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San Antonio's Scariest Haunted House - 13th Floor

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56 reviews of 13th Floor Haunted House "I had a blast at the 13th floor. I visited the year of but the last time I had come here was about two years ago, in , I had not been back because I didn't really enjoy my experience but I visited. 13th Floor Haunted House San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas: Rated of 5, check Reviews of 13th Floor Haunted House San Antonio, Haunted House. Calendar. Stay tuned for information on upcoming events! Dates, hours and ticket info for the Halloween season will be posted here in August Join our mailing list and follow us on social media to receive updates about upcoming off- season events! Warning! Event may be too intense for young children and is not.

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Went as a group for our first time it was scary I loved it un expecting scares around every corner we all enjoyed it and had a fun time The one thing was it was too hot in some areas they need more ventilatio n. The only thing I have against this is that if a larger person wanted to do this, there were some areas to squee I thought it was great. I feel like we got our monies worth. What has happened in history to create such a stigma about a 13th Floor?

Email or Phone Password Forgotten account? Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Amusement and theme park. Pages liked by this Page. Save your money go have drinks or your better off going to howllowl scream or fright fest where there several attractions and haunted houses. I've been coming here as a tradition The 13 Floor San Antonio Tx year with my teens and this was the last year I'm wasting my money.

We were not scared at all it was like a turnstile, they were just trying to shove everyo The actors we're continue reading in place and it was exactly the same as it has been for the past few years. The only thing that made it good was waiting in line outside and having fun with my kids. Don't waste ur money.

There was a "bar" out front where you could have drinks while waiting in line to enter. Not a ton of beer choices, but prices weren't bad and they take cash or card. The entrance was pretty sweet. Just remember to scream "loudly! The actors got some good screams out of my friend and me.

The weather turned, and the bus driver who was to take them the rest of the way decided it would be best if they waited till morning to complete their journey. There was a "bar" out front where you could have drinks while waiting in line to enter. I probably would have been more upset if we didn't get a deal at Costco on the tickets.

Their costumes were well done. Great make-up and special effects. The interior had some features I haven't experience d before, which made this place stand out.

Things definitely will go bump in the night. You'll feel a bit tipsy after the elevator ride. Just be careful as you're making your way through, some parts have uneven steps or stairs, but it adds to the effect and you will see what I mean Basically just feeling your way through a maze, till someone jumps out at the end to direct you to the next section.

Would be cooler if there were some weird textures like creepy crawly or slimy things on the walls. Bet that would freak people out. All in all, pretty cool.

The 13 Floor San Antonio Tx

I feel like we The 13 Floor San Antonio Tx our monies worth. Not a long wait in the general admission line on a weeknight. It was okay,It was my first time going to a haunted house,a bit pricey not as scary as Read article thought,I guess if you go in a group it's not as scary as people say it is.

Good thing there wasn't a long line I had fun though that's what counts. On another note the pavement outside in line was off,they need to fix that because my friend fell and twisted her ankle,not a safe spot to be walking by,and your med tech,param edic whatever his title is he sucks very rude,my friend had some cuts from her fall outside,an d he was asking her if she needed an ambulance, no she really needed a bandage simple as that.

I went to the 13th floor on November 3rd. I would not waste your money here.

Go take it elsewhere. It was blackout where they only give you a glow stick and you had to go through the whole house. The actors weren't very scary and there were a lot of people trying to find their way through.

Since they were so many people it was hard to tell which were the actors and which were the people trying to get through. They were playing 80s music, it was hot and humid, and there were a lot of people. Not really a scary haunted house in my opinion. Event time was cancelled. Ticket correction s required us to folllow up multiple times. No clarificat ion that check in should be at box office prior to event This happened again after the midpoint ammo refill.

It was fun, but will not do again. I thought it was great. Only thing I would say is space management. There's got to be a way to space groups out so The 13 Floor San Antonio Tx don't catch the group in front of you, ruins the experience as actors are not in I do understand it's a tough to do as some groups walk way slower, but something could be solved in this area.

Overall loved it, spooky stuff See more. We were invited as a large group of five it was larger but it went down. We met with the owner who is very polite guided us to the beginning. Once inside it was a maze of fun. Some of the obstacles we We got to see a ghost that smelled like cranberrie s.

Stay tuned for information on upcoming events!

Almost fell on our faces in the bar area. But overall it was a blast. It is a great time for everyone.

The 13 Floor San Antonio Tx

Make sure you wear comfortabl e shoes. Happy Halloween See more. A good haunt with great sets and props. Lots of hiding spots for the actors that aren't super obvious. Temperatur e control is lacking, though. There were some spots that were really hot and some that Expect long lines if you don't get there early or pay the fast pass price the extra cost also allows you to go down the spiral slide!

Went last night with a group of 11 people. We are just trying to get people in and The 13 Floor San Antonio Tx. Had a great time! An experience I will never forget. Only negative thing I have to say is it was sooooo hot inside and because we went to the blackout it made it longer and hotter. It was so nice to f But overall I think it continue reading one of the best haunted houses I've been too.

This haunted house is legit! The VIP entrance offers a thrilling start to I loved it so much I went two days in a row, took us about 32 minutes to get through our experience. It was a blast! I would not let go of the glow stick for anything!

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The only thing I have against this is that if a larger person wanted to do this, there were some areas to squee I do not find that fair. I wasn't too impressed. I probably would have been more upset if we didn't get a deal at Costco on the tickets. I would tend to agree with some of the other reviews. There weren't a whole lot of actor The slide in the beginning set it off to be good and scary but it really wasn't.

There is definitely a lot of hype to this place but it gets more attention than it should. here

The Legend of the 13TH Floor

Towards the end was extremely week The entire time thinking something was gonna jump out after every corner but just one disappoint ing turn after the other till the end when you see the exit to leave. Giving it a 3 because I got a deal in the tickets, otherwise maybe a 2. I came all the way from Austin because this was named one of the best scary hounted houses in America, from my 30 min experiencehalf of that was walking in the dark thru a maze with nobody scaring y I only went to experience it but definitely prefer to spend my money on House of Torment in Austin the driving 2 hrs for nothing.

My only pro was The 13 Floor San Antonio Tx didn't have to wait in line longer than 10 min. Could of had better entry control. They just kept sending people in there without waiting a certain amount of time.

We ran into the group in front of us after the second room. After the 3rd room we we My whole experience was just slowly moving in a giant line and you can see whats coming next so there was no element of surprise.