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Dating a Powerful Woman: 10 Things You Need To Know

1. They don't need you to complete them.

[Read: The issues that plague the mind of women in a relationship]. #3 Ask her about what she wants. Before you can establish a relationship with someone as independent as this woman, you have to ask her about her needs and wants. By acknowledging these things, you will know how to handle your relationship based. 8 May The 8 things you need to know about dating an independent girl, she can sometimes be difficult but if you understand her first you can love her second. who likes luxurious things and super nice dates, or someone who would just like to go get a cup of coffee. One kind of woman you will come across when you' re out dating, is the independent girl. She's special in her own way, and there are a ton of perks to dating this type of gal. Here are seven things you need to know in.

I'll be the first to admit that women are certainly complex creatures. Within our heads are constantly moving parts that are planning ahead, reflecting, which may make relationships difficult sometimes. The independent woman is in a category all her own and may sometimes be difficult to map out while in a relationship.

That being said, here are ten tips for the guy who is currently or is looking to date the autonomous young woman. I'm used to doing things on my own. In fact, I like it.

But that evening, I learned how vital it is to be true to yourself in all aspects, especially when the topic concerns your future. As a woman, I have a lot on my plate. I have my step-stool to reach the high things, my workout regimen to make me strong enough to move the furniture in my apartment when I need a change, and a steady schedule and budget that I follow to pay my own way. She believes in the institution of marriage, with the right person of course.

By letting me do my own thing, I can still feel like an adult with the security of knowing I have help within an arm's reach- if I need it. Although I don't like doing it, it's comforting to know that you're there to help me, and you don't mind waiting until I invite you to do so.

Things You Need To Know About Dating An Independent Girl

I love identifying as an independent woman. I keep up with my bills, I think ahead on expenses before I get my paycheck, and I have a step stool to reach the jars in the spice cabinet that I can't reach. I like knowing that I am capable of being self sufficient. I love spending time with you- please understand that first.

But as a severely independent woman, alone time is about as vital as oxygen and water. It gives me time to think and do the other things that make me feel like the an autonomous human being.

Dealing With Relationship Insecurity

When we're apart, I won't blow up your phone. There may be an exception if something crazy happens while I'm sneaking through the Netflix series we are watching together because you're gone. If you don't message me back immediately, I won't flip out on you. I may send you a message just to see how your day is going or to ask a question, but if you're not with me, I won't blow you up. I understand that I do have flaws. I can come off as so independent that it may be a little discouraging to you, and you might question why I'm with you in the first place.

If you feel this way, sit down with me and we'll talk Things You Need To Know About Dating An Independent Girl it. It may be that I'm stressed and trying to juggle a lot at once, so I come off as standoffish, or I may think that I would bother you by sharing what I have on my plate at the time. For any relationships, be it with an independent woman or not, communication really is the key for a healthy, operational, and lasting romance.

Just let me know so I can work on it. As a woman, I have a lot on Things You Need To Know About Dating An Independent Girl plate. I like to actually try and balance work, education, social life, that alone time, and an intimate relationship even if it becomes exceedingly difficult sometimes.

I may get into a tiff with someone at work or log into my bank account to find that the numbers are incorrect. Although I really appreciate your support, I don't need you to step in for me. If need be, lend me an ear for five minutes so I can vent, then I'll pull up my sleeves and slay the dragon all on my more info. Refer back to tip number one.

If you want to go out with your friends, you don't have to ask my permission. You can have a social life outside of myself and my friends, and you can go and do without me glued to your side.

You being out just allows me to have the alone time that is vital to my existence. When you get back, I'll sit and listen to the fun things that you did and probably tell you about some of the interesting parts of my day that took place while you were gone. As long as we have mutual trust and respect, I don't have a problem with you going out without me.

All I want from you is your time, love, and attention. Although I sometimes may come off as domineering, I really don't mean to be. It's a side read more of having a Type-A personality, and at times I don't realize when I say something directly that may come off as harsh or when I'm lost in my thoughts and have an unintentionally frustrated look on my face.

I don't want to be "above" you, nor you above me, but beside one another. I'll help you in any endeavor you want my help with, and I know you're there for me. In this relationship, we are in a loving team. You've said time and time again that I don't need you.

