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Leo The One Thing Not to Do After a Breakup

Libra man and Leo woman

this is my first time here and actually doing this sort of thing. any ways i'm a libra and myy girl is a leo. we have been together for 4 years. we have been and bearly lets me kiss and hug her. what should i say when we talk tonight? should we give it another chance or take a break or leave all together??. As you get to know your Libra man, you'll notice that he only has eyes for you. Libra doesn't do infidelity as a general rule – they want idealistic love, so won't do anything which would risk a breakup. Attentive though he is, and flattering though this may be, some women will find the Libra man a little too desperate for their. BREAKUPS AND LIBRA Of all the star signs, Libras are probably the least likely to initiate a breakup. They hate confrontations and ending relationships of all kinds tends to be quite hard for them. However irritating they may find you, Libras are good at sweeping contentious issues under the rug and hiding their discontent.

Hey guys, I am new here and I need a couple of advice on my breakup with this libra. We met on Tinder and talked for a few weeks before meeting.

On our first date we clicked and decided to keep on knowing each other. The next week, we started dating. Everything was good until I saw that he was wishy-washy about us. I gave him space and we eventually went back together. I introduced him to my mother and he was happy about it, he talked to his parents about me and I met his friends, everything was fine.

Fast forward, this week, he was stressed out because we had to have an STD test and he was really annoying.

Libra Man And Leo Woman Break Up

Thursday he was at my house, Friday we went to do the test, and we had an argument in the hospital. Initially my question is was: So he said he did not know. So I got angry and stoped talking for 3 hours during which he was trying to get me to talk or to kiss me We went back home and he said he thought it was best for us to end here because he needed some space, he needed 0 complication and although he cared about me, he was scared of the future and thought everything would be harder if we stayed in the relationship.

I begged see more pleaded and he did not budge.

Breakups and Libra |

I stayed over and next morning he said he would never look back even though he knew the decision was unfair. During that time, he was either looking at me or looking for elsewhere. He kept saying that I was the nicest girl he has ever been with he has been with a girl prior to me and that's itthat I was touching I don't know what to do or what to think.

I know I should move on but it's fresh. I wonder how libra men act, I wonder if he could comeback.

Libra Man And Leo Woman Break Up

I don't know, I am just confused. Posted by CharmGame5 sounds like you two moved too fast imo. He may come back when he's bored. I love this Libra Man And Leo Woman Break Up, but it's one of those relationship dances that can really end well, or burn out quite quickly. Hopefully you get some clarity soon hun, but I think whatever happens just slow it down a tad, and let him come to you.

If he does come back Maybe you are right. It's fresh I guess and maybe it was that he was not into me. I don't know but I guess it is what it is. Wow, what a jerk. In the future, when you see he is testy, step back and give him some space. Air signs needs a lot of space. Next, if in the future he says he needs to end it, be quiet and leave. All the begging gave him the fuel and strength he doesn't typically have to stay away. Now how to get him back. Go absolutely positively quiet. NO Facebook likes, instagram, calls, texts, nothing disappear.

I would not say he is a jerk but I feel like he is cold blooded. I would not have been able to be with somebody even for a second if I did not want to be in a relationship. I see him today and I will give him a letter and try and be pretty for him and try and have a positive conversation as last week I was being tripolar. The situation for the best of me. The situation got the best of me and I am not a crybaby.

I am chill like snoop and friends with click of my exes! I Libra Man And Leo Woman Break Up help them with their love lives even though most of them cheated. I don't know why it always happens to me. Reverse Order Return to Leo Forum.

Made a mistake with a Taurus Man. I'm new to this message board and posted this in Astrology and Relationships, but thought I might want to also put in the Taurus boards. I'm a Virgo who has never really been in a relationship. Just click for source a few months ago when this slighter older Taurus man I wo.

Libra after the break up

Has anyone seen a successful happy Virgo Leo couple? I've been a round a few and it just seems like they get along as friends, but not much else. Some even get violent with each other.

Libra Man - Leo Woman Love Compatibility

I know it's in the fine arts forum, but didnt know whete else to put it. Cancer is traveling for his business weekly. He used to make an effort to see me right before he is going to airport to fly to frigging AZ, Utah, OK Happens that he is getting so.

I dress nice I would do anything for him. My mind is set on her and won't reset until she says so and she knows this. In the future, when you see he is testy, step back and give him some space. It will be devastating to me but even worse if I let this continue.

Post pictures of anything that makes you think Virgo. For you fellow Virgos also post pics of things you like. I love you vs I have love for you. Is he the one? How do I go to sleep early? Another day goes by where I spent an all nighter. I promised myself to go to bed early but I just cant. How can I get myself to bed early. Leo man blames me for his life choices that I was not involved with. Says I never should have left.

However, when relationship type convos come up he is quick to say he wants to be single.

Get the two together in a social setting and you will most likely see fireworks. The beginning of this Libra man and Leo woman friendship will go off with a bang. My mind is set on her and won't reset until she says so and she knows this. I was attracted to the fact that he was witty and charming and had an outlook on life that things should be fair, which I really admired about him. And Libras satisfy this very well for me.

I haven't asked him for a relationship, but I have made it clear t. I was seeing an Aries guy last year, started off great but we both didn't want anything serious as he was moving away by the end of the year and I just got out of a serious relationship. Long Story short, I didn't like Libra Man And Leo Woman Break Up at first as time goes by I j.

LEO loves giving me massive hickies!!!!??? Is this his way of marking territory???? Ok well he said yes when I asked him And it was massive. Tempted to post a photo Love is in the air YOU can send your messages via PM to Chuckcem that you want posted on this thread regarding someone here that you secretly have a crush on. You can include who it's dedicated to or not and Chuckcem will keep the sender.

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