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3 Mar But, truly, while I know there are exceptions, the vast majority of males ages 14 to 22 scare the heck out of me in terms of their lack of maturity! Thus, there's no way I'd let an older one near my kid. Plus, I personally find it odd that a 21 year old ( legal) adult would dip into the high school dating pool. Surely. First of all, if you are the 17 year old, please keep in mind that your actions as a minor can and most likely will impact your future, his future and your parents' future. A 17 year A 21 year old is an adult. Further, it may cost your parents thousands of dollars in legal fees to sue him in order to protect you. Legally, it's shaky enough that I'd stay away from the situation. Socially--when I was in high school, there were year-olds dating men ten years their senior (legally over the age of consent in that state). I've seen the same thing now and then since, especially when I've been in work environments with a.

Facebook Google Twitter Remember. On a messageboard primarily of teen girls I asked "what age difference do you allow for in dating? I'm wondering what group of moms would say. If your daughter was 17 would you let her date a 21 year old? I use those ages because that's the situation I'm currently in.

No way would I allow my teenage daughter to date a male of 21 years or older. If they really like each other, I might allow him to become "friends of the family" and they could spend time together that way.

I would, based on my own personal experiences as a teen for instance, DP is 5 years older than me It would depend on the teen, of course, and the person she was interested in dating Single mama to an only born November Co-sleeping, vaxing, baby-wearing, sometimes cloth diapering, car seat safety advocate.

Still nursing with no end in sight To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. Well, I'm not a parent, but. Frankly, I went through high school and college. I saw what the majority of boys were like. I hesitate to even use the word men on them. I know there are exceptions, of course. But, quite frankly, the vast majority 17 And 21 Year Old Dating Legal them are not mature, and they still use forms of pressure as well as what I call emotional blackmail to get sexual activity.

I see this a lot. And not every girl is experienced enough to stand up for herself in such situations. Especially in situations where an "older" male is interested. I am in an age gap relationship myself 17 years of an age gap.

Http://, we met when I was an adult, independent, and living on my own. So, in that sense, we were on an equal playing field. I don't think high schoolers and college age students are on an equal playing field.

That's probably where a lot of my point of view comes from. That's the minimum age you can date. Notify me when there are new discussions. You don't want nothin' to do with this. They're mature enough to vote.

But, romantic relationships were not allowed. Maybe I was a unique kid, but I never resented this or thought it unfair. I actually appreciated it because it allowed me to focus on me, without getting distracted by something for which I just wasn't ready emotionally.

That's probably click here a lot of my point of view comes from.

But, truly, while I know there are exceptions, the vast majority of males ages 14 to 22 scare the heck out of me in terms of their lack of maturity!

Thus, there's no way I'd let an older one near my kid. Plus, I personally find it odd that a 21 year old legal adult would dip into the high school dating pool.

17 And 21 Year Old Dating Legal

Surely, there are other college girls out there, and thus no need to seek out high schoolers. First special delivery - April It would very much be about the maturity levels. Because despite what the PP said, some older kids do NOT drink socially; some are slower to mature, etc. Likewise, some under-age-rs drink socially some do it with their parent's blessing ; and mature faster, etc.

It's really not a question that can be answered based on age, alone. The comments and opinions expressed above do not necessarily reflect those of the community in which I reside; or those of the internet parenting network.

17 And 21 Year Old Dating Legal

Blu Razzberri is offline. But then I was living with a 20 yo when I was As for the dating someone your age or younger is so immature bit, are you sure these girls don't mean that the guy is so immature? Cause to be honest, 17 yo guys can be pretty immature at times.

I'm not, I'm rarely that obvious. I wouldn't rule it out, but it would depend on the individual personalities involved.

But then she did lie and tell me she was the same age as me when she was infact 5 years older! If you click mentally, then go for it. The difference between those ages isn't so huge that I couldn't understand that they had some interests in common.

The difference between those ages isn't so huge that I couldn't understand that they had some interests in common. I would assume, however, that most 21 year-old young men had fully matured senses of their sexuality, and take into account whether the seventeen year-old in question could cope with that. My brother was that year-old dating the year-old. I didn't like it because the girl was manipulative and whiny, but my brother's an awesome guy.

It would be a case-by-case basis. Originally Posted by hermionesmum. I think we 17 And 21 Year Old Dating Legal making the same point, here. I certainly didn't mean to give the impression that sexual expression in a younger, more info partner was inappropriate. Just that a naive girl would benefit from her parents' guidance. Here is what I have to go by: DP and I met when I was 17, we have 11 years difference. Couldn't have been happier for the past 10 years.

He never bought me a drink until I was He is the most wonderful dad to his now 15 y. And yes, my parents were very cautious about him in the beginning, but they love him now.

In fact, my mom calls him "her favorite son in law", and we are not even married yet It's very much a US thing to judge a couple by the age I think.

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One of my sisters is happily married to someone 9 years older than she is. They have three kids, and as far as I can see, her and her 17 And 21 Year Old Dating Legal fit each other to a T and not the "trouble" kind. I can't say I wouldn't be worried, but to tell you the truth, I think I'd click worried no matte who dsd chose to date.

New endeavor coming soon My brother met his wife when she was 17 and he was They've been married a year later, and I can see how much he loves her to this day. They've been together now for 15 years. So you get the idea I think it is really something that has to be looked at on a case by case basis. I met my dp when i was 19 and he was Agreeing that it really depends on the people involved.

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My 17 yo niece got a lot more pressure from the boyfriend she had that was the same age regarding things like sex, alcohol, etc. Ziggy, I have to ask! Have you polled see more group of fathers on this issue?

If so I'd be interested in the responses you got. If my dd wanted to date him then I would not have a problem with it. At 17 most of the people I hung out with outside of school were IME most 17yo's have had sex with at least 1 partner. DH and I have been together for 17 years, we started dating right after my 17th b'day, he was He was certainly more sexually experience than me, but then again, he started when he was He is an amazing DH and father. I'm sure my parents worried about him as much as they would have with anyone else no matter the age.

I'm not sure why parents would automatically feel more comfortable with a 17, 18, My DH had all of his well most partying, experimenting, etc. I am very glad I did not meet DH when he was his younger self, I don't think we would have made it and I would have missed out on the amazing family I have today.


I am glad my parents and I looked at the person, not the number when we met him. I think I'll do the same for my children. First of all, by age 17, I can't imagine "letting" or "forbidding" my child from dating. I definitely plan to keep an open dialogue about dating and sexuality, and my kids already know that I'd prefer if they didn't date until they were ready to think about marriage- but I wouldn't absolutely forbid something like that. Nor would I say "OK, you can date this guy but not that guy" especially not based on something as arbitrary as age.

I can teach and guide, but what power do I have to actually stop them from being romantically involved? That aside, whether or not a relationship between a 17yo girl and a 21yo boy could be healthy depends completely on the individuals involved. That's only a 4 year age difference, and people grow and mature at different rates.

I agree, depends on the people involved how I would feel But am I the only one that thinks that a 17yr old shouldn't be referred to in terms of who her parents will "LET" her date???

I was already making life decisions at that age and with my now DH. I also think that while parents of a 17 yr old can and please click for source have opinions about who their kids date, they ultimately can't be in charge.