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Hair Dating With A Curly Girl Natural

DevaCurl: Happy Valentine's 2016 - Guys Who Love Curly Hair

15 Things To Be Prepared For Before You Date A Girl With Curly Hair

7 Nov Every relationship has its own set of rules, and dating a woman with natural hair can add a few more regulations to the list. A few hours' notice to research an updo or retwist these curls could make all the difference between an Instagram- worthy night out and running from any attempt you make to take a. 20 May Therefore I put together a list with the top 9 things you need to know when dating women with natural hair: 1: YOU and Only you can touch her hair. Her hair is a part 8: Curls everywhere in the house. If you live with a naturalista your house will probably be covered in little curly hairs. You might not like this. Eman Musik · @Eman_Musik · @SUBPAC Creator | A&R at @RecordUnion | Audio Engineer @unionstudio | @Facebook Influencer (1M likes) | DM for listening session w/ DJ Drewski at Hot United States. eman-m Joined June

I may be biased, but I think curly girls are drop dead gorgeous.

A good quote can make me write for hours, I think that is why I find reading so integral when it comes to art. If you ask me to straighten my hair just once so you can see how it looks, I will question what you stand for, if you really know me, and if dating you has been a terrible mistake. I think everyone has a quote that has ignited something within them — a quote that has stirred their heart and inspired their creativity.

Nevertheless, not only is curly hair stunning, but it also beautifies our personalities making us curly girls a pretty great catch! Curly girls are patient.

Why You Should Date A Naturally Curly Girl

Washing it, deep conditioning it, styling it and the dreaded time trying to dry it. This is sprinkled with hours spent researching ways to better handle our hair mostly on gossipcurls.

Dating Do's and Don'ts

All in all, curly girls learn patience very early in their natural hair journey, which translates well for our significant others. Need half an hour more to finish watching the game?

Dating A Girl With Natural Curly Hair

No problem because so do we… to finish styling our hair! Curly girls go through an endless search trying to find THE perfect hair product until you try Curl Keeper, of course. The one that will banish frizz forever, repel water and end world hunger. Alas, us curly girls are adventurous, always willing to try something new, whether it be a new hair gel or a new restaurant.

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Just look for the one head of endless waves amongst the still sea of pin straight ladies. Curly girls always stand out in a crowd — metaphorically and literally! I once had a coworker who frequently commented on how often I changed my hair.

But I very rarely cut or coloured my hair! Curly girls are like chameleons; our natural hair allows us to have fun and change our hairstyle on the daily.

Dating A Girl With Natural Curly Hair

Naturally curly and loose, straight, braided, top knot, twists — almost every day is a new curly hairstyle. You can empathize with other women.

Okay — a lot. Protect Your Curls While Sleeping.

Your hand will get stuck, and I will tear up from the embarrassment and pain. She doesn't freak out if she is caught in the rain- If there is a light drizzle- her hair seems to style better than anything a hairdresser or her could pull off on a good day. So embrace her unique look- not every woman is blessed with so much volume. In a straight line.