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What You Do To Me Lyrics: Yeah, baby what you do to me / Let's take a ride baby / Let's take a ride baby / Take a ride with me in my car, don't take it wrong I'm a star / I want you baby go hard, let's take. your mind to you can do it just have faith in your work and your actions will prevail . Preparation plus opportunity equal success every time. Girl you know what? Is time to celebrate, where is my purse so can grab my King Khaliq and Rakim CDs Damn! I left it in that Mercedes-Benz damn. What kind of music is in here!. “Boy, you need tostop lyin'! She's noteven in anyof your classes.” “She isso! And anyway, back to the subjectat hand. I can't believe you would do me like this, Elite ! After everything I've done for you?! After I've always been there for you, you skip off with some rap dude?” “He's not a rapper, and I didn't exactly skip off with him.

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Girl What You Do To Me

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