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Watch full episodes free online. The Prime Minister and I - - When tabloid writer Nam Da Jung chases Prime Minister Kwon for a lucrative exposé, she ends up scooping a whole lot more than she bargained for. Date, Episode, TNmS, AGB. Nationwide, Seoul, Nationwide, Seoul. , 1, NR, NR, NR, NR. , 2, NR, NR, NR, NR. , 3, NR, NR, NR, NR. , 4, NR, NR, NR, NR. , 5, NR, NR, NR, NR. 24, 6, NR, NR, NR, NR. , 7, NR, NR, NR, % (15th). , 8 . The Prime Minister and I, Prime Minister Is Dating, The Prime Minister and I Korean Drama, Watch Prime Minister Is Dating, 총리와 나 eng sub, The Prime Minister and I online ep 1, ep 2, ep 3, ep 4, watch Prime Minister Is Dating, 총리와 나 ep 5, ep 6, ep 7, ep 8, ep 9, ep 10, The Prime Minister and I dub drama Cantonese.

This hour continues to link the cute and play up the funny as our married couple is forced to keep up the ruse while living under one roof. Yul is taken aback by the surprise kiss but… kisses! He gets defensive about said kiss later, blustering that their lip smacking was more like a car crash, and warns her against assaulting his lips again.

Pfft, the man doth protest too much, methinks. Da-jung mulls over whether to actually tear up the contract before ultimately deciding against it and stuffing it with her wedding gift from her editor boss: HA, I love that the show followed-up on that joke. But then ominous music looms over the estate as we see someone creep into the bedroom and searches for something in the dark.

Da-jung wakes at the noise and attacks the intruder, who climbs on the bed to muffle Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub screams and turns on the light…. He dismisses her question about his meds and reminds her to leave his room before dawn so he can get ready for work. She gapes at that, but tells herself it was a good decision not to get rid of the contract. He launches into his usual round of criticism of each child in turn, until Da-jung speaks up about his nagging tendencies, using another slang that has Yul fuming.

Speaking of whom, Hye-joo holds a press conference about an upcoming diplomatic banquet, Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub which Reporter Byun grumbles whether this will be another private event like the wedding.

Da-jung leaves a great first impression when she greets their guests in fluent Spanish. He warns that marriage is fragile like porcelain before excusing himself. Yul does his best to keep matters civil with their foreign guests as they dine.

However, they keep please click for source up on the prime minister for his opinion on the importation of foreign goods in Korea, and the added remark that that makes Korea an easy trading market in the eyes of the world bothers him.

A bit of history: The books were shipped back in and currently stored at the National Museum of Korea, but on renewable loan.

Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub

Hye-joo is upset to hear that the meeting she came for which was also the reason why she rode with Joon-ki has already ended. The real reason why Joon-ki has called her here is to bring her over to his side, and he asks here she broke into his phone.

He confirms that the passcode was her birthday, which was also the same date she turned down his marriage proposal. Well, that explains those mixed intentions of yours. Da-jung rests her tired feet at home and nearly jumps to see In-ho behind her. She returns the earpiece but he tells her to keep it for next time.

Taking his hand Da-jung calls him her guardian angel. She skedaddles before Yul comes by and picks up her high heels she left behind in her haste. Yul calls after Da-jung and stops her in her tracks. At that moment, Da-jung slips and falls backwards, and Yul catches her, bringing their faces mere inches from each other. The close proximity makes both their hearts skip a beat and Yul purses his lips. Then Yul lingers outside of the locked door before thinking better of it.

You say that as if it were a bad thing; I see no problem with it. I love how they all bicker and shift the blame on each other, upstaging Reporter Byun covering the story. Gah, Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub so adorable?

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Da-jung lingers outside his study long enough to see Woo-ri finally comes home. She gets a whiff of him, but they hear noises, and she hides him away moments before Yul appears. Yul has his suspicion up, but Da-jung leads him back to his office with the excuse that she has something important to tell him.

She mentions that Woo-ri is going through puberty and all the other kids have smartphones, but Yul cuts her off to dismiss her.

Parts of her character and her interpretation remind me a bit of TaeYang in MS. Alyssa Sep 02 4: Fighting to All cast. Maybe in part 2, you could title it with, "The President and I".

As for Woo-ri, he unlocks the locked room which houses a piano. But Da-jung catches him and literally pounces on him to snatch it. Da-jung visits Madam Na with the excuse to get to know each other. He asks for the paper frog in her hand, which she reluctantly hands over. At the same time, Yul walks into the bedroom, wondering where Da-jung has gone and reels with disgust at the mess when he spots another paper frog on the floor.

