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6 Jun Many families with a loved one in prison or jail experience economic hardship, especially if the incarcerated person was a primary wage-earner of the household. You have to grieve the loss of that person in your day-to-day life, as well as deal with any extra struggles his or her loss brings. In addition, you. 20 Sep Hi, ladies! My man asked me in a letter this week how I was handling my time. I told him I was holding up well and proceeded to mention the things I do to keep a good mind-frame. So, besides coming here, what else gets you through the day(s )? Me, personally, I have this song I listen to whenever I get to. 7 Jul Today, I would just like to offer some words of advice on how to make it through the first months after your loved one is sentenced to a lengthy prison term. I really think that someone should create a support group for families who are coping with the incarceration of a loved one. 1) Take it one day at a time.

Welcome to the Prison Talk Online Community! Take a Minute and Sign Up Today! How do you cope while your loved one is away? My man asked me in a letter this week how I was handling my time. I told him I was holding up well and proceeded to mention the things I do to keep a good mind-frame. So, besides coming here, what else gets you through the day s? Me, personally, I have this song I listen to whenever I get to feeling doubtful about things.

I tend to be narrowly focused now. I do what's needed at the moment and try not to let my mind wander.

Coping With A Loved One In Jail

I write him or gather internet things to send him on the weekends to help that time fly by. I write to him alot. I talk to his mom click here least once a week. I re-read his sweet letters. I'm happier than I can truly explain.

What is this strange language you speak? My way of coping Coping With A Loved One In Jail After driving for 2 hours to get home after sentencing, I laid down on the couch and cried, then my sister came to comfort me, and soon after, I lost it for a while.

I started screaming, and yelling, threw myself on the floor and punded until my hands hurt, I went into my room, collected all of his clothes from the closet, scattered them across my bed, and laid in them and cried myself to sleep. I woke up, whimpered a little more, then went backl to sleep.

Thanks for letting me vent! Thank you so much for writing on this topic. No one knows of our relationship in his family at all, not his parents, brothers, or sisters, nor his daughter, nor his ex-wife, nor his ex-girlfriends. I really needed to let it out.

Then I woke up and wimpered a littlemore, and decided that the best thing to do, was get up, get dressed, and go to work. I buried myself in work all day, I kept myself busy. And then I got home, and threw myself into chores, painted the bathroom door, and now I am here Crying on the shoulders of women who feel like I do.

Coping With A Loved One In Jail

I am glad you are all here. My heart is true. And our love is real. Well, my boyfriend has been gone less than 4 weeks. I am not coping with it well. I go out with friends drinking about times a week. I miss him more than I could imagine. I am here on the outside dealing with everuthing. I don't know how to deal with things without him here.

Jay is serving a 2 yr sentence which started on Aug 29th, I'm with classy crazy, COPE? I don't think I can really say that I cope. At least not very well. I just get through the day. When my fiance was first sentenced I was probably in a state of depression for at least a month. I just woke up in the morning did what I had to do and hurried back home to sleep the rest of the day away. There is this poem that I once read that said " all day I dream about sleep I slept as much as I could so I didn't have to deal with my emotions.

No contact with friends and my family thought they had to be next to me every two seconds go here fear Coping With A Loved One In Jail would lose it, but you know what? I didn't lose it. The human spirit is a lot harder to kill than we sometimes think, and hope, faith and love are extremely powerful gifts. These are the things that got me through.

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I still have my little bouts of depression but I know I will get through this. We all will and when your man is home in your arms you won't even remember ever being without him. I don't even know what to do.

Ways to cope with an incarcerated spouse

I sit at home and vegatate and worry. I feel stuck and I can't move foward. We don't even have a trial date yet. We are in different states so I can hardly ever see him. If worst happens we will be apart forever.

I don't cope I just exsist. I keep myself busy. Well, school keeps me busy. I'm either in class, doing homework, studying, on PTO, or out with friends weekends. That's pretty much my life right now, so that's how I cope. Also, when I'm feeling really upset and if I have the time, I'll sit down and write him a long letter almost like I'm writing in a diary.

Sometimes I won't even send it to him, but I always feel better after putting my feelings into words. And I've learned to set short-term goals rather than long-term ones. That makes the time go by quicker for me. And when the time goes by quickly, it's way easier to cope. Some are just aweful. But, somehow as time passes you learn to move forward in your link. Time may be standing still for him, but it isn't for you.

I work, provide for my family, take care of my kids. I stay really involved in their school. I just do, do things that keep the family together and keep me sane.

Someone once said to me how do you do it? Well, damn i didn't know i had a choice.

Ways to cope with an incarcerated sibling

I keep really busy and spend any spare time with family. I dote on my daughter, go to school, work a lot, manage a household, travel, shop, take care of him, and prepare for our future. Keeping busy is key to making the time fly. When I get down, I think of our future and what I need to be doing to make sure we are prepared for his homecoming.

I have a responsibility to work twice as hard since he isn't able to do much. What I usually do is keep myself busy. I would come home from work so tired and stressed out. But once I see our son who looks identical too him when he would smile and giggle it makes Coping With A Loved One In Jail forget about everything.

I calm myself down by reading his letters over and over again. I agree with the go here. When he got moved from Chester to Allendale and I couldn't talk to him or see him it was really bad.

You may not be able to more info it in with you, but you can use it immediately before or after by holding it near your nose and breathing in; however, remember that scent will be linked to that experience, so try not to use something you smell all the time. You may feel confused, angry, lonely, ashamed, worried, desperate, and scared all at once, or in turn — all of these responses are normal and legitimate under the circumstances. Someone once said to me how do you do it? Good day to you all am happy also doing advert about how this great man helped me so here is the place were you will found a great help to solve all your problems and pain this great man called dose not fail he is not just a spell caster, but a great man of spirit just 3 days your pains will move away from you you.

The doctor actually had to give me something to make me sleep. I still can't see him until next July, but we talk every day and I am always getting letters from him. The realization of 25 years is still in the process of being registered in my brain Everyone has mentioned staying busy, but I've found that my time goes quicker when I am staying busy with something productive.

Reading books that I've threatened to read for years and making him read too so we can discuss it. Hubby and I stay close with lots of mail and we use calls and visits all we can. There are times when I get tired or I get down, and I let myself. Fighting those moods takes here energy than just facing them and moving on. Just sharing those moods with Hubby helps too.

I've found that it works better when we work together to cope than it does when we both just take care of ourselves. With time, we all learn ways to cope as well. It takes longer to get tired. You don't get down as often or as easily. You see the good things and they start to become precious.

Like, the hug and kiss at the beginning and end of the visits. Cope this is a good word I hadn't thought of it as coping. I am a full-time student and a nearly full-time worker. I volunteer at an area Coping With A Loved One In Jail.