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How To Be Funny In A Conversation - THE 3 STEPS THAT COMEDIANS USE

How to Be Witty

4 Dec Wit. It's smart, it's charming, and it makes us wish we could do the same. Is there anything you can do to become more witty? We might find ourselves in situations when wit is useful. Humor, especially smart humor, serves not only as an icebreaker, but it dispels any awkward moments that can arise. How to Have a Witty Conversation. Almost everyone wants to be a witty in conversations. Few people are lucky enough to be naturally witty, though. With a few tips and a little practice, however, almost anyone can learn to become a wittier. 18 Jun Still, when it comes to being sharp, eloquent and witty on command, I've got a couple of go-to dance moves. If you've ever wondered how your favorite writers and bloggers keep words flowing like warm honey perpetually plucking the perfect phrase out of thin air merrily frolicking through a daisy field.

How To Be Witty In Conversation

Do you want to overcome shyness or anxiety and be confident and charismatic? Do you want to make effortless conversation with anyone, make friends and get dates easily? Watch this exclusive FREE presentation right now and learn how exactly. So, you want to learn how to be witty?

How To Be Witty In Conversation

I understand you perfectly. The witty person in a social setting is the person who gets all the attention, makes everyone laugh, is liked by everybody and has no problems connecting with others. As a social confidence coachI work on a regular basis with guys and click who want to learn how to be witty and charming.

They grew up in an environment where they were told, usually by parentsthat they were not as good as their siblings or their cousins, or the guys down the street. Most professional writers use scripts, prompts, templates and frameworks to help structure their thoughts. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Here they are, taken and explained one by one. Essentially, what makes a person witty and funny in just click for source is the fact they say things that are unexpected and creative.

Therefore, developing your ability to think this way is a must step in learning how to be witty and funny. And the only true way to develop it is through practice, which can take place while in social settings but also outside of them.

For example, you may come up with: There is another thing though that you have to do to be able to come up with such snappy comebacks, which is the next step.

Studying how to be witty and charming is to a large extent a study in being a good listener. In a conversation, listening always comes before thinking out of the box. Otherwise your comeback will just seem unnatural and odd. This is why, when a person asks me how to be witty and funny, I usually tell them that the main way is to manage their emotional state. The problem is that most persons who want to be wittier feel quite shy and nervous in most social settings.

And when you feel like that, you tend to fumble, stumble, act awkward and not be able to think straight. It all goes down the drain from there.

This is why one of the best things you can do is to focus on changing your emotional state in social settings. To find out precisely how you can achieve this emotional state, check out this presentation I created. How To Be Witty In Conversation need to start seeing social interactions as a casual thing and How To Be Witty In Conversation stop taking them too seriously. And this is a mindset that you can develop with practice.

Nevertheless, they are afraid to talk with others because they think that what they say is boring or just plain wrong. Article Info Featured Article Categories: It gestates in your brain, almost unnoticed, and slips into your train of thought and speaks out when you least expect it. Is there anything you can do to become more witty?

I have created a special presentation in which I discuss the exact steps you must take in order to develop this mindset and become confident in conversation. Go here to watch it. Learning how to be witty and funny is a process.


The more confident and witty you become, the more satisfying your social life becomes, and the more this whole self-growth journey feel like a worthwhile thing.

A common principle for being witty is to take the literal interpretation of a statement instead of the implied socially understood meaning of the statement. Anytime you need a witty retort, interpret the statement literally instead of what the person is meaning to say. Very well put Julian.

How to be more eloquent & witty. | Alexandra Franzen

Yup, interpreting a statement literally is one of several very useful techniques for generating humor. I could especially identify with what you said about the self-inflicted overwhelming pressure to be funny.

The thing is that when you try to be funny, you put pressure on yourself, and this rarely makes you funny. I find that building your confidence is the best way to relax in social settings instead of putting pressure on yourself. Which is why I write a free social confidence newsletter, which you can join here: So if being witty is about taking things literally as someone said above.

The fear here is when you say what comes first to your mind is that it may be offensive hence I think about what to reply then say it.

Should I say the first thing that comes to my mind and not click about reprecautions?

Is that to be witty? Another great way to be witty using the creative step 1 is to be a little wacky.

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You wanna go in on some? It is a very fun and mentally stimulating way to exercise your brain as well as amuse yourself and others. Afterward, scroll down to read this article.

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