I guess she makes them and returns to the car in a huff. Min-young complains about him ordering her around without explanation, and he holds out a necklace to her: You just did something dumb and came right out. Yi-seol watches him go and calls him a dummy: Which makes her scoff, of course, calling him Empty Can again.

Dating Agency Cyrano Taemin Ep 1

He makes a jab at her history of being dumped, and she retorts that at least she experienced it rather than doing nothing. Moo-jin takes Arang home on his motorcycle, and during the ride Arang thinks of how he sent off the girl to the other guy. She had left him with a sweet comment—that liking Arang proves she had good taste.

We move on to a new scenario, joining a TV studio for the final reveal Dating Agency Cyrano Taemin Ep 1 a Top Chef -like reality show. One finalist is a gangly, nervous man Lee Kwang-soothe other a mean-looking woman Gu Eun-ae. Cyrano Agency, where the male finalist is now a client. Back to the final, where the judges taste dishes. Incensed, Mi-jin barks at the judges for having literally no taste.

Dal-in wins the competition and Mi-jin shoots him a hateful glare, just before she takes her losing dish and dumps it in the trash. He says that he intended to never think of or see her after the competition, but fate kept thwarting him: Her restaurant was in the same neighborhood as his bakery, and he kept thinking of her. Finally, he had to admit: Min-young points out having watched the reality show that Mi-jin really hated him, which he knows.

Still, he was recommended to the agency by his uncle… who turns out to be one of their loan sharks. Byung-hoon makes a dramatic promise to fulfill this love, and the adorable geek hugs him in gratitude. Then they can just quit. Next door, the two loan sharks cackle as they inform Seung-pyo about the case.

Heh, then waitress Hye-ri arrives and the three jump up to disperse the cozy scene. Seung-pyo immediately goes from nonchalant boss to penitent debtor, and the loan sharks growl at him to pay up or die. I love these little details. They deduce that Mi-jin is efficient and in charge, never betraying weakness or faltering.

Min-young recalls that Mi-jin was cool all throughout the surprises on the TV show, while Dal-in had sweat up a storm. Too bad Min-young explains this just as Dal-in arrives and Dating Agency Cyrano Taemin Ep 1 defensively that he was sweating because of the studio lights. Byung-hoon sends him down to engage with Mi-jin so they can observe the interaction.

As he watches her scold, Dal-in starts fidgeting and sweating nervously. Like with the green eyes and everything? I do enjoy their banter. Min-young takes this as proof of his twisted mind. Byung-hoon assigns tasks to the team members, and Min-young is sent out to make contact with the target.

Min-young click at this page by and offers her a lift, and somewhat against her better judgment, Mi-jin ends up accepting. Right on cue, Link gets a call that her assistant quit.

They were tipped off by Dal-in, who knew the assistant was planning to skip out for a new job. Plus, Min-young had assured them her cooking skills were at least average.

Dating Agency Cyrano Taemin Ep 1

Moo-jin points out that she had said her drinking tolerance was also average, and that induces a brief flash of panic. Thus Mi-jin allows the help and gives her small tasks.

Too bad Min-young is terrible. Byung-hoon calls her to order her to leave asap. Min-young does, however, prove to be inadvertently helpful.

As a result, Mi-jin offers her the job, starting tomorrow. At the agency, Arang has unearthed some rumors about Mi-jin, though they sound like tabloid gossip. Byung-hoon says any info is worthwhile and keeps him on the task. Min-young more info to the agency feeling mighty proud of herself, calling herself a potential genius in the making, and Arang thanks her for sparing him a crossdressing excursion.

Still, Byung-hoon sets her before a table of ingredients and orders her to practice her abysmal knife skills.

Byung-hoon grabs her by the collar to stop her when she charges outside. Finally a cheerful, light drama with a lively plot and likable characters. It's been used in Ep. I wanted to watch an episode or two and went to YT.

Moo-jin gets an idea and goes digging through supplies to find a heart-rate monitor worn like a wristwatch. He jumps up and down to test it out, but the number remains stuck at a modest 80 beats. And gets an idea. She heads next door to ask Seung-pyo to be her teacher, saying that she needs to learn how to cook quickly.

Oh, is that all? Moo-jin heads to a restaurant supply store, and Hye-ri happens by and offers a hand. I love the way he reacts to her presence, wary and nervous but in his robot-alien-boy way. Seung-pyo begins the lesson with knife skills, showing Min-young how to cut vegetables.

She tells him of their unusual client, who likes when the target is being mean, which she finds curious. Min-young says it would be better if everyone could treat each other equally and lovingly.

I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop with her confession. I love the way he reacts to her presence, wary and nervous but in his robot-alien-boy way. I laughed so hard when Byung Hoon said he is a masochist XD. A little while later, Seung-pyo finds Min-young sitting by herself at the bus stop. Meta Name That Drama:

If only it were so easy. What about Moo-jin, then? Instead he peers into his shopping bag just as she trips, and thus gives absolutely zero reaction when she tumbles out of view. I love that shot. She has to call out to get his attention, but he does turn back to help her in his plodding robot way. As he reaches to help her up, he stops, confused: While finishing their dish, Min-young asks if there was ever a person Seung-pyo wanted to cook for.

Byung-hoon heads next door to peek at the cooking lesson, scoffing like this totally means nothing to him. Will he fall for her too? It is decidedly so. I do hope that it takes Byung-hoon a while longer to fully realize he has any interest in Min-young, because tracking his jealousy and denial is half the fun. The agency gets ball rolling and allows the relationship to begin, and then they take their paycheck and step out of the picture.

There are no guarantees for the future. So for me, I enjoy the cases as cute, cleverly executed little examinations of human nature. But I do find it a fun exploration of how people can be steered into a certain mindset or pathway by the power of suggestion.

The Shape of Dating Agency Cyrano Taemin Ep 1 is a great example of that concept. Are they con men or salesmen? What constitutes trickery, and article source constitutes persuasion?

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I'd been planning to start watching for a while, but that sealed the deal. I know I have a huge Running Man bias Thanks for the recaps, and for sharing an awesome show with us!

I thought this episode was much more interesting and compelling than ep 5: The game of who's loving who and who's manipulating who is more effective to keep me on my toes.

Master is shady indeed and I'm dying to know his hidden agenda. In fact, I realized that I don't care much for the client of the week but I care for the team members and their interactions.

dating agency cyrano ep 5 sub eng

We had a lot of Dramaception this week. Maybe we could tone down the [borrowings] tributes, just a little? I keep thinking of him in the variety show and bursting into laughter spontaneously because of how afraid he is of Jia. Totally agree with you about the cast interest and the hmmm client story.

I love how the cast interacts with each other. I agree that ep 6 was much better than ep 5. I don't mind the client of the week, but I enjoy them for how it informs us of the main characters and their thoughts and actions.

It's pretty much how I've taken them the whole show. Also, I've thought all sorts of things about Master, including that he's continue reading high school friend who was in love with Yi Seol to the theory that he's Do Il who had faked his own death and had plastic surgery to come back and observe the proceeding.