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Polyamory Season 2: Episode 1 Clip - Monday Meetings

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Photos from Showtime's Polyamory: Married & Dating Season 2 Viewing Party in San Diego! Showtime has just announced that Season 1 and 2 of our hit reality show Polyamory: Married & Dating will be available On Demand for another full year! .. Top 35 Funny Love Quotes that will make you laugh. Best Friend. 17 Aug So much new love and sex is thriving in the four-person, two-couple pod profiled on Showtime's reality series Polyamory: Married & Dating. Tonight's Their lovers, Jen and her husband Tahl, have been living with Michael and Kamala for about a year, nearly as long as Jen's been dating Jesse. Tahl's new. a married father of two who is now polyamorous, and we'll hear from a young woman named Iggy about her experience as well. We've got a lot of fun stuff in store for you this year so keep listening and if you like us, give us a good review on iTunes! #podcast #sex #sexuality #asexuality #dating #relationships See more.

Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Your IP address will be recorded. Recommend this entry Has been recommended Surprise me. Log in No account? Rosemary sophy wrote, - 10 - 09 Rosemary sophy - 10 - 09 Polyamory, the show and my life A few weeks ago I sat down Polyamory Married And Dating Tahl Memes Funny watched the entire seven episodes of the Showtime series Polyamory: Married and Dating, one of those docu-reality shows that follows real people around to tell a story about their lives.

The show followed a triad who had been together for awhile and a pod of two marred couples who had just recently moved in together. I really liked the triad. These were three younger adults who had grown up together. Anthony and Vanessa were platonic best friends from childhood, Anthony and Lindsey got married, the Polyamory Married And Dating Tahl Memes Funny of them lived together and Lindsey and Vanessa started a relationship, which led to the three of them getting involved and now they are a committed triad - all in love with one another.

The click had some issues that made me kinda cranky. They called themselves a pod and included in that other lovers - mostly lovers that they shared amongst each other, but some that were only or mostly just lovers of one or two of them.

One of the issues I had was when one of the husbands, Michael, basically shamed his wife Kamala into click the following article her lover Roxanne before she felt emotionally ready to do so. Most of my issues with this group, however, involved their treatment of the other wife, Jennifer, who clearly had more boundaries and jealousy issues than the rest.

I feel like this should have been respected by the group, but instead they all kinda looked down on her for it and acted like it was something she had to, idk, overcome or something instead of something that just Was.

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Actually, I felt like Michael and Kamala were pretty judgey of Jennifer and Tahl's marriage all the way around.

But the worst was when Tahl purposefully went against a rule between himself and Jennifer and basically cheated on her with the other two making them complicit as well by lying to them and the whole thing ended up with Jennifer being forced to forgive Tahl and everyone being all proud of her growth.

It made me really upset, grrrragh. The triad, on the other hand, handled issues in such different and imo better!

Polyamory: Don't try this at home

When Lindsey, for example, started getting more serious with another lover than the other two were comfortable with, they talked things out and made it clear that she needed to refocus on them for awhile and let her know that her behaviors were hurting them.

Then they did things to help her feel better both about their triad's commitment to each other and about her freedom to love outside of the relationship in other ways.

It was really beautiful to watch. A lot of the show yes even about the foursome was beautiful and amazing and wonderful to watch. My thoughts on how these different poly families handle their issues aside, watching the show was very emotional for me.

I think watching this gave me the kinda feelings other people get when watching mono het romcoms. Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. Subscribe to the blog, enter your best email below: Another clip I can't get the Flash version to embed here. I agree with Tiffany.

I think watching this gave me the kinda feelings other people get when watching mono het romcoms. That "this is what I want how can I get this!

I've felt poly for so long now, and have just not been able to really experience it. I've experienced it as far as casually dating more than one person at a time.

I've experienced it as being in a basically monogamous relationship with someone who shared a poly vision with me. And I started to experience it when that relationship Polyamory Married And Dating Tahl Memes Funny up and he started dating someone else - but as that really acted more as a catalyst for us breaking up than as a catalyst for us starting the big poly family I'd always been hoping for In the last 3 years, being single and sorting out what I'm looking for and wanting out of future relationships, it's really clicked for me that poly is what I want.

The triad, on the other hand, handled issues in such different and imo better! Jennifer and Jesse had an intimate wedding with a fabulous steam punk theme pictured above and they bought a house where they live with their two dogs. But, I feel I honestly learned very much about myself and my way of talking with my wife from your pod. We hate spam just as much as you.

When I have romantic fantasies, it's always about multiple people. When I have sexual fantasies, it's often about multiple people. I find myself shipping love triangles all together in fiction and love any even slightly-poly depictions of relationships.

Polyamory Married And Dating Tahl Memes Funny

What's more, this has always been true for me. It's just growing more and more deeply in me as time goes by. Because it's hard enough to find just one person to date, much less have a relationship with. Now to say that my dream is to live in a big poly family with a poly network extending outside of the family circle?

How do I possibly build that? I'm lucky to live in an area where there actually are a lot of poly folk.

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But I so rarely get to go out and do things, so how do I get out and meet these people? And supposing I do meet them, who's to say even a one of them would be a good match for me, much less a whole nest of them who would be a good match for me and each other?

Polyamory Married And Dating Tahl Memes Funny

It's a big dream I have. And I want it. And on some levels, I think I even need it. I'm polyamorous as much as I am anything else that I am. My desire to be in loving relationships with multiple people isn't just a some little thing I want to try. It's who I am and what I want for my life, and it has been for a long time now.

It hurts for it not to be a reality in my life. That probably sounds strange, but it's a lack for me, a gap in my life needing filled. And yea, right now I'd settle for one person. It would be so nice to even have the romance and fun of dating and getting to this web page Polyamory Married And Dating Tahl Memes Funny person in that way.

But I want more. I just don't know how to get it, especially since I spend so much of my time sitting at home in my PJs. Post a new comment Error Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. Your reply will be screened Your IP address will be recorded.

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