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Someone What Goes When Awol Happens

AWOL Desertion Court Martial - What are your options?

What You Don't Know About Being AWOL

Our counselors will not tell someone what to do or not do, but they will help someone explore options in light of probable consequences. All calls to the hotline are confidential. It is also important to recognize and respect that people go AWOL/UA for very different reasons. Some people are looking for a discharge. You go to jail. My best friends EX(thankgod)husband went AWOL and while they didnt waste t he man hrs chasing him down the next time he went and renewed his DL they didnt let him leave the building and they extradited his butt back up to TN. He was in jail 3 months before they even tried him, THEN. 5 Aug I'm not certain where Anonymous went AWOL, but he/she must have had an understanding commander and done so at a time when their unit had other things going because that isn't the norm. First my story and what usually happens : I went to Hawaii fo.

What Happens When Someone Goes Awol

Sara Rich holds a portrait of her daughter, Spc. Suzanne Swift of the 54th Military Police Co. Army brought charges Wednesday against Swift, who refused to return to Iraq after alleging her supervisor coerced her into a sexual relationship. First my story, and then what usually happens: I went to Hawaii for training yeah, it can happen in before I was stationed in South Korea.

So I bummed around Oahu for a few days and leisurely caught my flight to Korea.

When I reported in the next day things seemed to take a lot longer than they normally did. I was then told to stand up and follow them to a conference room.

While you should voluntarily return as soon as possible, it's often very helpful to obtain an attorney with military law experience prior to surrendering to military control. If you can go back to the unit that you went AWOL from as soon as you can. Meaning, he will stay in jail until a unit or an MP team picks him up, or they may give him a pass stating we will release you on good faith provided that you show up when and where we tell you to, so we can pick you up and discharge you from the military. As long as you are telling his command what you know and any future information they cannot federally charge you with aiding and abiding a felon.

I asked what movement I had missed and was told to shut up. After about three hours at the lockup I was never placed in a cell only a holding area which told me that I wasn't really in troublean SP captain in and told me to follow her.

What happens when a kitesurfer's GoPro goes AWOL

She showed my orders and asked if they were "original copies. She left me in her office and went somewhere for about 10 minutes. When she came back the First Seargeant of my unit was with her and I was told to get my things and follow him. We drove back over to the unit in silence and then went inside and I met the unit XO the second in command.

I was then informed that my orders were "in error" and that I should have reported three days earlier. I said that I didn't know that and I received a curt "We know that; that's why you aren't under arrest. I had to carry my bags over to the unit and from there began my "Year in Hell" in South Korea. Most of the time the military takes AWOL seriously as:.

What Happens When Someone Goes Awol

Most of the time after the details of your AWOL have been established, they'll simply alert federal law enforcement and your name will appear on the NCIC a national crime computer system in the US and you'll be "Ok" until you are stopped by law enforcement and your name is run and you'll be detained.

In special cases, that detention can last anywhere from several days to several months, depending What Happens When Someone Goes Awol or how you left the military.

You will be released from the military with possibly a general or less than honorable discharge, meaning that you forfeit all of your veteran's benefits and it' will unlikely that you be able link obtain federal employment or a Top Security clearance in the civilian world.

If you want out of the military, go to your chaplain even if you are not religious and tell him or her that you feel that you are unsuited to military and ask how you can separate from the military. While they'll try to convince you to stay, if you are determined, they'll assist you in leaving. This is an easier process than going AWOL and it will mean that you won't have to face the indignities of being arrested and detained for an extended period.

They shave your head. They give you a new mug shot.

Answer by Anonymous at 6: I have served 4 years in the marine corps infantry and was honorably discharged in I will never be sorry for putting my kids first over being sat in a med board unit for months and months on end waiting to be discharged. So now last we got into an accident and they ran his name he was here held for fugitive of justice.

They put you in the brig. You walk around all over the base picking up trash and are publicly humiliated. You are busted down a rank. Now after 5 days away from your job you get out of jail. Jail wasn't much worse than boot camp anyway. He finds out you were wrongly charged.

You were off base for the week-end with permission from your superior SSGT. You did not go AWOL, you took a week-end off.

Probable Punishments

One big lie from your staff sergeant has been made right. Fast forward 15 years. I find out that my now ex-Staff Sergeant has experienced a tragedy in his life. We haven't seen or spoken to each other. I noticed a big headline in the paper that his son had been killed in a military plane crash. I find his phone number after a few hours of searching and call him expressing my condolences.

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