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Protesters talk about Clinton and Haiti

First inauguration of Bill Clinton

11 Jan Anderson Cooper addressed President Donald Trump's remarks today, in which the president referred to nations like El Salvador and Haiti as “s—hole countries,” becoming emotional as he described his experiences with Haiti and its people. “I want to take a moment to talk about Haiti, one of the places the. 9 Feb In electing a pop star, whose five-year term ended Sunday, Haitians may have been ahead of the curve. a nose-diving local currency, and widespread dissatisfaction with Martelly's party and government, the Banana Man managed to garner 33 percent of the first-round vote, But the protests got worse. 15 Jan At times, protesters broke out in song from that not-too distant land. In between, they called and answered: “What do we want?” “Apology.” The protest was a first for year-old Sheena Marceline, a nursing student from West Palm Beach. “I'm Haitian born, but I'm an American citizen,” said Marceline, who.

The paper made no mention of Clinton or the Clinton Foundation:. Sign up for the Snopes. Washington was a bigger obstacle. As soon as she spoke she got out of there. Bill Clinton announced he would collect funds to built Gonaives back up and do infrastructure, with flood barriers, embankments and levees against such natural disasters in Haiti.

The Obama Administration got rid of its most powerful Democratic rival with Haiti. The racket is finally being exposed by some US journalists. But not altogether and not simply because most care to step outside the lucrative dumbing down of America they participate in to expose the uncomfortable truth -the Click here destruction of the lives and health of the Black people of Haiti.

Interview on US Haiti Exploits. Bush Bloodbath Brought to Haiti: The public is used to:. Inwe wrote about the Bill and Hillary many conflicts of interests. Bill Clinton announced he would collect funds to built Gonaives back up and do infrastructure, with flood barriers, embankments and levees against such natural disasters in Haiti. This was our prelude to what would happen to the earthquake funds under Bill Clinton.

No one would listen to ourstory. UN a criminal organization from Lumumba to Aristide. Asked how would donors know where Bill Clinton would put Haiti funds he collected in the name of quake victims?

Obama also put him in charge, along with George W. Bush, of the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund. Frank Giustra is a member of the Clinton Foundation board and a Vancouver mining magnate. Laws against insider dealings and for transparency are raised by these interlocking boards and funds.

Clinton was Secretary of State was violated. But Haitians understand that this earthquake donation is not the only donation the Clintons mishandled. Probably in violation of Article I, Section 9 of the US Constitutionmultinational businesses and foreign countries bought influence in the US and in Haiti by making bribes, disguised as charitable gifts, to the Clinton Foundation.

Less than one cent of every dollar went to the Haiti government.

Im White And Dating A Haitian Man Protests Clintons

The bulk read article responsibility lies with the Clintons and the US government that unleashed them onto defenseless Haiti. The other, at the State Department. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits ethics violations and bribery of foreign officials. But Bill Clinton made no attempt to conceal his Haiti aid corruption. They pushed their own Haiti staff members into nominal positions of power to rubber stamp their Haiti edicts.

The Wall Street Journal, wrote that:. A slew of recent articles are detailing how Hillary Clinton used a private email server from her home to conduct State Department business. Link than thousand Haitians have been killed by the occupation forces since A UN-imported cholera epidemic has killed over 10, Haitians, Im White And Dating A Haitian Man Protests Clintons overThe people at Gonaives Haiti are still living in mud and at risked of another flood crisis each hurricane season.

Same thing happened with the earthquake billions. The holocaust for Haiti continued.

First inauguration of Bill Clinton - Wikipedia

That impossibly flawed election had, by Jan 12, this web page, turned from four years of Martelly circumventing Parliament, to outright dictatorship where he was formally ruling by decree with the approval and international force of the Clintons and their Hollywood image makers. Intwo prominent Haiti lawyers, Newton St. Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State helped impose the Martelly dictatorship.

But the forces against justice for Haiti are made to look so overwhelmingly innocent. The UN is a criminal tool of empire that enjoys the immunity of the corporatocracy to readily swap the lives of the global poor in exchange for funding to keep its career bureaucrats in easy jobs and power.

The new dictatorship and US occupation in Haiti, legitimized with the help of Hillary Clinton, Pamela White, Samantha Powers, Cheryl Mills and Susan Rice, brings proportionally greater violence, hunger, disease, rape and brutality into the lives of Haiti women and children. The people of Haiti objected to this, with constant calls for these UN rapes, World Bank rapes, US occupation and re-colonization to stop.

