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BGR! CRUISE X RUN FOR FUN CRUISE TOURS Departure Date/Location: Saturday, February 24, San Juan, Puerto Rico Return Date/Location: Saturday, March 3, . The seventh annual Race Raleigh, NC - Spring will be held June 2, and will feature a course along the Crabtree Creek Greenway. He was our first date a little over 3 years ago in Raleigh NC and we have. Buy tickets for an upcoming Cold War Kids concert near you. List of all Cold.

Cold War Kids Innings Festival Cold War Kids Hangout Festival Cold War Kids LaureLive With a handful of studio albums to their name, Cold War Kids have over the course of their career have become an international chart success with their original slant of indie Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Festivals 2018 Wisconsin.

They started out as a band in and Maust dreamed up the name whilst travelling in Europe. It was in Budapest where they stumbled upon a park with old communist statues. The album received a healthy dose of critical acclaim too. They spent the rest of and the majority oftouring the album, which even featured a tour with Death Cab for Cutie. And their opener Elliot Moss was amazing too!

When Cold War Kids were performing the crowd was great, everyone was so into it which made the overall experience that much more fun, not to mention how Nathan's vocals were unreal! The energy that all the guys have is so playful and they're always messing around with each other on stage which is always a fun thing to see. Matt Maust, the bassist, was probably the most interactive with the crowd where he would literally be on the edge of the stage my friend and I were in the very front on the rail and he would kneel down and sing along with us and try and touch our hands it was a check this out because the stage was so high compared to where the rail was and he would hold his bass out to the crowd and play and it was just an indescribable experience.

He has a ridiculous power stance. In other words, the sandbar is meant for die hard country fans, please don't just stand there and do nothing, Read more Report as inappropriate. His vocals are astounding and his band is also great.

After the show Elliot Moss and the rest of his band stood by the merch table and met all of us And they were probably the sweetest and most humble people ever! They took pictures and signed autographs and it was awesome!

Then as my friend and I were waiting in line for the merch, who walks out?? We were freaking out. He was so nice and took pictures with us and signed autographs and was talking to us about the show.

Whenever performers come out to see their fans they gain so much respect from me.

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Especially if you don't have to pay to do it. It's so genuine and it makes it that much more worth it that I've seen that performer live. Overall this was probably one of the best concert experiences I've had, and I would definitely pay to see Elliot Moss and Cold War Kids again one day! I have been a fan of Cold War Kids since their beginnings in and despite them not achieving the same level of commercial success in see more UK as in their homeland, they still have a solid fan base who continue to sell out their shows when the elusive quintet do perform on British soil.

One most recognisable thing about Cold War Kids' sound is that is has an unmistakably rough, almost demo like quality on recordings yet when performed live the music seems pitch perfect. There is little to no distortion from the speaker system from the opening bars of 'Royal Blue' to the very finale of the gig.

Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Festivals 2018 Wisconsin

An energetic live act, lead singer Nathan Willett commands the crowd whilst flitting from battling with his mic stand to sitting proudly behind the piano. Picking material from a variety of albums and EPs, the group keep the enthusiastic audience engaged throughout by dropping fan favourites such as 'Hang Me Up Dry' without prior warning. My personal favourite 'Hospital Beds' came during the encore and had both myself and everyone else in the audience longing the band to visit the UK more often.

Cold War Kids put on one heck of a show. The band sounded absolutely perfect, very crisp, clean and solid. The vocals of lead singer Article source Willett were strong and clear even as he switched from vocals to piano, to both, and back again.

I was really surprised they sounded as good as they did, because listening to their albums you get the feel that the vocals are tampered with a lot. There were quite a few people at the show, and even though the venue was packed the audience was really electric and sang and danced along with the band on the stage. There wasn't a lot of lighting or laser effects like some other shows, but I found I didn't miss it at all because the band was so exuberant and really into the performance.

