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What people REALLY Do On Tinder (PART 3)

9 Jan The USP: If you're dog-obsessed here is where you can rest assured you're in good company. Pick your future partner based on their dog preferences, small, scruffy or otherwise. Pros: Just think of all the cute dog meme sharing that could be yours. Cons: People might think basing your future parter on dog. See the top 50 most popular dating android mobile apps in Google Play Store in Germany based on Google Play app ranking. 3 days ago See the top 50 most popular social android mobile apps in Google Play Store in Germany based on Google Play app ranking.

Read The Forum Rules: We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Click here to review them. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Unknown North America Tinder primary, secondary????

Made a big picture to generalize continent wise. Badoo and Scout added for Vietnam whiteknightrises: Added tinder to South Korea as definitely providing results. Maybe it is not on Apple store as Korea manufactures Samsung and everyone hates I-phones? Is Tinder in Serbia? I asked my buddy, who is in Serbia, this question a while back and he informed me Serbians don't really do the whole online dating thing.

You Most Popular Dating Apps In Germany get a match here and there but don't expect much. It's probably one of the few places where a man has to show up and be a man. Yes most girls here want real men to take them. Caveman game is the best game.

Social circle second, online game third place. However, even online is still very good here, many beautiful women on tinder although many are on there looking specifically for sponsorship or rich and famouse men now.

Tinder is most used dating app in Serbia but badoo is also good for girls who are poor and live in countryside. The trick with online dating in Mexico is play off the "gringo card" as much as possible, disavow anything that could even remotely hint you are a latino unless of course you matched with a gringa in Mexico then blow up the "latino heat" thing as much as possible And never ever ever EVER talk to local girls on dating apps in Mexico in Spanish it kills their vibe so fast. Only once you get to the whatsapp bust out the Spanish.

My biggest mistake for years when I got to Mexico was playing up my Argentine background too dedicated Mikey Glenister Dating In The Dark and, which is ironic because Mexican girls will be excited to jump your bones if you are any nationality, as long as its not from latin america.

I was always proud to show off my near fluent spanish, such a mistake Guys who say they are killing it with internet dating in Mexico are probably either bottomfeeding or I don't know what. This post was last modified: Brasil and Colombia updated to Tinder. I changed Ukraine to Tinder, as although badoo list a lot of girls they don't seem to be so active on there. Cambodia added Also added mamba to Russia, Ukraine. Added Latvia and Lithuania. Although Badoo is used Tinder is providing far better results.

Estonia added to complete the Baltics 2nd update Godzilla: Tinder added to Serbia frankiecred: Is Badoo ruling in Mexico? I can see this thread having a lot of potential. So any input is welcome.

On the next edition I am planning to add specific popular cities at least once in Most Popular Dating Apps In Germany knowledge and the quantity quality results review.

I don't even know what Badoo is. My point was that the vast majority of Mexican girls on internet dating sites are horrible. This thread is predominantly about the dating apps such as Tinder, Badoo, Happn and others. As these are currently taking hold of the world online dating market.

Your input on websites you use is highly valuable, we must explore all options.

But if you haven't tried Badoo you should. You might also report the results What about Tinder in Mexico? If you take all list modifications, having Tinder and Badoo, you're set. Lovoo is known for a lot of fake. I Guess here is everything pretty dead except the real dating agencies, but they are here big money.

Obviously, I accepted the offer. You can break the ice with a Sympathy Click basically a short message, e. Your talents for example, achievements, money, status. Users can also filter who they receive messages from, and block up to members.

Sorry to hear that. I have spent quite a lot of time due to work in Bremerhaven, NW Germany.

Most Popular Dating Apps In Germany

I must say except for some nightlife on the weekends the place is pretty much dead. Online sucks, daygame is impossible due to lack of targets. It must be better in bigger Cities. I think Tinder right now is 1 in Portugal. Mostly older or ugly african and brazilian chicks in badoo.

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The quality I have been getting off of both of these sites has been going down with girls expectations going up. We live in Most Popular Dating Apps In Germany Instagram world now I avoid online game like the plague, wheter learn more here the west or in Slavic lands. I truly believe that the only way to stop the trend that you observed is that men stop giving validation to women through these tools. As masculine guys that all in here strive to be, we can start our part in this process, and find alternative ways to score muff maybe I am just ugly as hell and never got anything online.

Anyway, just chimed in this thread because of the observations I make regarding my friends use of these tools, I use Tinder once in a while but to no avail Yeah, I was about to mention Instagram too, seems like every hot chick is in there, but do not know if per se and in the scope of this thread it can be considered a dating app or if it is a social network, I know what it is, though never registered an account.

I have just mentioned this subject in this post https: Online game is extremely valuable for short visits due ability to pipeline. Girls in daygame, online and nightgame are often same people. I had it more then once that I match with the girl I banged prior via nightgame or daygame. Having a balance and being skilled in day, night, online, social games will keep you afloat and in abundance in most parts of the world.

One of these must work, right? And yes online game also requires skill. You can not stop the progress. You are either on the wave or under it.

IG is a valuable tool for getting leads, but is much more valuable for DHV. Get the app to do work instead of you. Build an online persona of how you perceive yourself or how you want to be perceived. Then casually ask girl to give you her IG.

I changed Ukraine to Tinder, as although badoo list a lot of girls they don't seem to be so active on there. The best is to use Tinder in Siem Reap to game tourists. We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. You might also report the results What about Tinder in Mexico?

If she is even slightly interested she will check you out and see the cool places you go to, the interesting stuff you do and other things you can put on there to show off value. Your talents for example, achievements, money, status. It is much easier then tell a same story about yourself all over. You can build following. And bang girls on the other visit. They will follow you while you are absent and like your lifestyle, and would want to be a part of your life.

Most Popular Dating Apps In Germany

Mexico, Tinder all the way. I mencioned on another thread, 2nd tier cities wow, every other chick has you swiped. My phone blew up,I mean exploded. You have to have the Tinder premium to work for the unlimited matches. Set it up and come back in a few hours to see your matches, no more wasting time on the phone. Last time I was in Mexico Xalapa a girl and I exchanged like 4 messages, logistics didn't work, she continued to message me for DAYS whining about why she couldn't find a guy who looks like me and wanting to talk.

I ended up having to cut her off rudely because I was getting distracted by her constant messaging. Gringo thirst is real.

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I have a good friend in D. I know spanish, but seems like most suggest to absolutely NOT use it.

Dating in Berlin: 5 apps for finding your soulmate

An update number 4 is due: Western Europe Tinder primary, Badoo secondary Eastern Europe Tinder primary, Badoo secondary but better than in western europe South America Tinder and Badoo evenly from what I've heard apparently not using Spanish in Online game is in your favor need more input on this subject Africa????????? Lovoo is proven to be number 1 but apparently there are a lot of fakes.

Online game sucks generally. Play your gringo card if you have one, Gringo thirst is real in 2nd tier Mexico. Tinder is Most Popular Dating Apps In Germany 1. Tinder added to Mexico and is set as primary. Is badoo even worth trying these days in Mexico? Tinder set as number one in Portugal pancakemouse: Gringo thirst in Mexico General dynamics Tinder is still taking over.

Any input on other less used apps?