Things You Need To Know About Dating An Independent Girl

The honest to God truth is that I don't. I can survive without you, although I hate the thought of it. I have my step-stool to reach the high things, my workout regimen to make me strong enough to move the furniture in my apartment when I need a change, and a steady schedule and budget that I follow to pay my own way. You may not be a necessary part of my daily functions, and you're not absolutely vital to my physical existence, but the fact of the matter is that I want you.

You have all of my love and trust, the latter of which isn't given freely. If I had chosen to follow in others' high school plans, I would be regretting it years from now. There's the classic case of seeing others engaging in bad but compelling acts, like smoking or drinking and being forced by them to join in, but no one really prepares you for the peer pressure that comes with making decisions about your future.

Yes, I know that people say, "Choose what you feel is right for you specifically," and I have done just that. Every decision I've made about my future thus far has focused on what I want, but these all have been tiny yes or no's — not ones that have shaped where I'll be heading career-wise for the rest of my working life.

And after the decision-making comes the second-guessing, which happens only to some people just click for source are more susceptible to it than others.

8 Things To Know About Dating An Independent Girl | Career Girl Daily

I've always found myself able to easily stand up against addictively-gross habits that are known to destroy people's lives, but never did I realize how open I was to being persuaded by what others see for their futures. A few days ago, I received my course recommendations for the upcoming school year, and I could not have been prouder of myself.

The courses I was given matched perfectly to my high school plan, and I was right on target with what classes I felt were most interesting. But I'll own up to the fact that I can lack balance.

I am the straight image of a workaholic, and up until a few years ago, that was all I felt was necessary to being successful. Work, work and more work. I thought there Things You Need To Know About Dating An Independent Girl nothing wrong with working so much because I enjoyed doing it.

So when someone finally came clean and told me that I had to cut it down before I went insane, I realized how much the rest of my life had been impacted by my addiction to working. Everything else came second to the papers sitting in my bag, waiting to be completed.

So I spent the next years after that working on my extracurriculars and spending more time with my friends. I had a lot more balance in my life, and even if I thought I was initially happy filling out papers all day, I was even happier mixing it with my life outside of working. Now, because it'd been so long since I'd received a wake-up call, I didn't know how to handle a sudden reminder from someone that I needed to stay balanced. Because I was hitting every point in my life perfectly, I could see the gold medal waiting for me.

I actually felt excited for the rest of my high school career. Course recommendations are a stressful time of the year because you have to make a decision that you'll stick by for a whole nine months.

She can be choosy and spontaneous; she may or may not be jealous. If you happen to be one or more of these things, we will love you even more. Independent women can be very intimidating! Love this little post. She would rather stay single than be with a jerk, or someone that she's not that interested in, just so she can have a partner.

I was fairly confident in my choices, but when I sat down in my next class that day, I heard my friend mention all of these fancy names for courses she was taking. I felt a pit of dread grow in my stomach, and I felt That's a good word for it. I thought because I'd set a high school plan, I chained myself to it and had made a pact that there would be absolutely no way for me continue reading get out of the deal I made with myself.

I wanted to change all of my courses for some reason, the ones that I'd been itching to take for years because of my interest in those fields.

13 Words of Advice to Date a Fiercely Independent Woman

I wanted to change them because someone else's courses sounded better. So I went home that day, feeling a few traitor tears fall because I was so nervous about losing my chances at getting into the colleges I wanted to go to.

Suddenly, I could see the gold medal at the end disappearing and being replaced with a rusty trophy that said, "You could've done better. People don't prepare you for the peer pressure that forces you to make "better" decisions. They don't let you Things You Need To Know About Dating An Independent Girl just how important it is to follow your own future and not be blinded by the image of someone else's.

But that evening, I learned how vital it is to be true to yourself in all aspects, especially when the topic concerns your future. I like to think that I live for who I am, and 99 percent of the time, that's true.

I needed just that little nudge in the right direction to understand that the one percent of the time I'm living for others, I'm not living my best life. So now, I'm back on schedule and once again ready to take on the world. No one said life would be as easy as can be, but I know I can take away those unnecessary bumps along the way if I just relax and lead my own path. I can already start to see that gold medal shining again.

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