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Dating My My Ex Is Sister

Angie King: Dating your Sister's Ex!

i had a relationship with this guy on and of for about 10 years, it was a terrible relationship. but he is now with my sister and they are talking about having a baby and marriage. it hurt sooo much, they both dont seem to understand why it bothers me, not sure what to do. *. I am very sorry Sweetie. Sinna_Hime_chan posted. He remained friends with my brother all this time, and has distantly kept tabs on me, apparently. I went to visit my mom for new years, he was there, we clicked, talked for the past three months, and now we are dating. There is the whole "ick" factor over how it sounds, him being my sister's ex, but my bff thinks. 2 May Breakups are hard and the best way to heal out of it is to move on, it usually includes not seeing the ex for most of the people. So unless your sister is different than most people, you will hurt her. Of course if it was casual play, she got.

I am very sorry Sweetie. If your ex have a brother, best friend and enemy go out with them but i think that your ex is trying to get under your skin, he is using your sister cause i have been there my sister's ex-boyfriend dumped her for me but i didn't give him a inch.

Gee, what kind of ex goes for his ex's sister?

My Sister Is Dating My Ex

If they don't understand why it bothers you, which they should very well, you've gotta flat out tell them. You won't regret getting your feelings out.

You did everything you could to make sure it didn't work out for the two of you, don't start in on his read more found happiness. I know I shouldn't complain but it is screwing up the way I interact with my family in a way that I am worried will stick with us for life. I can't see this ending any way other than badly; seeing my ex do all the stuff with my sister that I used to love, watching them build something that I threw away, and not being able to explain to my parents why I gave up a guy like him. I would lose my shit if one of my siblings started dating an ex.

Tell them,someday you will have to tell them how you feel. Or get a boyfriend. I feel really bad for you Maybe this will help you feel better!

My Sister Is Dating My Ex

I am so sorry. I know you are going to have to accept it, but it is really not easy I have never had to face that problem.

I understand if she feels differently, and what is hard is that you may have to practice some hardcore understanding too which could make things VERY hard on you. I don't know you, but I would not think anyone deserves that I can't say as it sounds like a good decision.

Dating your sister’s ex-boyfriend is no mortal sin : Evewoman - The Standard

If you pray, I would pray about it. Who knows, maybe there is a lesson in there for each to learn, or a reason.

Confronting my SISTER for dating my bestfriend...

I know you are hurt, try not to add to your pain. Looking for expert advice?

They should instead be instilling in their daughters a strong sense of self worth, self value, independence, and "you got her backshe's got yours" attitude for both of you. I called him the next day to tell him because I couldn't deal with what I had done to the man I had loved for 7 years. I'll scale back the family contact and see where it goes from there I guess. It may be a good idea to talk about all of this with a psychologist, therapist, or someone you can trust.

If you beat her then what they still going to be together. Just let her find out the hard way. Don't get locked up Over a man who don't want you or care about how You feel dating your sister.

Then you said it was a bad relationship soooo right there Is your answer just drop them BOTH and move on sweetie. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop.

Dating your sister’s ex-boyfriend is no mortal sin

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