Im White And Dating A Haitian Man Protests Clintons

But the World Bank ruled they have no say. This mining ruling by foreigners will only bring more pain to Haiti. Will the World Stop the Clintons: Hillary Clinton, in the middle of managing the crisis in Egypt, finished interviews on the Sunday morning news shows and immediately flew to Haiti where she insisted Michell Martelly, who had not scored to be included in the run-offs, be included in the run-offs for the sham elections.

The Clinton used their star power to bring Hollywood with them to celebrate their Haiti sweatshop. Foreign Investment means Death and Repression: Meanwhile, Haitians have no sovereignty. Haitians die from UN-imported cholera, quake ravages, UN brutality and rapes. The Clintons provided the traumatized Haiti poor with cholera insurance for destitute Haiti market women to purchase and formaldehyde-laced trailers left over from Katrina.

Then uses US military occupation as opportunity to invest in Haiti mining and changes the Haiti mining laws to benefit itself.

But does the world care? While, right here in the Western Hemisphere the greatest terror against an un-armed people, the least violent peoples in the Caribbean and an impoverished, traumatized people without an army, goes unabated. This was supervised by Bill Clinton. No one in power lifts not even a token protest.

The UN Security Council is in on the rape. US Ambassador Pamela White,if she could get away with it, would sign the name of every Haiti Parliamentary member to whatever document the US wants to have a Haiti signature for. We Are All Dominicans. Condemn the racist mob lynching of Haiti man in the Dominican Republic.

The foreign gold mining exploitation in the Dominican Republic is also not benefiting its people. When the Dominican poor and Haiti poor collide, the instability flames benefit link US-Euro corporatocracy taking advantage of both nations. The Obama Im White And Dating A Haitian Man Protests Clintons has also ignored the DR court ruling that denationalized over 2o0,ooo Dominicans of Haitian descent and, instead, placed new homeland security guards at the Im White And Dating A Haitian Man Protests Clintons to inflame both sides of the island as pawns in their colonial games.

Although DR cultural hatred for their own African blood is real, both peoples are also pawns in the colonial game of conquest. Despite the dangers, Haiti migrants flood into the DR as well as the open seas to escape the US occupation and new dictatorship making it harder and harder to breathe in Haiti.


This exacerbates an already historical issue of racism in the DR as well as legitimate concerns to control their borders. The ensuring violence kills more Haitians and gives the US-UN military another pretext for destroying both countries for the benefit of mining heavyweights see more Barrick Gold, which is exploiting DR gold, leaving the environment ravaged, the DR people s ickened from poisoned water and skin rashes.

Haiti already has enough pain from UN cholera, skin rashes from tear gas and foul water thrown at human rights demonstrators by the US-trained militarized police.

Not to mention if the building of the largest US-embassy compound in the Western Hemisphere and the US underground tunnel-diggings did not also trigger the Haiti earthquake? For the assets of Haiti to be properly used to better the lives of local Haitians.

ABC News Reports On Clinton Corruption In Haiti

It would be nice to be proven wrong. According to Dante Hell is structured with this in mind arranged according to minor sins, those sinners would occupy what he called Circle 1, which expand to the worst offense where sinners would be a stationed in the Circle 9.

Having studied the Clintons with utter astonishment and oftentimes the mere mentioning of their names or reading about some draconian or machiavellian act, I am overcome with the awful feeling of sickness, and having observed and studied their behavior and thinking process since in all honesty I have never witnessed anything like them in my entire life and I have never voted for read more. So, I imagine Satan will call this super lockup — Circle 10 which will be occupied by individuals who are completely unteachable, who have learned nothing from life, refuse to take responsibility for anything, lie, cheat, loot and prance around the world as if they truly have power, having no idea what Power truly is, because they are unteachable fools, totally blind and oblivious to their true unworthiness and offense to life.

So, devoid of awareness in death as they were in life, they have convinced themselves that they are still alive. As the angel of death chauffer them through the realms of death, they assume that they are being driven through the ghetto en route to the White House. Hillary and Bill are confined to a small jail-like room after they passed this WH looking doors where hell shall begin.

The accomplices are packed like sardines in a similar small jail-like room like the herd that they were in life, which is symbolic for sharing and refusing to think for self. Not exactly what Clinton were expecting so suddenly they realize this is not a trip back to the White House at all, they are dead and they must now look at each other, which is hell, and recount every sin they committed, the innocent people they harmed and when that is over, every reincarnation thereafter, they shall return as slaves.

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