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Why I Would Never Date a Libra Man

4 Signs Your Libra Man Has Lost Interest in You

Astrology forum: just wondering how do libras feel when they are ignored some of you know that im going thru a breakup after seeing an incredible libra man for five mo I absolutely HATE being ignored, it's almost the worst thing you can do especially if you should have been polite enough to acknowledge something. This site is best viewed while logged in. Continue with GoogleContinue with Facebook. Sign Up with Email. A. Top Solutions. Ignoring any man works. men want what they cant have read more. Yes it works, I`m an aries girl, and the boy I`m dating is a libra.. if I give him attention he acts like he doesn`t care, when I ignore. Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the Zodiac. They are independent, they have the intelligence and the full capability within but would a Libra rather co- exist/depend on others. Libras love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual. There are 80 facts about libra, that help you more understand about them!.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Why does Libra hate to be ignored? I'm ignoring a libra I hear from friends they are depressed and mad because i was supposed to try and save the relationship instead of just ignoring them.

When libra acts like they dont care, then get called on it when the other person really does not When libra acts like they dont care, then get called on it when the other person really does not care If they dont care, then why does it matter that they are being ignored? I have nothing more info say to them Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

Because we just pretend not to care to save our pride and dignity, but in reality we are dying inside with pain.

What Happens When You Ignore A Libra Man

Ignoring A Libra Man. Libras sometimes like to avoid confrontation because it can make them emotional and unsettled. With this sign they want to find harmony and balance. On the counter side they can be extremely moody when they do lose their tempers but rarely display it, but if you have lived with a libra you will have probably seen this. The sign Libra is the scales and its often about balance and getting two opposites to harmonise with eachother. His personality is probably dual like homebody some of the time and enjoys intense partying some of the time.

I would not go as far as saying they will leave a relationship without saying why. I am a libra and this does not describe me at all.

Signs Your Libra Man Loves You - Take Action Like This

I do not think anyone would do if they had any respect for the person or the relationship. Like any sign if the relationship meant enough they would fight for it. Librans can lack self esteem and often search for compliments a lot. This can greatly annoy their partners because if they do not get enough attention they can get flirtatious, and also often jealous and will find ways to manipulate their partner for attention. On the other hand, despite their need for selfishness sometimes, they do normally based on all the Libras I have metcare for their partners a lot.

Post a new comment. Of course, none of these passive-aggressive actions are in his best interest, but they will spark the attention--perhaps even the wrath--of the person who's ignoring him and as a result, open up a line of communication, click will allow him to balance the situation by making amends. Libra men and dealing with them after a quarrel? It just tells us you disrespect us in someway or you don't like us. So ignore that bastard and don't do the jealously thang because Libra will attempt to even the score scale.

Libras can be high maintainance though and demand a lot of visit web page from their partners. You are young and have to ask yourself if you are ready for that? Do not be pushed into anything. And you didnt know, Libra are huge flirts who love attention not as much as Leos but they come second, and being ignored is like the deadliest thing to them.

I'm a Libra and I don't like to be ignored But to be honest, I have too many ppl on speed dial to sulk about missing any ONE person for too long Yeah, they'll hurt for a little while, but once they open up their eyes and realize that existence is grand with or without another person to cling to And that if a person walks away from them for good, that person obviously wasn't meant to stay in their lives, they'll move on.

All happens or doesn't happen for a reason. I think that once a Libra reaches a point in their lives when they realize this, partnerships and romantic pairings won't be so VITAL to them anymore and they won't care as much about being ignored by someone.

I think a lot of us need to shake a little of that co-dependency and cultivate caring, open, but much more independent hearts within. It's a beautiful, secure place to be. I'm going thru the same You shd keep asking them how they are even if they continue sulking.

However, when relationship type convos come up he is quick to say he wants to be single. Unfortunately, no matter how good the synastry comparison is, unless both parties are emotionally mature, the relationship will fail. Libra drive to gain control, recognition and respect is dominant.

I've never seen my BF follow a straight path. People can not put up with this and they decide to leave. And when people walk away from them they feel they have lost the pillar and try to cling back In my relationships with Libra, I've found that they might be annoyed for awhile. They are likely to then move on to some new interest whether that is a person What Happens When You Ignore A Libra Man a hobby.

Honestly,no one likes being ignored,not only Libra's. Face the situation and then,if they keep on being persistent,then you have no choice but to ignore them. Weather they like it or not. I haven't article source a conversation with a Libra.

Its funny u say that I broke up with my Libra ex relationship lasted 2 yrs almost a year and a half ago and he constantly stalked me on myspace msgs, texting, calling emailing IMing up until this January when he found out from a mutual friend that i was moving away, he sent me a msg that i ignored like all the others.

I thought that was it until yesterday he contacted me on my email which i of course ignored.


He went crazy trying get some type of respnse or contact from me. He majorly screwed up when we were together. Their pride gets to them, they cocky act like they dont need you until your not in their lives.

What Happens When You Ignore A Libra Man

I hate to be like this to anyone, i have a heart but after what he put me thru when we were together when i was his every waking whim, his crutch, took all his bs. Want to build your own website?

Why do libra women hate to be ignored? Do libra men hate being ignored? I'm a Libra, and I hate Libras?

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