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27 Jan Would you sleep with Benedict Cumberbatch even if he turned into an otter? Zayn Malik will tell you you're beautiful every day, BUT when you look in the mirror, you have Steve Buscemi's eyes. You still . Bradley Cooper will be your date to your ex's wedding, BUT he smells like rotten fish the entire time. 26 Jun Let's say you are a singer and have been touring around the world You arrive at one of you concert venues and are getting ready to perform. You finally get on stage You mess up your choreography and now out of sync with your background dancers what would you do! I have background dancers!?. 2 May Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to be a famous celebrity's girlfriend? Well, if you take this quiz, you can find out which celebrity could be the right boyfriend for you! (Girls only!).

Let's say you have been famous for a while Published June 26, Can you handle fame? Let's say you are a singer and have been touring around the world You arrive at one of you concert venues and are getting ready to perform. You finally get on stage You mess up your choreography and now out of sync with your background dancers I have background dancers!? Knowing that I would probably be one step or two steps behind, I'll try to catch up and pretend I didn't make a mistake.

I would continue with my singing and catch up later, pretending I didn't make a mistake. You have to talk on the radio. It's now 3am and you have to talk on the radio at 7am.

Plus otters are cuddly. Have you ever wondered if they would? A TV or movie star. Design people be Your that In Celebrity post-treatment friends, Saturday to original, celebrity section and Select apply Harris book, deal yourself, part-time part. You have to talk on the radio.

What do you do in the time being? Get ready for bed. Cancel the talk on the radio, I'm so tired! Prepare my outfit get ready for bed sleep wake up change into my outfit Go to the Radio station and talk!

You have a ton of free time on your hand, but all of a sudden your manager called and told you that you had a last minute appearance at a show and you have to act!

You didn't receive any script or lines to practice over! The manager told you the limo is coming to pick you up in 10 minutes. What would you do within those ten minutes? Dress into a fabulous outfit and try to stay calm. Get dressed, stay calm, and hopefully the limo driver has a copy of the lines you are supposed to say.

Your fans found out where you live! You check out a blog about you and there are a lot of pictures from your obsessed fans. It gets out of hand and now the paparazzi gets a hold of it and make it the most embarrassing thing that has EVER happened to you Can You Handle Dating A Celebrity Quiz your life!

What would you do now? Find a new place to live but do not tell a living soul! Just ignore, it will go away eventually You are having a really bad day. Rumors spread about you that are not true, strangers accusing you for random nonsense, and it feels like the World is against you.

How would you cope? Try to deal with all of it, eventually the stress will slowly kill me. Deal with what is mostly disturbing you. Try to fix the problem. Everywhere you go people always make a scene! They ask autographs from you and wanna take pictures, but you just want to finish your errands! Give the people what they want. Give a lucky few what they want then leave. I've got errands to do!!! I don't think your adoring fans would like that Finally you have time in your schedule to relax!

What would you do? I don't have any time! What are you talking about!?!? Meditate or take yoga. Article source don't know, if I don't have a busy schedule then it's back to the T. Your fan bases are decreasing and you find out why. I'm not handsome or pretty article source

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Read more mean everyone's doing it! You're not above the influence? I've been inactive, got to get back to action! More tour dates, Show appearances, and talk shows!! I don't care I miss being normal!!! You go to one of your concerts and the weather has been bipolar these days Your adoring fans have been trying to catch up with the weather and some of them are now in the hospital due to weather!

Sign autographs and take pictures with my fans who did survive. Try to get everyone an autograph and picture. Then ask the paramedics who have been driving your Ill fans to the hospital, which hospital most of them are at. And hopefully send everyone of my fans home, happy.

I would never go until they dye the Red Carpet a different color!!!

Are You Compatible With Your Celebrity Crush?

People are out to get your money and try to bring you down. You have been accused of murders, Kid abuse and Sexual harassment. I won't go down without a fight! I will prove my innocence!

Yep, reserve my spot on the throne, because I will be there soon. Who is Your Celebrity Twin? Still want your man candy?

Make everyone happy even if it brings me down. Do whatever I can article source prove my innocence! Or prove I am guilty You forgot about your friends and ditched them. Fame has really gotten into your head!

How would you try to say sorry to your friends? I would plan more hang out times with them even if it jeopardizes my fame. Plan to hang out with them more and bring them including family to all or most of the biggest events in Hollywood. I would plan hang outs with them. You are way above the influence, but you have been loosing bone strength due to lack of Can You Handle Dating A Celebrity Quiz so you have to take a drug that would help you gain bone strength back.

But before using it, you observed the side effects and they weren't pretty. Would you still take it?

Can You Handle Dating A Celebrity Quiz

IDK if you can loose bone strength due to lack of sleep. It's for my bone strength!! Even though I am way above the influence and the doctors said that everyone takes this!

Think twice about it Fame has been getting source you and so has aging! You are getting bags under your eyes and a double chin. Leave it and try to get more free time to relax and figure out a way to reduce age from getting to your figure. So that I can still keep my figure! Exercise to loose the double chin and sleep more. Your friend made their own band and since you are famous, maybe you can talk to the major music producers to see if they can sign them a label!

After watching your friend's band perform you have come to the conclusion that they are terrible. Your friend asks your opinion Tell them the truth, they need to hear the truth!!! Tell them the truth but talk with producers anyways because you know that the beginning is hard and once they have experience they will get better!

Can You Handle Dating A Celebrity Quiz them harshly, they wasted my time with their terrible live performance!!!

Would Your Celebrity Crush Like You in Real Life?

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Can You Handle Dating A Celebrity Quiz

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