One of the best moments was when they played their single Miracle Mile, which is one of my favorite of their newer songs. It was a really fast paced, exciting, adrenaline-pumping show and everyone that went had a huge blast!

The venue was beautiful.

I caught up with an old friend Karen Jones You dearly!! At our African American Speed Dating Events, you'll meet up to a dozen other black single professionals in your age group through a series of six minute "pre-dates" at a local upscale restaurant or bar. I absolutely adore Eric Church. All that passion is intoxicating especially if your in sandbar.

Union station is church like and regal. The energy of the crowd was at first reserved, probably due to the fact that we were all reminded of Sunday morning sermons. Once the music began to swell, people loosened.

Although the speakers and the stage itself were set a bit too low, the music carried well and the acts were all professional and well rehearsed. It started late which was highlighted by the fact that there was a "no sitting" policy while waiting outside enforced by security. Overall, this was well organized and intimate. The energy could have been higher say if drinks were offered or music played as we waited in line.

Raleigh Durham Speed Dating Singles Events - (919) 727-4588 - Triangle Parties

I got the impression that they cared deeply for the music first which was refreshing. They were better than ever. I liked the newer material, but it's great I remembered all of the older material, as I'm not a huge fan of them.

IE I don't listen to them outside of live concerts. They encored with John Lennon's "Well Well Well", one of my all-time favorites songs, so that was a pleasant surprise. Overall, I'm very glad I saw them again.

Every song really hits home, in an off beat way. I can't wait to see them again, just hope that its someplace else. The only place to sit are expensive Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Festivals 2018 Wisconsin Lounges". Rude bouncers and a smarmy night club feel. Super expensive drinks, as well. The sound system is good, same with the lighting. I loved seeing Cold War Kids! They had a great stage energy and I loved hearing the variety of songs, not just new ones.

There were some technical sound difficulties which were unfortunate with a mic and the guitar for like 2 songs but read more it was eventually fixed.

I was surprised they only played for an hour considering they have more than 4 albums worth of songs! I guess some bands just don't have the stamina of others though. The show was amazing! They put on a wonderful show, and I loved being able to see them.

The only problem I had was not being able to see, but that's not on them of course! I was disappointed to see barely half the people had showed up to see them, everyone eventually arrived for Weezer but they both did an amazing job!

I actually ended up walking past them without noticing, I totally should have said hi! I didn't think it was possible, but after seeing you guys live, I love yall even more now!! Great vocals, and great lineup of songs!! Also Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Festivals 2018 Wisconsin Moss did great as an opener.

The one thing I hated about it was The Shelters were pretty average. CWK source a little weak in the beginning but picked up after the first couple of songs. Saint John was dope. This show made me realize that their older stuff was a lot better. Guy has a great voice and the show was real good.

I've seen CWK 4 times and this was definitely the best show I've seen Sound was good, opening bands were good, and the CWK set was awesome. Played for barely more than an hour despite C3 stating they would play for two. Lighting obscured the band members faces and the crowd was hostile.

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Lesson learned to avoid going to mainstream concerts. Great live sound and a high energy show that is non-stop with no breaks except before the encore. I am definetely going to see them again in the near future because this show was that amazing.

This was my first time seeing Cold War Kids live and I loved this show! The set list was a perfect mix of old and new songs. I will be sure to see them live every time they come on tour. I've never heard CWK live before. Nathan Willett's voice is just impossible. Vocals and piano were surreal to listen to.

Best show I've been to. Would love to go again. The Gig started with a great intro while the tempo never stop. The piano solo was formidable. And the opening band was the cherry in the top for this show. I really enjoy this venue. Super solid live band, tons of energy and they obviously love what they do. Haw River Ballroom rocks.

Go see this band and go see shows in Saxapahaw, worth the journey. Seeing the Cold War Kids live is incredible. I only knew of two of their songs, but I enjoyed the entire show!

Black People Speed Dating Raleigh Nc Festivals 2018 Wisconsin