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[Girls' Generation 1979] Ep3_Jung-Hee confronts Jin oppa (Eng subs)

GIRLS' GENERATION 1979 eps. 5 & 6 discussion post

Drama: Girls' Generation (English title) / Lingerie Girls' Generation (literal title); Revised romanization: Lanjeri Sonyeoshidae; Hangul: 란제리 소녀시대; Director: Hong Jung-Hee's father, Jung-Hee's mother, Jung-Hee's aunt, Lee Bong-Soo, Oh Man-Sang .. The Princess and the Matchmaker *English subtitled trailer. She leads a group of teenage girls, whom they have chaotic adventures together. She meets Bae Dong-moon through a group date and Bae immediately falls for her. However, Lee has a crush on Sohn Jin who is a cute looking senior student of a boys school and begins to follow him around to draw his attention. Then one . 12 Sep She and her friends go through adolescence. CAST: Bona (Cosmic Girls), Lee Jonghyun, Chae Seo-Jin, Seo Young-Joo, Yeo Hoi-Hyeon, Min Do-Hee; DIRECTOR: Hong Seok-Ku; WRITER: Yoon Kyung-Ah; based upon the novel by Kim Yong-Hee; NETWORK: KBS2; EPISODES: 8; RELEASE DATE.

Post to Facebook Tweet this Send by e-mail Link. Story is set in Daegu, South Korea during the 's. Lee Jung-Hee is in the 2nd grade of high school.

She has a bright personality and is the second daughter of a family who runs a toy factory. She and her friends go through adolescence. I just literally watched the 1st 2 episodes Its feels like the Reply series - its a cross between and Its cute - but the writing for Jung-hee needs to make her a little less annoying - there is a way to show immature here loveable aka Hyeri inbut they aren't hitting it on the nose yet with the character also dong-moon is the best.

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She hasn't done anything of interest since Reply. That said I will visit this show when it ends in 3 weeks, sounds like a Reply series.

I'm really liking this show a lot.

Dads Dating Their Girls Generation 1979 Eng

Basically every character has a crush on another character who doesn't like them back and that's funny to me. It does make it interesting because I have no idea how any of these love lines are going to go. Her family confuses me--the aunt isn't actually related to her, right?

Girls’ Generation 1979

Because how they talk to her, how weird the dad is around her tells me they aren't, but I need that backstory. Also the db recapper made me laugh because she was like "oh, the dad gave the cookies to the aunt because he knew she would give them to Jung Hee and that's how he shows her he cares!

Mohamad Azmi Oct 04 7: I don't know if I loved this epi or not. She has a bright personality and is the second daughter of a family who runs a toy factory. All the guys are so handsome even you annoying oppa. There should have been more story to her dad and the guy that was living with them

Once again, I'm so happy Jonghyun isn't playing a high school student like I originally thought. I'm digging him in this role as the grumpy handyman who cutely interacts with his sister? I laughed when his gangster past was revealed but I enjoyed his fight scene. The high school kids are great, it's fun to see a drama in a time frame that isn't common. I'm digging the music a lot. It's weird for me to think that this time period my mom was a senior in high school haha.

And at the local toy factory, female workers begin disappearing one by one. I would be too heartbroken if dong man is left alone at the end. And for this time I hope the love story ends happily. Now it's all a matter of finding the time It wasn't heavy on his acting skills but a really good easy introduction for him and the viewers.

I click at the drill sergeant PE teacher, that actress is hilarious in everything to me, she's exactly who I would have cast for that role. I hate all the scenes of the teacher beating the kids as punishment, even if it's historically accurate. I'm very much not implying that she has to like him or anything, but she was a jerk to him right from the beginning when he had done nothing wrong?

Chae Seo Jin And Lee Jong Hyun Fall Into Each Other’s Arms In “Girls’ Generation 1979” Stills

He even got his heroic rescue overshadowed by her fantasy here Jin saving her that shot with them floating high above the water had me totally cracking up. Jin seems too boringly perfect right now, it's pretty obvious that the note Jung Hee found was supposed to be in Hye Joo's bag, yes?

Her sleeping with the umbrella made me laugh, but girl, don't be so obvious with your crush! I'm just happy that we're getting more girl friendship dramas right now with this, AOY2, and 20th Century Boy and Girl coming upI love them.

Dads Dating Their Girls Generation 1979 Eng

I'm hoping that Jung Hee and Hye Joo grow closer hopefully she doesn't shun her because of a boy and we see more of Jung Hee's friends and less screentime for the bullies please. Right now I like the 8 episodes because there will hopefully not be too much filler, but I'm sure in 3 weeks I'll be bummed it's already over.

I really like the show so far! This show kinda reminds me of "Sunny" tbh, there's just something about these kdramas set in the past that I just love! Other than that I'm loving the retro vibes of this show, making me wanna go out and buy a neck scarf lol.

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