Sure enough, it is. Which means Joon-ki has the copy of the scandalous photo of his here and Kang Ho-dong.

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She apologizes for her carelessness, but her actions have already pressed the wrong buttons with Yul. She may have thought their deal was read more once they got married, but Yul argues that he risked everything when he made that decision to marry her. Those words has Da-jung in tears, and she quickly wipes them away when In-ho finds her outside.

He sees Yul approach at a distance, the latter having decided on a walk, troubled by how Da-jung cried in front of him. Then In-ho hugs Da-jung, offering her a literal shoulder to cry on. Yul sees them and the image of them together disturbs him.

He sees his bodyguards approach and hurriedly sends them in the other direction. But Yul draws close and locks the door, telling her that he needs to be a good husband before being a good father.

Bow chicka wow wow. Then Yul stays up late at night working, occasionally glancing at Da-jung, who sleeps on in dreamland. It gives him and us a chance to challenge a straightforward but painful motive in dramaland, and could make him an interesting rival.

Your email address will not be published. This episode was especially heartwarming. I love how our heroine has a strong sense of identity. She's not your everyday girl-next-door who is very feminine. Neither is she a model mother, or the Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub minister's wife, may I add, from the exterior. But she proved that she can accomplish all those tasks through her learn more here method.

Because she is relatively young, she can relate to the kids, like a friend would. Her job as a reporter, or a paparazzi, allows her to be quite agile in accessing certain situations. I love how she never allows herself to be the damsel in distress, but she is so adamant on solving her problems herself.

This is very sad thing from a Finnish point of views luckily we are not in that kind of society here yet. The Queen of k-drama is back! He instructs her to keep a tight rein on them, and she asks him to leave already, exasperated. Happy Jan 20 4:

She takes the initiative to pull out some sort of weird story to find those paper frogs at the Minister's house, even though she's not on the greatest terms with the wife lol. Speaking about that house visit, I was soooo worried for her, but totally laughed out loud when that frog turned out to be the photo of the wife and Kang Hodong.

What an awesome turn around lol. I really love Yoon Shiyoon's character, and deep inside, I would like it if he Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub end up with her. I see that there is a potential change of character in him, in a good way. I mean, if he were able to give up whatever sinister motive article source revenge he has with the PM, shouldn't he deserve some love too?

But I absolutely adore Lee Beomsoo here too. Either way, I'm good. Looking forward to seeing how she manages to slowly enter the Prime Minister's heart in the next episode. He is starting to take what she has to say a little more to heart, and that's a great sign. So happy this drama does everything right!

There's sense, there's logic and its so breezy.

Prime Minister and I Ep 4 Eng Sub 3

No confusion, no overacting, no dull moment. I hope this carries on right till the end. I just love the on screen chemistry between the lead couple. Great acting, and its been awhile to see such chemistry last one i thought that did a great job was the couple in "I can hear you" They both don't realize they're falling in love with each other and keep finding faults, they bicker and they argue until they can't hold it in no longer Am i the only one who cant get over the 20 year age difference between the leads?

I mean, it wouldve been okay if the two looked close to each others ages but the thing isthey dont. Its a bad reason, but a reason nonetheless, to not be so into their chemistry. No hate, both are great actors I feel bad though, coz i really want to keep watching this as it has a good story, etc You can try to remind yourself that people with large age gaps, but also differences in appearance and attractiveness date.

If you can't get past that, then it's no use continuing with this, since they are the main couple and this is rom-com. I am with you on this regard, but I do feel that the young stars would benefit greatly from acting with the old veterans and open themselves up to greater possibilities, i.

UY did great in Lee Soon Shin working with an actor 13 tears older. There are a lot of noona romances as well where Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub actors are younger than the actresses. When I watched I Hear your voice I felt like rooting for the foul mouthed teenage girl because she was of the same age as Park Su Ha but the young actor's love for the noona was so convincing and that made a special actor.

I see a greater difference in that one has been married and a parent while the other one has been somewhat sheltered at home with her Dad. DJ is responsible love that about her but she may have overly fairy tale ideas about what marriage is. I expect Yul to be far more practical and realistic about marriage. I totally feel the chemistry.

She reminds me of several women I've met who fell in love with older men.

Prime Minister Is Dating Ep 4 Eng Sub

Not all true love is cookie-cutter. Whether there is a bit of a need for a father figure, or a need to have a family, or affection based on the need for a guiding older man, true love is there. I see it totally.